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If you’re a homeschooling parent or considering homeschooling this upcoming school year, you may be overwhelmed at all the homeschool resources out there. Where should you start when it comes to planning a curriculum that’s engaging without taking hours (even days) to plan? Have no fear! Here are some homeschool resources to get you started!

Social Studies & Science Homeschool Resources

First, one of the reasons many parents (including myself) choose to homeschool is the freedom for students to discover and learn for themselves. Our research units are the perfect ways for them to do so!

There are so many things to cover with social studies and science curriculum. These social studies and science research units also cover many topics and are available in both digital (Google Slides) and printable form. No matter what your elementary student is studying, these units will help them navigate informational text while learning about important social studies and science topics. In addition to research resources, each unit comes with a project to demonstrate an advanced understanding of the concepts students read and wrote about. For example, in the dinosaur research unit, your student will make their own salt dough fossils!

Current Research Unit Topics Include:

Science Research Topics:

Social Studies Research Topics:

If you love all of these topics, be sure to check out our bundles! You’ll get all of the topics above PLUS all future research units! When you purchase a bundle of the research units, you’ll get ALL the future units of the same subject and format. Choose between print + Google, print only, or Google only, and science + social studies, science only, and social studies only. There are a total of 9 growing bundle options to choose from!

Want to try our research resources before you buy? Check out our FREE research worksheets that are perfect for homeschool!

Get started building your social studies and science homeschool resources with these engaging research units.

Math Homeschool Resources

Next, parents are always asking me, “How do I teach math at home?” All of the at-home learning packets also make it easy for your learners to practice and review grade level math skills. First, grab the packet that focuses on the grade-level of your student, or the full at-home learning bundle for your long term homeschooling needs. Here are the math lessons that will come in the packet:

  • Simple math lesson plans for the activities
  • Instructions for using the packet
  • Daily math review
  • Math lesson
  • Backwards story problem (Grades 1-5)
  • Math game (Pre-K and Kindergarten)
  • Memory game (Pre-K and Kindergarten)
  • Color by Number (K-5)
  • Tracing Numbers (Pre-K)
  • Answer Keys

Language Arts Resources

In addition to math, the at-home learning packets also come with Language Arts content. Help your child learn valuable reading and writing skills with these simple to follow, no-prep ELA activities:

  • Simple ELA Lesson Plans for the Activities
  • Instructions for using the Packet
  • Fluency Practice- Grades 1-5
  • Reading Lesson to use with ANY book (Grades 1-5)
  • Memory Game (Pre-K and Kindergarten)
  • Short CVC Lesson (Pre-K)
  • Reading Prompts & Lesson (K-5)
  • Flap Book Activity
  • Directed Drawing with Writing Component
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Writing Lesson
  • Weekly Sentence Work (Grades 1-5)
  • Color by Word (K-5)
  • Letter/Number Tracing (Pre-K)

These reading and writing homeschool resources will also help your child experience literature, nonfiction, and writing.

Candy Math & More!

This is, bar none, my children’s FAVORITE learning activity. They look forward to doing these for every holiday! Candy math & more activities are available for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter (and we have a non-holiday version that will be added to the bundles as a FREE update soon!)

Students will not only practice a variety of math skills but there are also language arts and writing activities, plus art! Your kids will look forward to this holiday tradition as part of their homeschool lessons. Versions available for Pre-K through 5th grade!

Bonus Activities

School is not just about the core subject areas. Enjoy art, PE, and music as well. Get your child moving with Brain Break Activities for indoor and outdoor fun in the at-home learning packets. The packets also include lesson plans for art activities for creative inspiration. Play some music and have your child dance! I love GoNoodle’s silly videos even for older kids.

COMING SOON! Monthly Homeschool Packets

Stay tuned… because we have brand new monthly homeschool packets coming created JUST for homeschoolers. Sign up for any of our freebies here to be added to our email list so you are in the know as soon as they are posted!

These homeschool resources will have your child excited about learning at home. Try a few of these activities or work through the whole eight-week progression to help your student learn and grow while homeschooling!

That’s not all! Check out our Homeschooling category in the shop

We couldn’t outline every resource we have that fits homeschooling in this blog post. Check out our full homeschooling category here!

Don’t forget to check out our freebies, too!

Recent Homeschooling Resources:

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