Sub planning can be easy with Ready to Go Sub Plans and editable sub binders!

Sub planning can be easy with Ready To Go Sub Plans and editable sub binders!


sub planning

We know sub planning is a pain. It can be easier to go to work sick than to call in sick. But it shouldn’t be that way. Join over 50,000 teachers just like you and get our FREE print-and-go sub plans and editable sub binder forms sent directly to your inbox.

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Ideas, Tips, and Activities for School Closures

Need school closure activities to send home with your students as a teacher, or to use with your own kids at home? We have freebies, tips, and ideas to help you out during this crazy time. This post is being updated regularly. Please note that some links may be affiliate links, see disclosure. School closures are happening due to coronavirus. This is history in the making. States are taking drastic measures for our safety to contain the coronavirus. Social distancing has proven to be the most effective way to slow down the spread of coronavirus worldwide. Here in Utah, it

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Looking to lose weight as a teacher? This teacher weight loss challenge will help you get fit and healthy with the new year! Join teachers just like you with this teacher weight loss plan. We will bet how much weight we will lose and/or how many steps we will take. Works with any diet plan such as weight watchers, my fitness pal, etc! You can also use any workout plan. Great for teacher moms who want to lose the baby weight or any teacher who wants to get healthy & fit! #fitteachers #teachermom

Teacher weight loss and fitness challenges

Want to get fit and healthy with a community of amazing teachers? Read on to learn how to join us! If you’ve been around here much over the last little while, you may know that I just had my third baby, Peter, 2 months ago. As a working mom, I’ve found that it can be such a challenge to find time for myself and self-care. And since teaching is such a huge part of our lives, there are hurdles to fitness and weight loss that are truly unique to teachers. I reached out in my Facebook group and it turns

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