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Good classroom management is shown through a classroom that runs smoothly. It’s not always about compliant, quiet students sitting in row. It’s demonstrated through the respect to learning and people your students exhibit in the classroom. Part of classroom management is keeping things organized and holding students accountable. These favorite classroom management items will help your classroom run like a well-oiled machine! (This post contains affiliate links. See disclaimer). 

Classroom management tips and classroom management on amazon

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can be used for a variety of classroom management strategies. One of my favorites is using post-its for redirection or recognizing behaviors. Writing a little note that says, “Stay focused.” and dropping it on a student’s desk is a verbal and visual cue to get them back on track. When you also use notes for positive recognition such as, “Thank you for pushing all the chairs in without being asked!”, students will not know if another student is receiving a note for a positive interaction or if they need to improve behavior.

Sheet protectors

Using sheet protectors for your sub or other classroom binders will allow you to change and rewrite using dry erase or overhead markers. Setting up an effective, organized classroom will work better without bundles of papers and crossed out materials. I love using sheet protectors for student notes or when I quickly need to change classroom physical arrangements or plans. They are also great for keeping your substitute binders in great condition!

Hall passes

Knowing where your students are during class periods is extremely important to managing a classroom. Small, loose passes can be easily damaged and lost. Having students wear hall pass lanyards will make sure that they are returned, the appropriate numbers of students are out at a time to a given destination, and that you know where a given student is at any time. You could make your own hall passes with school lanyards and see-through luggage tags.

Classroom Timer

You could set a standard timer on your phone or a stopwatch, but I really love this Miracle Time Cube to use with students. Flip the cube to the chosen minutes and then a countdown timer will begin. Cubes are available with different increments depending on the model chosen. Students will love to be the one to flip the cube when it’s time to do different tasks. This is perfect for bell ringers, quick writes, or clean ups. It’s also great for class transition times.

Privacy Shields

Sometimes your students just need a quiet area to study or unwind. If your classroom furniture or space doesn’t allow for a study area or private stall, these are the next best thing. Privacy shields are also great to put up during testing. As a more affordable alternative, students may put up folders to block off wandering eyes. The shields do allow for a more focus and personal space.

Flexible Seating

Stools, bean bags, pillows, and other flexible seating options are a wonderful way to a more productive, inclusive classroom. It’s very difficult for students to stay in a small desk all day. Allowing them more flexible seating options has been found to improve behavior and productivity. (You can read more about seating chart tips here!)

Your favorite classroom management items are available with the click of a button. Utilize these tools to help build a classroom with few behavior issues that is conducive to learning.

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