Perfect December Activities for Elementary Students

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” And also one of the busiest! You have so much on your plate from family time to shopping to holiday parties, that’s not even your school duties! 

It can be hard to make time for the “fun stuff” in your classroom or homeschool. Lucky for you, we have lots of fun December activities for elementary students to help make it easier for you to incorporate the holidays into your classroom!

Snowman with shovel- December activities for elementary students

December can feel like a month that just inches by between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. It can be a magical time to teach as well if you incorporate some fun ideas.  Here are my FAVORITE ways to get into the holiday spirit while teaching:

Write holiday cards! ✍🏻

You can have kids write them to each other (even secretly if you use our Secret Santa activity, more below).

Alternatively, you can have kids create cards for their family and friends… or my favorite is to have them write them for often unappreciated staff at the school (such as your custodian)

Our Secret Santa Activity is a  fun way to integrate Christmas into your writing curriculum while also building your classroom community. 

Students will become a “Secret Santa” for another student in the class. Students will have 10 writing prompts to write letters to their Secret Santa. They will also have 4 accountability writing prompts in which they report their acts of service to their teacher. At the end of the unit, the students reveal their Secret Santa with a fun activity!

Best of all? This unit includes lots of editable sections! You will type your students’ names only one time, and they will auto-populate as needed throughout the unit.

Read this post, Secret Santa  Writing:  A Christmas Service Learning Activity to Build Classroom Community if you want to learn more about it! 

Plan a holiday or winter party.🎉

Kids will look forward to this and it can be such a fun experience! You can include decorations, fun and engaging activities, and read-alouds.  (P.S. if you’re in Wife Teacher Mommy Club, we have ready-to-go Christmas and Winter party packs waiting for you to download!)

Grab some candy! 🍬

Sometimes, kids need something a little out-of-the-box as the holidays get nearer. Why not try counting, graphing, or fractions with gumdrops?

These Christmas Gumdrop Math & More activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade, and 3rd-5th grades are the perfect December activities for elementary students! They are a fun and engaging way to get your students practicing their math, parts of speech, writing, and art skills using gumdrops. 

They can be to be used throughout the month, for whole group instruction or holiday centers. They would also be perfect for a fun yet educational Christmas party!

What activities are included?

  • Christmas Gumdrop Count & Sort- (this will be a reference sheet for the other activities)
  • Christmas Gumdrop Graphing- students will create the scale and label the sides, then create the bar graph
  • Christmas Gumdrop Fractions
  • Christmas Comparing Fractions
  • Christmas Candy Probability
  • 2 Fill In The Blanks stories. Students will fill in these blanks using parts of speech AND drawing out colors from their holiday candy! Each Fill-In-The-Blank story is TWO full pages.
  • 2 Writing Pages- Decorate a Christmas Tree and Create Your Own Candy
  • Art- Design Your Own Candy

Ask your fellow teachers for help! 🙋‍♀️

Have you joined our Wife Teacher Mommies Unite Facebook group yet? We’ve all been sharing ideas and our community has some great suggestions. Join the conversation here!

Research Holidays Around the World

Your students will LOVE learning about winter holidays around the world with this fun and engaging Holidays Around the World Research Unit. This holiday includes BOTH Christmas around the world and other winter holidays around the world, for a well-rounded unit. 

The resource includes everything you need for a successful unit:

  • Teacher Info Pages: This includes a sample unit outline, grading rubric, and lesson plans for internet research, intro lesson, research journals, and final projects.
  • Internet research worksheets: These worksheets will familiarize your students with how to find credible sources on the internet for research. These can be completed digitally!
  • Holiday cards: You may use these to randomly assign the students to their winter holiday. There are cards for the holidays listed above, plus four more to add your own.
  • Research Journals: The research journals will guide the students throughout their research. There is one question on each page for the students to find the answer to. 13 pre-written pages are included, plus 6 blank pages to add your own questions. Since this is the Google Slides version, students can type right into the journals! Full page and half page versions are BOTH included in this resource. Choose which version is best for your students.
  • Parent Letter & Holiday Fair Invitation: Keep the parents in the loop! Let them know what is going on with the holiday unit, and invite them to the Holidays around the World fair, if you decide to do one.
  • Holiday Info Pages: For each included holiday, a page with a brief summary and images that represent the holiday is included. You may choose to hand these out to give your students a good starting point for their research.
  • List of Websites: If you’d like to give the students the sources, a list of sources is included. You can also use these to assist your students if they get stuck.
  • Final Report Pages: A final report page is included- a version with clip art to go with each holiday.

