5 Punny Back to School Gift Ideas

It’s time to face the facts. If you walk into Target or Walmart, you’ll see their back to school sales are in full swing. Like it or not, it’s a fact that back to school is coming up! It’s time to start thinking of some fun gift ideas for your new students and coworkers! (Notice: this post contains affiliate links for your convenience).


Here are 5 “Punny” back to school gift ideas for teachers to give to their students and team members!

1. “School is here! Time to Concentrate!“- Orange or O.J. (buy from your local grocery store)
Attach a cute note with this phrase for your students along with an orange, a clementine, or a bottle of orange juice. What better way than a healthy treat to start off the school year!


2. “You’re a One of a Kind Sharp Kid”- Pencils- Buy on Amazon
Let your students know their potential for this new year with pencils and a cute card letting them know how “sharp” they are!

3. “You color My World, Star Student!” – Crayons, Colored Pencils, or Markers- Buy on Amazon
Your students should know that this year, you will be doing everything you can to help them succeed. Give them some art supplies to let them know they “color your world!”


4. “In My Book, We Make a Great Team!”- Spiral Notebooks- Buy on Amazon
This card is great to give to your team members to let them know you look forward to working with them this year. You could also use this for students if you want to teach your class to work as a “team!”


5. “Glad You’re On My Team During Back to School crunch time!”- Crunch Candy Bars- Buy on Amazon
This card is perfect to give to your team members. Back to school can be a very stressful time. If you have team members who have your back, let them know! You can give them this card with a candy bar for them when they need a pick me up during this stressful time as well!

Feel free to use these fun phrases for your own personal use! You can get the cards pictured above for only $1.75 in my Teachers pay Teachers store.  Alternatively, grab them for free by signing up for my free resource library! (Just fill out the form below this post!)  The document comes with each card as a full page image so you can print whatever size cards you would like. (Printing directions included). If you’d like to keep things simple, there are also 5 pages with 9 cards to a page that are ready to go! (Pictured below). Click here to check them out!

You can also get these in my Punny Cards GROWING bundle! This is a steal of a deal. Right now (7/23/15), there are currently 2 sets of punny cards. Buy them both right now for only $3.50, and you’ll have access to all 12 sets throughout the year as they are finished! What a steal! The price will go up as each new set is added, so grab it now! You can snag it on Teachers pay Teachers !

Let me know if you use these cards with your students and coworkers and how they liked them! I hope your back to school season is as stress free as possible! What is your FAVORITE part about back to school? Let me know in the comments!


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