It all began when I had a baby...

My first child was born in April of 2014. I decided to put a hold on full time teaching to stay home with him, intending on returning once he was a bit older. But I still had a love of teaching in my heart, and so I began substitute teaching part-time. That is when I started a little store on Teachers Pay Teachers and called it “Wife Teacher Mommy”… because first I was a wife, then I was a teacher, and then I became a mom. Since I had just had my first baby… so of course it was the first thing that came to my mind. 😉 

After all, most of my time was spent with my new little one. But the second I put him down for a nap or down to bed for the night, I would grab my laptop on my bed and get to work creating teaching resources, researching how to post them online, and honing in on my curriculum design skills.


Kelsey Sorenson Branding Shoot

I didn’t put a ton of thought behind the name of Wife Teacher Mommy, because I didn’t expect it to really go anywhere. But I’m so glad that it stuck… because it rings true to my life and the lives of many of our customers. 

We all wear so many hats…  whether it be Wife, Teacher, Mommy, Grandma, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Neighbor… the list goes on and on. It can be a lot to juggle… and that is why we are here to support you!

From the day I started creating resources in 2014, my mission at Wife Teacher Mommy has always been the same to help educators save time while teaching more effectively by creating high quality, ready to go teaching resources. This gives educators more time to spend on the things they love outside of work and spend more time with their families.

But a mission this large wasn’t able to keep this momentum with only one person. Over the years, my small store took on a life of its own and became a thriving business serving teachers and homeschoolers with a variety of teaching resources. So I hired on amazing members of my teacher team to help support our readers and customers. I am so grateful for all they do to help move this mission forward that has become not only my mission, but our mission… together.

We eventually created our own website to serve our educators even better with blog posts, special offers, and our excellent customer service. That is the website you are visiting right now, and we are so happy you are here! While you’re here, take some time to learn about what we have to offer. 


About our Teaching Resources

Our teaching resources are made to make things as simple as possible for you! All that you need to do is print and go (and possibly some light organizing/customizing, depending on the resource)

Some of our popular resources include our Ready To Go Sub Plans and editable sub binders to help with sub planning. And as moms ourselves, we know that planning a maternity leave can be hectic on top of everything there is to do… so we have created maternity leave resources for teachers, too!


We know that supporting kids where they are at is so important, so we love providing as much differentiation as we can in our resources. You can see this is evident in our differentiated reading comprehension and fluency passages, science and social studies research units and our kindness-spreading secret student writing


Doing 1:1 tech or distance learning? Be sure to check out our paperless Google resources! We also support parents and kids in home learning with our at home learning packets, monthly homeschool lessons and more homeschool resources. 

There are too many resources to name here, so be sure to check out our shop to see everything we have to offer. 


Want to learn more about us? Read about each member of the Wife Teacher Mommy team below!

Kelsey Sorenson

Owner and Founder of Wife Teacher Mommy

Kelsey Sorenson Branding Shoot

I am a wife and mom to my three children Parker, Brielle and Peter. (And yes, together my boys are Spider-Man… Parker wouldn’t let us name Peter anything else once he heard that!)

 Some things I enjoy doing are shopping, listening to self-help and personal growth audiobooks and podcasts, going on walks, and working out while watching my favorite TV shows. I am a firm believer in having “me time”… because if I don’t make that time, it won’t happen since there’s always so much to do! #momlife 

My main passions in life are my family, my faith, and running Wife Teacher Mommy.  I also have teaching experience from Pre-K through 6th grades. I am now homeschooling my own kids while running Wife Teacher Mommy full time. I absolutely love what I do and connecting with other educators.

Be sure to connect with me on Instagram @wifeteachermommy 

Katelyn Anderson- Weenig

Wife Teacher Mommy Curriculum Designer

I run entirely on caffeine, sarcasm, and the occasional cuss word. My husband and I have two boys who love anything with a motor and wheels! We’re a Lake Powell loving, dirt bike riding, camping crew. I love Arnold Palmers, naps, and all things sugary. I’ve taught 4th through 6th grade and 5th is my absolute favorite!  

Rachael Kimball

Customer Service and Assistant

My twin sister set me up on a blind date that actually worked and my husband and I have now been married 20 years. With 4 darling kiddos we’re experiencing the fun and excitement of high school, middle school, and elementary! My passions are party planning, reading Regency Novels, and attempting to raise contributing members of society. Life is an adventure and I’m so glad to have my family with me for the ride!  

Kimberly McDougal

Curriculum Designer

I’m a wife and the mom of four kiddos. I have a killer sense of humor and love working out at Orange Theory. I am an early childhood educator and you’ll likely find me fueling my busy life at Starbucks! I love all things Target, Instant Pot, and running errands without my kids. 

Katie Hall

Curriculum Designer

katie headshot

I taught Language Arts, Mythology, and Film in high school for 6 years until I decided to stay home with my son who has Down syndrome to ensure a successful transition to kindergarten. Now he’s a pretty typical 9 year-old and loves school! So I have time while he’s at school to pursue random hobbies like writing and illustrating children’s stories, making homemade laundry detergent, and leather-crafting.  I also love to use my extra time helping fellow teachers and homeschooling parents with quality lesson plans! 

Megan Osborn

Blog Post Writer + Pinterest & Google Slides Specialist

Megan Headshot

I am a former middle school social studies teacher and a graduate of Utah State University. I stopped teaching when my first daughter was born, but have continued working in education working with homeschool families. With another daughter welcomed recently, we now have 2 girls– Charlotte and Gigi. In my free time, I like to cook and bake (especially new recipes!), listen to podcasts, quote The Office, spend time outdoors, and to travel (mostly to try new food). 


Victoria La Rue

Reading Passages Writer & Curriculum Designer

I’m Tori, and Kelsey’s been my best friend for nearly three decades. Surprise: I’m her sister! Growing up, (as little sisters often do) I frequently found myself getting into Kelsey’s business (from raiding her closet for cute clothes to inserting myself into her friend groups and extracurriculars). As they say, some things don’t change. When a writing/editing spot at Wife Teacher Mommy opened, I leapt at the opportunity. I’m excited to be part of Kelsey’s business once again. 😉 

These days when I’m not writing, you can find me wrangling my two littles, dreaming up fun vacation plans with my hubby, scouring Jane and Etsy for eclectic jewelry, teaching my daughter preschool, exercising, and—of course— binge-watching my favorite shows on Hulu. 

Shelley Tomich

Website Support Specialist

Hi! I’m Shelley and I am a former elementary music teacher turned curriculum designer/web developer. I have been developing websites for over 10 years and love the challenge of a website tech problem to overcome! I live in Atlanta, GA with my husband and three elementary-aged daughters. When I’m not busy being mom, I try to find time to read, ride my bicycle, and garden (well, I play in the garden – not much grows!) I love being part of the Wife Teacher Mommy team! I feel blessed to be able to use my skills to help busy teachers and parents!

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