Free Substitute Note Forms for All Year Round

As a teacher, it can be a challenge to give up control of your classroom at times, because we don’t know what happened while we are away. It can take some time to figure out what was done and what was not… even when you leave detailed sub plans. Sometimes, substitutes just don’t leave very detailed notes for us when they are away. (Or even notes at all!)

Get your substitutes to leave you detailed notes with our FREE substitute note forms for the entire year! Put them in your sub binder or with your sub plans and leave them every time you have a substitute. Then rest easy knowing you'll know how the day went while you were away! Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer forms included! #subplans #subbinder

One way to make it more likely that you will get the detailed notes you’d like is by leaving a notes form for them. It serves as a reminder to leave notes in the first place. By leaving a blank form on the desk with your sub plans, they will know that you expect them to fill it out before they leave!

The substitute notes forms also lets the substitute know what you’d like to know. Do you want to know which students did a great job so you can reward them? Any students who struggled so you can talk with them about what happened? And what about what the sub didn’t get to in the sub plans? That way, you know you either need to do them with the kids yourself, or that you can leave it with the next sub.

Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got a freebie for you that covers all of those bases. The “How Did Your Day Go? Substitute Notes Forms” are perfect for every time you have a substitute. There are four versions for all four seasons- Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring!

You can download them for FREE by signing up for our free resource library. Not only will you have access to these handy forms, but also several print-and-go sub plans, editable information forms, substitute punch cards, and much more! You’ll also get access special deals just for subscribers and updates on helpful new blog posts. If you’ve already signed up for the free resource library, you can click here to go directly to the resource library to access the freebie.

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