21+ Activities You Need for ELA Centers

Last week, I shared 12+ Activities Perfect for Math Centers.  This week I have compiled a list of 21+ activities that you can use in your ELA or Literacy centers! Add these fantastic activities into your ELA centers rotation. They are low prep for you, but will pack a punch for your students, plus you will never run out of activities!

I love center time! It is one of my favorite things that I do in my weekly classroom schedule. Why? My students work independently or in partners, mostly on their own, on targeted skills. It frees me up to be able to call individual students or small groups to do guided reading, or other intervention activities. 

Alphabet blocks for ELA centers activities

36 Weeks of Skills Practice

  1. Writing Prompts– These writing prompts feature the four main types of writing- narrative, informative, opinion, & descriptive. Each type of writing contains 9 prompts that can last an entire week. However, you may choose to complete the prompt in one day if you prefer. This way you can make it work for your ELA centers, however you structure them!
  2. Reading Comprehension Strategies– Looking for explicit reading comprehension strategy support for your students during the school year in your ELA centers? Each of the comprehension strategy graphic organizers can be completed throughout the week. However, you may choose to complete the strategy in one day if you prefer.

Each of our 36 Weeks of Reading Comprehension Strategies Include:

  • Prediction- Determine what you think will happen next
  • Visualization Create mental images of characters, settings, and events
  • Questioning Ask yourself questions to make sense of the text
  • Making Connections Connect to the text through yourself, other texts, and the world
  • Determining Importance Decide which ideas, events, or characters are the most important
  • Inferring Use clues in the text and your own thoughts to draw conclusions
  • Summarize In your own words, retell what is important in the text
  • Answer keys are included for each graphic organizer

Coming Soon!!

  1. Spelling
  2. Fixing Sentences
  3. Fill-In-The-Blanks 

You can purchase these activities individually for grades Pre-K through 6th or save and buy the whole bundle and you will have multiple math and ELA activities for EVERY week of the school year! If you are looking for more ideas of ways to use the 36 Weeks of Skills Practice Bundle, check out this blog post 3 Exciting Ways to Use the 36 Weeks of Skills Practice Bundle.

Candy Math & More! 

It’s not just math, there are also some fantastic Language Arts activities included in the bundles that are great for ELA Centers. In addition to all the great math activities (that could be used for math centers) these ELA activities are included:

  • 2 Fill In The Blanks stories. Students will fill in these blanks using parts of speech AND drawing out candy colors to make it even more engaging
  • 2 Writing & Art Pages
  1. Halloween Candy Math & More
  2. Christmas Gumdrop Math & More 
  3. Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts Math & More
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Cereal Marshmallows Math & More 
  5. Easter Jelly Bean Math & More 
  6. Colorful Candy Math & More 

Secret Student

Use center time to build your classroom community with these secret student writing activities. They are a fun and engaging way to help your students build their writing skills. The secret student writing prompts also promote kindness and build classroom community while celebrating the holidays and seasons all year round. 

Each month, students will be assigned another student to write to. The activities each include a new holiday or seasonal theme. 

For each activity, the students will be a “Secret Student” to an assigned classmate. They will be given a variety of writing prompts to write kind letters to their secret classmate throughout the activity. They should not tell them who they are! During this time, they should also try to do as many kind things for this person as possible, and they will report their progress to you for a few of the writing prompts.

This resource will work for a wide variety of elementary classrooms. The activities are naturally differentiated, because the students will write at their own levels. Three differentiated writing pages are included as well, so you can choose which is best for your class or use a mix as you see fit. 

Secret Student Activities we offer include:

  1. Back To School Introductions Secret Student Activity
  2. Halloween “BOO” Secret Student Writing
  3. Thankful Turkey Secret Student Writing
  4. Secret Santa Writing Activity
  5. Friendly Snowman Secret Student Activity
  6. Secret Valentine Secret Student Activity
  7. Sneaky Leprechaun Secret Student Activity
  8. Some-“BUNNY” is Looking Out For You
  9. End of Year Memories and Awards Secret Student Activity

Reading Passages

  1. Differentiated Reading Comprehension & Fluency Passages Our reading passages are the BEST! Why you may ask? Each set of passages includes differentiation, comprehension questions, and a wide variety of passage topics.  There are 3 differentiated versions of each passage for a total of 96 passage options! Every passage includes a full page of comprehension questions. The first question on every page will help students activate their background knowledge about the passage topic. This question is followed by comprehension questions from the text (multiple choice and free response). Last, there is a deeper thinking question to encourage critical thinking and hit a variety of grade level language arts standards.

These reading passages include a variety of fiction and nonfiction passages. From stories to how-to lists, rest assured that your students will be reading a wide variety of texts with these passages! You can see the list of passages on the listings here

Improve your ELA centers today by grabbing these amazing resources!

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