If you want to read more about how to use this research unit in your classroom or homeschool, read this blog post, 5 Festive Tips for Teaching Winter Holidays Around the World.

Use the December activities for elementary students in our homeschool lessons and sub plans

Our print-and-go Christmas-themed homeschool lessons and Sub Plans teach a variety of math and language arts concepts for the month of December. Kids will love these fun and engaging activities! You can use them as sub plans or supplement your classroom or homeschool curriculum with fun themes!

These Christmas classroom activities include everything you need to get your math and ELA plans organized. 

There are three math lessons which include quick math reviews, fluency practice, math riddles, word problems, backwards story problems, math games, and color by number/math problems. 

For writing practice, there are fill-in-the-blank and fixing sentences worksheets. One of my favorite things is the holiday-themed writing prompts, Pet Reindeer, an opinion prompt about why you should or should not get a pet reindeer, and My Dream Christmas Present, a descriptive writing prompt. Kids will have so much fun writing!

Then for reading, there is a reading passage & lesson PLUS a reading lesson to use with ANY book! This reading lesson can be used for a read-aloud OR silent reading of any narrative story. It is focused on making connections during reading. Kids can choose their FAVORITE books to use with this, making it extra fun and engaging. This lesson can be used over and over with new stories to increase reading comprehension skills.

Our sub plans and homeschool lessons include all of this PLUS more! Teachers, parents, and kids will LOVE these Christmas classroom activities.

Set goals for the new year

Help your students to become capable, goal-oriented, motivated by setting goals for the new year.

Together as a class or in small groups, brainstorm goal ideas. These goals can be personal or school-related goals. After your students have chosen a goal, have them write it down and draw a picture. Hang your students’ goals around the classroom to help them to stay motivated!

Our New Year Goal Setting Essentials are the perfect help to get your students making their own goals!

Join Wife Teacher Mommy Club for even more December Activities for Elementary Students!

Christmas Spelling Activities

These 1st-3rd grades and 3rd-6th grades spelling activities have everything you need for Christmas spelling instruction! They are quick and engaging and already have the weekly spelling unit ready to go. All you have to do is print & teach! This is also a great purchase for parents and homeschoolers who want structured festive spelling instruction at home.

December Punny Cards for Winter Holidays

It’s so fun to receive gifts, but it can also be so much fun to GIVE them. You never know when someone needs a little pick-me-up and sometimes a simple note does just the trick! Let the people you love know how much you appreciate them this Winter Holiday with these punny cards.

Christmas Party Pack

This Christmas Party Pack is the perfect resource for even the busiest teacher during the holiday season! We have included everything you will need for fun Christmas classroom activities.

You will get:

  • Christmas Word Scramble so that your students will have to use critical thinking
  • Christmas Word Search to test your students searching skills
  • A Secret Message to get your students analyzing a fun code
  • Don’t Eat Pete to get your class enjoying a fun holiday-themed game
  • Christmas Fill-In-The-Blanks will get your students thinking about all the parts of speech by creating a fun story
  • Multiple Christmas Themed Banners to make transforming your home or classroom a piece of cake
  • Grade Specific List of Products with Links available to Club Members that pair perfectly with this party pack

Christmas Directed Drawings/ Winter Directed Drawings

These Directed Drawing Packs for Christmas or Winter are the perfect addition to your holiday spread! Everything you need to get your students drawing and writing is included in the pack.

These drawing/writing projects are perfect for writing centers, morning work, and fast finishers.

You will get:

  • 6 different themed directed drawing options with step-by-step drawing instructions so that your students will be able to complete each drawing on their own or in a whole class setting with little to no guidance from the teacher
  • 2 different cover options for each object for easy publishing
  • 2 different writing options for each object including a page with sentence starters and a blank writing page for your students to create their own story

Enjoy your holiday and your December and Christmas classroom activities!

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