Easter Teaching Ideas Kids will Love

Inside: Check out our fun list of Easter teaching ideas and spring teaching ideas for your classroom or homeschool

This time of year is such a busy time of year- with testing, end of the year preparations, and much more. Bring some fun into it with some Easter-themed teaching ideas! While some Easter activities can be difficult to plan in school, these secular spring teaching ideas are ready to go and will have your students learning and celebrating at the same time. Check out these Easter teaching ideas kids will love!

These Easter teaching ideas include fun and engaging Easter teaching activities and spring teaching ideas. These include jelly bean math, Easter crafts for kids, Easter worksheets, April sub plans, spring teaching ideas, and more! Low prep and no prep Easter teaching ideas included for elementary grades. Also contains great homeschool ideas! Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade. #wifeteachermommy #teachersfollowteachers #teaching

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Bring Out the Jelly Beans with these fun Easter Teaching Ideas!

When it comes to Easter candy, jelly beans are a kid and adult favorite! Your students will have a blast with these jelly beans math & more activities. These activities are available for Pre-K through 5th grades! Young students can start by counting and sorting yummy jelly beans by color in the Pre-K through Kindergarten set of activities.

Sorting jelly beans by color is a fun easter teaching idea for kindergarten, pre-k and preschool!

Compare numbers with candy in both the 1st-2nd grade sets and Pre-K-Kindergarten sets!

Comparing numbers with jelly beans is such a fun Easter teaching idea that kids will love!

Introduce or review graphing by charting the beans on a bar graph. There is a version of graphing in all 3 sets, as well. The Pre-K and K set involves stacking the jelly beans. The 1-2 set allows the kids to color in the bar graph. And the upper elementary one has the students creating the scale, labeling the axes, etc.

Graphing jelly beans is a great teaching idea for elementary during Easter!

Upper grades will enjoy calculating the probability of drawing of certain colors of jelly beans on the jelly bean probability sheet. They will also do several activities with fractions!

Easter idea- have students figure out the probability of drawing a certain color of jelly bean! Great for upper grades!

All of the activities also include some language arts content. Fill in the blanks to create a “Bunny Hop” story. Writing lessons included for each age level. Your students will love to integrate art and writing when they design and create their own jelly bean. These easy activities require little prep. Just get some jelly beans, baggies to sort the candies for each child, and enjoy!

Easter writing activities are included with all sets of my Jelly Bean Math & More! Great Easter teaching ideas and activities in this packet.

These activities work perfectly with Brach’s Jelly Beans which include all the colors mentioned in the packet. If you have different colors in your jelly beans, you may use the black and white worksheets and have the students color in the colors.

Build a Bunny Community

Some bunny loves you! Secret writing activities are one of my favorite ways to build community and promote kindness in the classroom. The Some BUNNY is looking out for you Writing activity comes complete with everything you need to have your students find their own bunny buddy and write special notes to each other. Each bundle comes with a story, introductory letter to parents, student name cards, recording sheet (to keep track of who has whom), pre-written student prompts, pre-written reports to teachers prompts, differentiated writing pages, reveal cards, and thank you pages. This Easter teaching idea is ready to go!

Easter writing idea! This Some-BUNNY is watching out for you secret student writing is such a fun teaching idea for Easter and spring. Great for elementary students!

You can use these lessons all year long with the growing secret student activities writing bundle. Try this will your students to make them “hoppy” to celebrate Easter and work together! Then you’ll have even more activities to enjoy the rest of the year (and the following!)

Make Your Own Easter Eggs

I don’t know about you, but having dozens of hard-boiled eggs in my classroom to decorate doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun. However, decorating eggs is a fun part of Easter that you can make a part of your classroom culture with these simple, affordable styrofoam eggs. Bring out the art supplies and create cute bunnies, abstract eggs, or other cute animals. Have your students take their creations home for a special gift for their parents or guardians, or add another fun event by hiding the eggs in the classroom and having your students hunt them. Each student can go home with an egg in the end.

Try Out Some Ready-Made Spring Teaching Ideas

April and May can be busy months. Try out my April and May sub plans, complete with monthly activities for English Language Arts that will help you prepare for a sub or just ease your own planning! Plans are differentiated for kindergarten, 1-2 grades, and 3-5 grades. They are chock full of spring teaching ideas!

The lessons for April also contain many Easter activities for your students to enjoy. “My Perfect Easter Egg” writing lesson has students write about how they would decorate their own egg and draw a picture.

The May lesson plans include… These spring teaching ideas are so much fun.

One thing you will love about these sub plans is that you will receive unlimited lifetime access and updates. If something gets changed or added, it’s yours! You can also grab ALL of the sets in A Year of Sub Plans Entire Year Bundle. These bundles are available for K-5!

Easter Bunny Ring Toss

Your kids will love this Easter teaching idea! Keep your kids moving with some Easter activities that use coordination and get them out of their seats! This ring toss game uses two big inflatable bunny ears and rings to toss on the ears. Use this with another activity. Have students review math problems or vocabulary then toss the rings when they get one correct. You can also use the activity as a brain break or indoor recess activity for those days filled with April Showers!

It’s Easter time, and your students will be ready to celebrate with bunnies, eggs, and lots of learning. These Easter teaching ideas kids will love are certain to make your springtime planning easy and fun!

18 Responses

  1. I love all of these ideas. I have often fooled around with Easter Eggs in the classroom but never jelly beans! I absolutely ADORE the color they add to the worksheets. I cannot wait for April to try these out, and maybe find some allergen friendly beans for my kiddos!

  2. Love all of these ideas especially all of the math graphing with jelly beans! What a great way to teach social skills in the notes from some bunny!

  3. We love treats! (Who doesn’t!) so encorporating jelly beans makes sense!!! Can’t wait to add them to a math lesson (fractions of a set perhaps?!)

  4. Fun ideas! I appreciate that you have such a wide range of skill levels, from Pre-K to 5th. I’ve used plastic eggs in the classroom for various activities (including hiding them with sight words inside for a literacy egg hunt!), but haven’t used jelly beans for too many activities. The kiddos enjoy graphing activities with hearts, so I’m sure they will like graphing with jelly beans too!

  5. These plans worked out great this year. My kids loved creating their own jelly bean. They are very creative 3rd graders and my classroom theme is Harry Potter so to create their own jelly bean was very cool!

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