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2 Quick & Easy Resources for Homework Packets

You want to, or in many cases, need to send home homework each week for your students. I know, the homework balance is so hard. How do you send home something that students can do on their own, in a short amount of time, that reinforces the concepts you’re learning in class? What you DON’T have is time to spend hours on the internet, scouring for activities to use, or make lots of homework packets yourself.

That is why I have two quick and easy resources for homework packets. All you have to do is purchase these packets, print them out, and have your kids complete the activities. You won’t have to plan a thing!

reading comprehension worksheets for quick & easy resources for homework packets

At-Home Learning Packets for Pre-K through 5th Grade

These packets were designed with at-home learning and distance learning in mind whether that was parent or teacher-driven. As we released them, many teachers started using them as homework packets! 

There are so many great activities in these packets!  Each of the weekly PDF packets includes (please note a few differences by grade levels, noted in the text below): 

  • Daily Math Review: This quick review will go over grade-appropriate math content broken up into five days, so your child can keep their math skills fresh!
  • Fluency Practice: These include 15-20 problems that the students should be able to solve quickly. This helps them practice their fluency skills. There are three fluency pages included in this packet! Only in 1st-5th grade packets.
  • Math Lesson: The math lesson focuses on grade-appropriate content with two or three worksheets (1st through 5th grade). Five worksheets are included for Pre-K and Kindergarten packets.
  • Backwards Story Problem: The students are given an answer and need to come up with a problem that has their answer. Then, they will brainstorm who and what the problem is about, write the problem, and draw a picture. The backwards story problem is broken up into five days. 1st-5th grade packets only.
  • Math Game: A themed math game containing a math mat and cards are included with Pre-K and Kindergarten packets.
  • Reading Lesson to use with ANY Book! This reading lesson can be used for a read-aloud for any story. It is focused on a new strategy every two weeks. This lesson can be used over and over with new stories! Only in 1st-5th grade packets.
  • Memory Game: Included in Pre-K and Kindergarten packets. Each memory game focuses on grade-appropriate content related to math or language arts.
  • Short CVC Lesson: The lesson plan and 2 Short CVC worksheets are included. Students will work on sounding out the words and writing them. Included in the Pre-K packets only.
  • Reading Prompts & Lesson: A lesson plan is included to introduce the topic each week for the reading prompt. Includes a comprehension passage and three (Kindergarten) or four (1st-5th grades) comprehension questions.
  • Flap Book Activity: Students will draw and color an illustration related to the assigned topic inside the flap book. They will also write a statement about the same topic. Lesson plan is also included.
  • Directed Drawing: Step-by-step “How To” draw art and writing activity! Students will learn to draw something new each week and then write a statement or short story about what they drew. This will help students practice their drawing and fine motor skills while also having fun!
  • Comprehension Questions: This page contains some suggested questions you can ask your student to spark conversation about the book(s) you are reading with them, so that students can continue their comprehension skills even while they are home.
  • Writing Lesson: Students will write a short story using the suggested prompts for the week. Lesson plan and writing/illustration page included so that everything is ready to go!
  • Weekly Sentence Work: Students will fix sentences at their grade level with this fun and engaging worksheet. There is one sentence per day for a total of five sentences on the worksheet! Included in the 1st-5th grade packets only.
  • Letter/Number Tracing: Trace, then color four letters and one number each week. Included in the Pre-K packets only.
  • Color by Number & Color by Word: One color by number and one color by word worksheet are included in the Kindergarten through 5th-grade packets.
  • Brain Break Activities: One indoor and one outdoor brain break activity idea so that your students have something FUN to do that gives them a break, but not in front of a screen. 
  • Art Activity: This packet contains a lesson plan for an art activity that can be used over and over to help spark your child’s creativity.
  • Answer Keys: Answer keys are included for student worksheets, so it is easy for you to see if your child did their work correctly at a quick glance.

