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Gaining Visibility by Becoming a Speaker for
Educate and Rejuvenate 2024

Last year, we had over 3,000 attendees at our event and engagement was THROUGH THE ROOF! (More info on the event: CLICK HERE to see the 2023 event page; please note we’ll be charging more for tickets this year!)

We’d love to have you join us in making our 2024 event even bigger and better, with even more opportunities for our speakers!

We are searching for innovative speakers for our annual live virtual event on July 16 and 17, 2024! The purpose of this conference will be to help Pre-K through 6th grade teachers and homeschool parents work smarter (not harder!) so they can live their BEST lives. 

What's in it for me,
  • Get in front of thousands of teachers with your message and tap into our multi-5 figure marketing budget for the event (for free!).
  • Promote an email opt-in during your session to grow your email list to promote your offers after the event.
  • Opportunities to promote your social media, podcast, blog, and/or self-published/traditionally published books.
  • Get featured on our social media and podcast during the event promotion.
  • Last year, our sales page converted at over 8%! This is an EASY sell to your audience. We’ll have email and social swipe files and images and videos ready to go for you.
  • Make up to 60% affiliate commissions when you promote the event).
  • The chance to win prizes such as cash bonuses or a vacation as you promote the event.
  • Be strategic with your opt-in and Platinum Pass submission (including tripwires or offers inside your freebies) to sell your main offers to those who follow you to your platforms.
  • Speaking and promoting an email opt-in only is free.
  • Record one 20-45 minute session.
  • Session can be repurposed content.
  • Swipe files are DONE FOR YOU.
  • Get WAY more ROI on your time than a single podcast interview or blog post.

Want to pitch your own paid offers during this highly engaging event? You can apply to be a sponsor of the event for even more promotional opportunities (including 2 headliner sponsors who will get the ENTIRE EMAIL LIST of attendees to follow up with offers after the event. Email us at if you are interested!

But most importantly, you'll be a part of an event that helps teachers and parents
How can I
The roles you can participate in with our event are as follows:

SPEAKER: This is the BEST way to participate! You will be featured on the sales page and have free promotion opportunities during and leading up to the event (such as podcast interviews/roundups, social posts, and more!). Speakers who contribute to the Platinum Pass receive the highest commission (60% on ticket sales).

As a SPEAKER, we can include links to your lead magnet, socials, podcast, and published books inside the event workbook, on your session post inside the Facebook group and on your session’s replay page. (Note: Only freebie opt-ins may be mentioned).

You will also be given an affiliate link to promote the event and a higher commission since you are presenting! You’ll have the option to submit to the Platinum Pass and apply for sponsorship spots if you desire, but it is not required.

What can I speak about at Educate & Rejuvenate ?

If it can help teachers, homeschool parents, or both … chances are, it is a great topic for Educate & Rejuvenate! Past topics include:
More ways to
PLATINUM PASS CONTRIBUTOR: You do not have to be a speaker to contribute to our Platinum Pass Bundle! On top of general admission tickets, at checkout (after/during the event) ticket holders will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Platinum Pass, which will give extended access (minimum 6 months) of session replays and a bundle of resources (teaching resources, ebook, mini courses, etc.) from contributors. Your contribution MUST be worth at least $5 (not a freebie). This is optional, but if you contribute to the platinum pass, your affiliate commission will increase and it is a great way to include a sample of your work. 
2022 Presenter Contributions

Plus, you can insert ads about your offers (free and paid) inside your contribution file (ex: include one product from a bundle or one module from a course and inside upsell the full bundle/course with a coupon code that they can use on your website). Speakers, affiliates, and sponsors are invited to contribute to the Platinum Pass (but it is not required).

AFFILIATE: If you don’t wish to speak, or if we have too many speaker applications, you can still promote the event as an affiliate! Affiliates are eligible for the same prizes, leaderboard contests, etc. as speakers. See breakdown below.

SPONSOR: We have sponsporship packages coming for our speakers who want to gain even more visibility. We are decreasing the prices versus last year’s sponsorships and coming up with some new packages. More information will be coming soon.   

There will be limited spots on sponsorship packages. We will let all speakers know about our sponsorship opportunities. There is no pressure to be a sponsor by applying to speak at the event.

As you can see, there are several ways for you to participate in our event! If you are not interested in speaking, you can still participate as an AFFILIATE or SPONSOR (and either of those can also donate to the Platinum Pass!).

Affiliate Commissions Breakdown by Roles:

Interested in speaking at Educate & Rejuvenate?
Here are your next steps:

  • VIDEO & AUDIO REPLAYS: We plan on providing video replays for Platinum Pass ticket holders for up to one year (minimum 6 months) and the videos will live indefinitely (securely) in our members area (unless you make arrangements with us otherwise). We also plan on offering audio-only replays on the Platinum Pass private podcast and our member’s private podcast- which are very secure as it can only be accessed while a membership is current. If you have any questions or concerns about this, let us know and we can discuss. Wherever your session content lives, so will links to your email opt-in and socials- so you can continue to get traffic whenever your session is watched or listened to.
  • WTM CLUB AND “BONUS” DAY #3: Since we are the hosts of the conference, there will be a one-click upsell to our membership whenever someone purchases a ticket. We will be softly promoting our membership throughout the event during our team’s sessions and breaks and we will be mentioning it to our email list. Our members will get a bonus third day that is focused around their needs. 
  • We’ve made it SIMPLE to apply to be a presenter! Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your session ideas.
  • You can also email us at if you have any questions about the event or submitting an application. We will be in touch as soon as possible!
  • Your session MUST be sales pitch-free (email optin okay) and offer value. Remember, teachers are paying for these tickets (or to be in our membership) so they don’t want to watch commercials.  During your session, you may provide something for free (no opt-in required to get value out of the session) and/or a giveaway that you talk about during your session. You are also welcome to tell them where they can find you online and on social media if they’d like to connect.
  • While you can’t promote paid opportunities directly during your session, you CAN:  provide a link for a not-required email opt-in or link to paid opportunities in our PDF guide to go along with the conference in your bio, you can provide a small freebie with your session that links to your larger opt-in & offer as well, and/or mention your lead magnet/email opt-in in Facebook comments in our event group when people ask questions about your session. You’ll also be able to share free blog posts and podcasts. Books are also free to mention if you are a published author (self published or traditionally published are both fine).
  • We will send you a contract that will need to be signed before we add you to the conference page and before your spot is held.
  • We will be launching early bird tickets in April, and will get you an affiliate link so you can start promoting tickets (and earning commissions!).
  • The event is a mix of live and pre-recorded. All regular sessions will be pre-recorded, but we will have our keynotes and speaker roundtables live on Facebook (or another platform to be determined).
  • An outline of your session will be due by Feb. 27, and session recordings will be due on May 27.
  • You will be available to check into the event Facebook group for questions during the week of the event (I don’t anticipate this taking a lot of time- a quick check in each day is just fine!).

Ready to apply to be a speaker? We can't wait to hear your ideas. Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

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