How To Announce Your Pregnancy to the Class

Pregnancy announcements are all over social media. Cute memes, photos, and videos cover our timelines. You may already have a plan on how to tell your family about your new arrival (or arrivals for you moms of multiples), but how do you tell your students that you are having a baby? Here are some ways to let your kids know that you’ll be adding a new member to your family.

Try a baby-themed lesson.

Bring out the baby-related story problems in Math (you can find tons of these to use in my Maternity Leave Sub Plans). Read a short story about a new addition to a family. Have your kids come up with synonyms for baby (as a noun or a verb). Talk about the different terms for babies or offspring in the animal community. String a few of these lessons together. Perhaps, one of your more perceptive students will figure out the theme before the end of the day. However, your culminating activity can be the big reveal when you let your class know that you will be having your own little fawn (kid, tadpole, singlet, etc.)!

Show them with sweets.

Kids love candy! Hand out your favorite “baby”-related sweets and have the students write about what they have in common. A few favorites include Runts, Baby Ruth, Sugar Babies, and Baby Bottle Candy Dippers. Make sure to check for student allergies before passing out the treats. Other healthier alternatives would be baby carrots or “mini” sized snacks like marshmallows or crackers. After snack and writing time is complete, talk with your kids before the big reveal to see if they can figure out the theme!

Write a letter.

For some of your students, your pregnancy can be a scary time. When they realize you will be leaving (for at least a six week period) once the baby arrives, they may have a hard time with the change. Start your announcement by writing a letter to your class about how important they are to you. Share a little bit of your personal story and how excited you are for them to go through this journey with you. Explain that you might be missing some time for appointments and that you’ll be gone when the baby comes, but you trust that they will do their very best, and you can’t wait for them to meet your child!

Have your family make the announcement.

If you have other children, especially if they are in your school, it may be fun to have them come to your classroom and announce that they are going to be a big brother or sister. You could make it part of a classroom sharing activity. Let each child share something special, then have your own come in and give the big news! If this child will be your first, you could still share the news with your spouse or significant other. Allow your class to get a glimpse inside your family. You are not just their teacher; you’re a mom too!

Announce on your own time. . .but not too soon.

Your pregnancy is your story to share. Even younger student will notice that some changes are occurring, perhaps even before you start showing physically. Share your pregnancy when you feel comfortable. For many teachers, that can be after the first ultrasound or trimester. If you are finding out the gender of your baby, you may wait until that time to share your news. Make sure if you choose to tell your colleagues before your students that they know the news is yours to share.

It may be difficult to decide how to announce your pregnancy to the class, but no matter how you do it, know that your students will be excited to be on this journey with you. Be open, but also know that you may choose to keep some things (like the name and gender) to yourself. Enjoy your announcement, and let your students share in your joy!

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