8 Signs You Married a Teacher

Inside: How can you tell if someone married a teacher?

There is a lot of hard work that goes into being a teacher. There is a state of “always on” for most teachers and it’s rare to find one who doesn’t bring at least some of their work home with them. That’s why a teacher’s spouse is not exempt from the world of teaching.

8 Signs you Married a Teacher. Are you married to a teacher? You may be able to relate to this post! While you may not be a teacher, you certainly married into the world of teaching.

So how do you know when you’ve married a teacher? Here are eight signs:

1) Your dining room is packed full of stacks of papers and supplies.

There may also be half-completed projects in the corners, and overflowing bags of supplies. You deal with the fact that your home looks partly like a craft store discount aisle.

You know you married a teacher when there are always books and stacks of paper in your kitchen
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2) She talks about her students like they are her own children.

She calls her students “My kids”, etc. In fact, some of your friends might even think you have more children that you actually do (if you have any at all yet.) She even enjoys buying little gifts for her students.

People may think that her students are your own by how she talks about them!
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3) You have two completely different ideas of “sleeping in”.

For you, it’s 9 or even 10 on the weekends. For your teacher spouse, it’s getting up at 7a.m. instead of 6a.m. like on school days.

Getting up later than a school day is sleeping in, right?
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4) Coffee (or their favorite choice of caffeine) is their life force.

Without it, a teacher will lose her superpowers. Some of us prefer Diet Coke, though. 😉

Coffee keeps teachers going
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5) You know a whole lot about kids you’ve never even met before.

The troublemakers, the class clowns, the kiss-ups… your spouse loves them all though. Teacher gossip is like your own personal sitcom or TV drama.

You know everything about their students you've never met!
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6) They get abundantly excited about new stationary.

And they probably carry around a ton of books, notebooks, flair pens, highlighters, and other supplies everywhere.

She loves new stationary and school supplies.
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7) Sometimes you need to intervene.

There are moments when you have to tell her to stop, to put the papers down, to step away from the planning, and just take a break from being a teacher.

Sometimes you need to intervene
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8) They work harder than anyone you know.

And that’s one of many reasons you love them so.

Teachers work harder than anyone we know!
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This is just a small glimpse into the life of being married to a teacher. While you may not be a teacher yourself, you married into the crazy and exciting world of teaching. Are you married to a teacher? What would you add to our list? Why are you grateful that you married a teacher?


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