How to Do a Gender Reveal with Your Students

Inside: Learn a fun way to host a gender reveal party with the students in your elementary classroom!

First of all, congratulations! Whether this is your first baby or you are a mom to more than one child, part of balancing your role of wife, teacher, and mommy is sharing those multiple roles and facets of your life with your students. In fact, you’ve already been doing so by teaching while pregnant!

You may have already announced your pregnancy to your class. Your students will be so excited to share in your joy and anticipate meeting the baby. Before that big day, the next big question is “it is a boy or a girl?” Families and friends have gender reveal parties, so why not do the same with your class?

Cute idea- How to have a gender reveal with your students in your elementary classroom. Students will love putting their gender reveal predictions on the board with boy or girl graphing. Includes a writing activity and classroom baby shower decorations. Also makes a great classroom pregnancy announcement. Perfect for a pregnant teacher before teacher maternity leave. Gender reveal activities are for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades. Free printable for maternity leave sub plans

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In fact, I remember just how excited my students were with my first child. I had a plan of what I wanted to do, but I was so busy that I never got around to it! Now that I’m pregnant with my third child, I finally made my ideas come to life with my classroom gender reveal activities with your class? Here are a few ways to make your classroom gender reveal special for you and your students.

Have the students write about their gender predictions before the reveal.

Allow your students to make predictions by writing on the provided sheets, “Is it a boy or a girl?” Have them provide evidence to support their prediction. The gender reveal activities also include a special writing activity, “My Name for the Baby” which is the perfect way to wind down after the big reveal. Maybe you’ll get some good baby name ideas from their writing (or at the very least, ones to avoid)!

Before your classroom gender reveal with the students, have them predict whether the baby is a boy or girl. This writing worksheet is the perfect way for students to make a gender reveal prediction!

Tally and graph the votes.

What I love about these classroom gender reveal activities besides building classroom community is that they also incorporate math skills! The gender reveal resources come complete with voting ballots that instruct your students to color a boy or girl footprint, then place on the class graph.

Have students cut out a footprint and color it with their gender reveal prediction. This will be used for a classroom gender reveal with your students! They will create a class graph on the whiteboard with their gender reveal predictions. A fun activity for pregnant teachers!

Your students will vote, place the footprint on the graph, then calculate fractions or percentages. Who knew a gender reveal could help your students sharpen their math skills?Doing a gender reveal with your students is a lot of fun with this gender prediction graphing on the white board! Students will love coloring their footprint for boy or girl and then making a class bar graph. A fun gender reveal activity for your classroom! Check out the printables in this post.

Make the gender reveal with your students an event!

Make the gender reveal a special class event. Get a large box and an oversized gender reveal balloon complete with tassels and confetti for the big reveal! If you’re not big on the balloons, you can choose other items to put in the box for the gender reveal. Think of special colored (pink or blue) candies, cupcakes, or gender reveal cookies.

Your gender reveal box may even include clues to help your students solve the mystery of boy or girl! My gender reveal resources also come complete with decorations, banners, and other fun materials to print out for the perfect and easy to plan classroom party.

Doing a gender reveal in your classroom is easy with these fun printables! Decorations are included for the box, banners, and more for your classroom gender reveal party. Read more about how to do a gender reveal or pregnancy announcement in your classroom.

Wear a gender reveal teacher tee!

I’ve also created various styles of gender reveal teacher tees! These can be a fun addition to any gender reveal for your students. You can choose whether to wear a tee showing excitement about the event or if you’d like to wear one that reveals the gender underneath a jacket or cardigan. You can then unbutton or unzip it once the balloon box has been opened. It will be a fun reminder to your students for the rest of the day! Keep in mind with sizing that these are NOT maternity shirts, so be sure to size up as needed. Men’s sizes are also available for a bigger range!

Once the gender reveal to your students is complete… have them give name suggestions.

Once the students know the gender of the baby, they’ll be excited to come up with names! The gender reveal printable pack also comes with pages for students to write their name for the “baby boy” or “baby girl!” Several leveled versions are available, so no matter what grade your students are in, there’s something that will work for them.

After you do a class gender reveal with your students, have them write about their name suggestions for the baby boy or the baby girl! The kids come up with such fun names. This is a fun activity and idea that is perfect for a pregnant teacher to use in her classroom. What a fun writing prompt!

Share your plans with parents.

Your students’ parents will certainly hear all about your pregnancy whether you share with them or not! Their children will love to go home and tell all about their teacher’s future new addition. Give them a head’s up on your gender reveal with the students (and the rest of your pregnancy) by sharing your announcement first hand with parents via a newsletter or letter home. This is especially important if you’ll be missing time for appointments or to prepare parents and students for when you’re going on maternity leave. This will be your time with your baby and letting families know (when you’re ready to share) will help them respect your time and space. You can use my Maternity Leave Letters to write a custom parent letter for this purpose!

These editable maternity leave letters are a great way to keep in touch with parents while you plan your teacher maternity leave!

Your gender reveal with your students can be customized to your wishes!

Always remember that this is your special moment, and you should only share when and if you feel comfortable. However, sharing this special part of your pregnancy and life will only help your classroom community grow stronger. Your students genuinely care about you and your baby. Allowing them to be a part of a classroom gender reveal will help them feel special and excited to support you in your time with baby.

Host a gender reveal with your students with our Gender Reveal Printable Activities!

You’ve shared such an important part of your family’s story with your class. Congratulations! Enjoy your gender reveal with your students with these classroom gender reveal activities that will keep your learners engaged and excited. You can also find them in my Teachers pay Teachers store. 

Do a gender reveal activity with your students with these fun and engaging gender reveal printables!

These printables are some of my favorite that I’ve ever made! They are a way to celebrate such a special time in your life. My kids had a lot of fun helping me make them, and test them out! 🙂 Our kids put up their predictions and in case you are wondering… my baby #3 is a BOY! My son (currently 5) is thrilled!

(Our gender reveal picture)

I love making maternity leave resources for teachers! It is such an exciting time in our lives as moms, and these resources are a joy to create. I also love making it easier for teachers to take time off for what matters most- their babies! You can check out even more of my maternity leave resources in my shop below! You can also find them in my TPT store here.


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