Distance Learning: Assigning PDFs Digitally using Kami

Want to learn how to send PDFs, such as our at-home packets, digitally? Teachers have been loving our at-home learning packets since they are very versatile! You can print them and send home as packets… but did you know you can also use a tool called Kami to assign them via Google Classroom and other platforms (such as Schoology and Canvas) You can also use Kami to create and assign only certain pages of documents!

Let’s dig in to learn how this is done!

I asked inside my Facebook group, Wife Teacher Mommies Unite, who would be interested in learning how to use this. Responses came in quickly that teachers really wanted to learn how to use this tool! We are new to distance learning as well since we are all learning together. But we went LIVE to show you all how to use the FREE features of Kami to assign our distance learning packets and other PDF resources. You may do this with ANY resource in our store (please ask permission to other authors before using the split/merge features to make sure you aren’t breaking Terms of Use on other resources, but rest easy knowing you can do it with any of ours!)

HERE’S A SNEAK PEEK OF KAMI IN ACTION- PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WERE JUST EXPLORING THIS TOOL ON OUR LIVE AND WE ARE STILL LEARNING. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS HAVE THE FREE KAMI EXTENSION DOWNLOADED TO YOUR DEVICES! As I said in this video we are learning and I thought it was not needed, but please make sure you have it downloaded if you are using Google Classroom. Here’s more info about using Kami with Google Classroom.

Want written instructions? My dear friend, Jacqueline from The Little Ladybug Shop, gave me permission to put her well-written instructions here for you to use!


  • Please note this is one way that I have found helpful to share with students but is not the only way. Please use the way that you see fit to share for distance learning with your students.)
  • Download the Chrome extension called Kami on your computer. (I’ll add that you will also want to make an account on the Kami website)
  • You can use this extension to share specific files with students if you do not want to share the whole packet. You will be able to use this product over several weeks if done this way.
  • Once you select pages that you need to share, you can email to a student or student’s parents to complete the assignment.
  • You may want to set up a virtual meeting time to go over answers or questions.
  • The student or student’s parents can email you the answer choices that the student selects for your records.

Here are some more helpful links for using Kami for distance learning:

  • Help documentation from Kami- how to use with different platforms, menu bar explained, how to install, and more! Click here
  • Here’s a very quick and helpful video tutorial from Samsons Shoppe

Giving Print & Digital Options to Families Reaches More Students!

Teachers and parents can also upload any document directly into Kami to complete if needed. So if you are emailing packets, you could even give the option for parents to print or complete online, depending on their circumstances. For digital use, teachers or parents can use the Chrome extension Kami for students to write on the PDF online if they do not have a printer. I believe it is best to give the parents options because what works for one family may not work for another (For example, if they have multiple siblings AND parents who need to work on the computer, they may like the packet option. If they don’t have a printer, they can use Kami to complete the assignments on an electronic device)

This way you can give parents both options. If they have a printer but few devices to go around the family, they can print. No printer? They can use Kami to complete it. I’ll grab the link to the video.

Our At Home Learning Packets and Research Units cover BOTH digital and printable.

Our At Home Learning packets are PDFs that you can also assign digitally, using Kami, above. Check out what one teacher had to say when she first discovered our at home learning packets:

at home learning testimonial

We have growing bundles of these packets available for Pre-K through 5th grades! The trick with these GROWING bundles is that every week as the new packet is added, the price will increase.

But as soon as you purchase, you’re unlocking access to the finished packets (we have 3 weeks added already) and continued access to all 8 weeks of the at home learning packets in your account. The future weeks will be available to you as soon as they are ready at NO extra cost, so you’ll get the lowest price the sooner you purchase!

Our Research Units come in printable PDF plus GOOGLE SLIDES Editions for Distance Learning!

Digital, printable, or a combination of both? ????If you want something that includes printable AND out of the box Google Slides editions, look no further than our research units! 

No matter what method you’re using, we’ve got you covered with our science and social studies research units!

These have been VERY popular lately because the units are self-guided- with a journal prompt for each day on their topic. Then, students will write a report and do a final project about the topic.

The units even have student worksheets to help them learn HOW to research (and yes, in the Google Slides versions, they are ready for students to type right into these digitally! ????️)

There are currently 15 science and social studies topics available- including extreme weather & natural disasters, the solar system, dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, author study, U.S. states and presidents and more!

We even have all of the topics bundled together at a discount… and bundle purchasers will get ALL future topics at no additional cost!

These units can be printed and sent home in packets with the PDFs, or use the Google Slides editions to assign digitally!

You could even give options so parents can decide whether to print them out (since there may be multiple people trying to use devices for work at home) OR complete digitally if they don’t have a printer.

SO many options! Let’s get your students guiding their own learning with these research units.

Want Google-Ready resources?

We’ve got that, too! Check out all of our Google research units and other Google resources we are working on adding below!

Check out all of our teaching resources for Google Slides and the digital classroom. Great for Google Classroom research units!

I hope this blog post was informative and helpful to you with Distance Learning! Learning how to use Kami to send PDF resources to be used digitally opens the doors to a lot more resources that you can use for distance learning, including our current best-selling At Home Distance Learning packets (don’t forget to check out the growing bundles!)

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