36 Weeks of Skills Practice Bundles

When we released our 8 weeks of At Home Learning Bundles in the Spring of 2020, we had lots of teachers ask if we’d be extending them beyond 8 weeks. Some teachers wanted to use them for weekly homework packets, but they needed a lot more than 8 weeks for that! The good news is, that option is now HERE with the 36 Weeks of Skills Practice Bundle! If you send homework packets, this is a great option to use for that! 

This bundle is perfect as homework packets because you can differentiate for students’ needs, depending on what skills they need to work on. You will have so many content options that cover homework for the entire school year! 

We’re still building this bundle but when it’s all finished it will include (please note a few differences by grade levels, noted in the text below):

  • Math Fluency: Each practice page includes four problems where students identify single-digit quantities and four problems where they will visually represent a given quantity. Pre-K Only
    Each practice page includes two problems where students identify quantities and two problems where they will visually represent a given quantity. There are also four single-digit calculations on each practice page. Kindergarten Only
    Each practice page includes quick fluency problems that students can solve mentally or on their paper without a calculator. 1st – 6th Grades
  • Backwards Story Problems: Each backwards story problem contains 5 sections that can be completed each day throughout the week. However, you may choose to complete all five sections in one day if you prefer. 1st-6th Grades
  • Nursery Rhyme Sequencing: Each sequencing page contains four parts of a nursery rhyme that students will number in the correct order. This skills practice progresses to include pages where students need to illustrate the missing portion of the nursery rhyme. Pre-K Only
  • Writing Prompts: This skills practice covers the four main types of writing. Each type of writing contains 9 prompts that can last an entire week. However, you may choose to complete the prompt in one day if you prefer. Kindergarten – 6th Grades
  • Counting: Each counting practice page includes three sections: missing number(s), identify the quantity, and represent the quantity. Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies: Seven strategies are included with easy-to-implement graphic organizers to support your reading comprehension skills. Pre-K through 6th Grades
  • Quick Math Reviews: Each quick math review contains five problems that can be completed in one day or spread out throughout the week. Quick Math Reviews briefly cover numerous topics for more exposure as opposed to an in-depth skills practice like Math Fluency. Pre-K through 6th Grades
  • Spelling: This weekly spelling resource contains suggested grade-level word lists. There are also practice activity ideas that can be used with any spelling list so you can incorporate your own curriculum if needed! Pre-K through 6th Grades
  • Phonemic Awareness This weekly phonemic awareness resource will help kids build the essential phonemic awareness skills they need in order to be successful readers Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Fixing Sentences:
    Each practice page contains sentences that are out of order and need to be written correctly. Kindergarten Only
    Each practice page contains sentences that have spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar errors that students must correct and then rewrite the sentence correctly. 1st – 6th Grades
  • Beginning, Middle, & End Sounds: These practice pages progress throughout the 36 weeks from beginning sounds to ending sounds and finally finish on middle sounds. Pre-K Only
  • Math Riddles: 36 simple riddles that students solve using colors, shapes, and numbers. Pre-K Only
    36 riddles that students solve by calculating equations. Kindergarten through 6th Grades
  • Parts of Speech: These Parts of Speech Skills Practice are in a coloring format similar to color by number resources. Pre-K Only
    Each Parts of Speech Skills page is in a sorting format for efficient weekly practice. Kindergarten Only
  • Fill-In-The-Blanks: These Fill-In-The-Blanks Skills Practice are laid out like mad libs and are such a fun way for students to review parts of speech. 1st – 6th Grades
  • Social-Emotional Learning: Our Social Emotional Learning Skills Practice is still being laid out but this listing will be updated with the details as soon as they are ready! Pre-K through 6th Grades

Homework packets are one of many uses for this bundle. Check out this blog post 3 Ways to Use the 36 Weeks of Skills Bundle to find more ideas! 

Voila! Homework packets are done with either of these resources! Grab yours today!

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