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7 Activities to Help You Add Holiday Themes Into Your Homeschool

Do you want to add more holiday or seasonally themed activities into your homeschool but aren’t sure where to start? Let me help you with 7 activities you can do to easily incorporate holidays into your homeschool.

Mother and son homeschool- 7 activities to help you add holiday themes into your homeschool

Add Holiday Themes Into Reading Comprehension

Incorporate holiday themes into your reading comprehension practice by reading holiday or seasonal-themed books together and asking comprehension questions. 

Here are some reading comprehension questions you can ask that go along with any book: 

Before reading:

•Is the story nonfiction (real) or fiction (make-believe)? How do you know?

•If it is fiction (real), what do you think you will learn?

•Why do you want to read this story/text?

•What do you think will happen in this story?

•What does the title tell you?

•What are you wondering about this story?

•What might be the problem?

While reading:

•How do you feel about the main character?

•Does the story/text make sense so far?

•How do you think the story/text will end?

•What do you think will happen next?

•How do you feel about the story so far?

•What questions do you have about the story?

•What can you tell me about the story so far?

After Reading:

•How did the story/text make you feel?

•What did you like or dislike about the story/text?

•Was the author trying to tell you anything?

•What was your favorite part of the story?

•What was your least favorite part of the story?

•What would you change about the story?

•If the story kept going what do you think would happen next?

Write A Holiday Themed Story, Letter, or Essay 

Choose one of the four types of writing (narrative, informational, opinion, and descriptive) for writing. Then come up with fun writing prompts for your kids!

For Halloween, you could have your kids write an informative essay on how to make a costume or a narrative costume on why they like to go trick or treating. 

Use Holiday Mad Libs To Practice Parts of Speech

Who doesn’t love a good mad lib? They are hilarious and a fun way to practice parts of speech! 

If you have older kids, you could have them write their own mad libs and share them with younger kids. It’d be great practice for everyone!

We have themed mad libs in our Sweets N’ Treats  Candy Math Activities & More Bundle and in our Monthly Themed Homeschool Lessons.

Do Holiday Themed Candy Math Activities

Your kids will love our  Sweets N’ Treats Math Activities & More. They are the perfect math activities for the holidays! They are a fun and engaging way to get your students practicing their math, parts of speech, writing, and art skills using candy and cereal that they love!

Write Holiday Themed Backwards Story Problems

Give your kids the answer to a math problem. Then have them write a themed story problem that ends with that answer. Follow these five steps:

  • Brainstorm equations
  • Brainstorm topics related to the holiday or season theme
  • Write the math problem
  • Write a short story
  • Illustrate

Attend A Local Festival or Celebration 

I’ve always wanted to live in a small town like Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls that has festivals going on all the time like the 24-hour dance-a-thon or the picnic basket auction! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Unfortunately, I don’t… but there are various festivals happening nearby throughout the year! It’s a fun way to get involved in the community and celebrate the holidays! 

Research and find what’s going on near you and take your kids for school one day! 

Use Holiday Themed Rewards

Do you use any rewards in your homeschool? If you do, consider changing them up every so often to match the season or holiday! 

For example, during the month of February, your kids could earn hearts for their school accomplishments and trade them in for a reward at the end of the month! 

Make Your Own Holiday Decorations

Thank goodness for Pinterest, am I right? There are SO many fun craft project ideas there for all sorts of seasonal and holiday crafts! Pick 1 or 2 or 10 for art one day and use those projects to decorate your home for the season! 

Do all the planning yourself OR let Wife Teacher Mommy do the work for you and grab our monthly themed homeschool lesson plans! 

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