Easy Thanksgiving Classroom Activities For Busy Teachers

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Mine? It has to be stuffing…. Or pumpkin pie… Ah, I love Thanksgiving food! 

Whether you are traveling or staying home for the holilday, you have a lot of preparation to do! You don’t need to be overwhelmed at school too with the holiday. Let us take care of some of your school planning with these ready-to-go Thanksgiving classroom activities and resources!

Happy Thanksgiving cookie dough- Easy Classroom Activities for Busy Teachers

First, our “pie” themed Thanksgiving classroom activities are perfect for Thanksgiving or even Pi Day, but they can also be used at any time. I mean, when is pie ever NOT a good idea? 😉

*All of these resources can be found in the Wife Teacher Mommy Shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Fractions Are Easy As Pie

Fractions for Thanksgiving CAN be easy as pie when students are having fun! With these engaging thanksgiving pie-themed fraction worksheets, students will be able to identify fractions, draw fractions, and solve story problems using fractions and a picture graph. This also includes an exciting opening activity using treats to get the students hooked.

Area & Circumference Easy As Pie

In these engaging pie-themed Area and Circumference worksheets, students will find the area and circumference of pies. The activity also includes critical thinking questions to get the students thinking deeply about the concepts to obtain a fuller understanding. The Create Your Own pages allow students to fill in the pies with their own number and solve for the area and circumference. 

Thanksgiving Spelling Activities

These spelling activities have everything you need for Thanksgiving spelling instruction! They are quick and engaging and already have the weekly spelling unit ready to go. All you have to do is print & teach! This is also a great purchase for parents and homeschoolers who want structured festive spelling instruction at home.

These spelling activities include EVERYTHING you need including teacher instructions, spellings words, including challenge words, and printable activities for every day of the week!

Thanksgiving Write, Circle, Draw Alphabet OR Numbers 

If your students could use some extra letter or number practice, look no further than these perfect Thanksgiving classroom activities! 

With the alphabet worksheets, your students will practice tracing and writing each letter. Then your students will show their phonemic awareness by circling the correct picture to match the letter sound. And lastly, they get to draw something that starts with each letter sound. The drawing part makes the worksheet even more fun and engaging for kids! 

The number worksheets are similar. Your students will practice tracing and writing each number. Then your students will show they can identify the number by circling the correct picture. And lastly, they get to draw the correct number of items in a picture. The drawing part makes the worksheet even more fun and engaging for kids! 

The Thanksgiving theme makes the number sense worksheets even more fun! These are great for independent work, homework, centers, extra practice, and more!

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkeys Secret Student Writing Activity

Your students will love this Thanksgiving writing unit! The unit includes fun Thanksgiving writing prompts for students to write to each other as their secret “Thankful Turkey”. The students will love sending letters to each other and doing kind things for their secret classmates. This editable Thanksgiving activity includes writing and is also a classroom community building and service-learning unit.

The unit is introduced with the original story “The Thankful Turkeys” Then, they will draw their assigned classmate, who they will be writing to for the duration of the unit. The students will have 10 writing prompts to write letters as a Thankful Turkey. They will also have 4 accountability writing prompts in which they report their acts of service to their teacher. At the end of the unit, the students reveal who they are with a fun activity!

Best of all? This unit includes lots of EDITABLE sections! You will only type your students’ names once, and they will auto-populate as needed throughout the unit. 

We have even more fun Thanksgiving classroom activities and resources that are ONLY available to members of Wife Teacher Mommy Club!  Check out our Wife Teacher Mommy Club Thanksgiving Exclusives

Thanksgiving Directed Drawings

The Thanksgiving Directed Drawing Packs are the perfect addition to your seasonal spread! Everything you need to get your students drawing and writing is included in the pack. These drawing/writing projects are perfect for writing centers, morning work, and fast finishers.

You will get:

  • 6 different themed directed drawing options with step-by-step drawing instructions so that your students will be able to complete each drawing on their own or in a whole class setting with little to no guidance from the teacher
  • 2 different cover options for each object for easy publishing
  • 2 different writing options for each object including a page with sentence starters and a blank writing page for your students to create their own story

Thanksgiving Party Pack 

This Thanksgiving Party Pack is the ticket for even the busiest teacher! We have included everything you will need for a fun Thanksgiving party from the activities to the decor.

You will get:

  • Build Your Own Thanksgiving Bingo Game to get your students excited about the fun games headed their way
  • Thanksgiving Word Scramble so that your students will have to use critical thinking
  • Thanksgiving Word Search to test your students’ searching skills
  • Thanksgiving Grateful List to get your students thinking about everything they are grateful for
  • Thanksgiving Fill-In-The-Blanks will get your students thinking about all the parts of speech by creating a fun story
  • Multiple Thanksgiving Themed Banners to make transforming your home or classroom a piece of cake

Thanksgiving Punny Cards 

These cards can be used in a variety of ways. You might choose to print and cut them out and write a note on the back for one of your colleagues. You might choose to punch a hole in the corner and use them as gift tags. You can also stick them on a gift card if you like!

Hopefully, these easy Thanksgiving classroom activities come in handy to help you make it through until Thanksgiving break! Which resource are you going to use this year?

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