Surprisingly Simple Ways To Save Money on School Supplies

Do you need to replenish your stash of school supplies? Are you wanting to do so without straining your already tight budget?  It may seem difficult when you are overwhelmed with needing to buy this and buy that, but no need to stress.  Just relax, get ready to make a plan, and check out all of steps that you can take to learn how to save money on school supplies. (Notice: This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure).

Search your Home First

First and foremost, you should always do a thorough search of your drawers, closets, storage areas and any other area that you may have school and/or office supplies stored. I often buy clearance items after back to school sales and then keep unopened packages of pens and pencils in a particular drawer in my kitchen, so I know that I can always count on having those on hand. Sometimes I even forget I’ve purchased them, so it’s always good to double check my stash when I need something!

Hit Up Sales

Well, as mentioned above, be sure to hit up clearance sales. Especially after the back to school sales have ended because you will find amazing and deeply discounted deals then- as the stores are trying to get rid of excess back to school inventory.

Start clipping coupons

Coupons can be a lifesaver for more than just grocery shopping.  Keep an eye out in your Sunday paper for coupons that apply. You can also print manufactures coupons online that can be used at any store! And at Target- you can combine Target coupons, their cartwheel app and manufacturers coupons for maximum savings!

Download & Use Rebate Apps- With a free $10 BONUS!

Did you know you can download apps that will give you cash back on purchases? Apps such as ibotta, Checkout 51 and MobiSave can help you find deals on household items, such as school supplies. The apps will send you money via PayPal or a check.

Personally, my favorite app is Ibotta. Ibotta has an app for both Apple and Android and has the best and most extensive refunds. I know a lot of people who save up the money in their account and cash out at Christmas time- so there is quite a bit in there! However, you could also cash out at back to school time to use the money towards supplies. I absolutely love it and I highly recommend downloading the Ibotta app! (You can also click on the picture below!) Not to mention- you also get a $10 bonus JUST FOR SIGNING UP! So you’ve got nothing to lose. You could put this $10 towards your school supplies.

Get a $10 bonus just for signing up!

Even though I love Ibotta the most, I recommend downloading ALL of these apps because you can get more cash back that way.  Checkout 51 is another great one to try. You can even get cash back on the same purchases using multiple apps! Cash back on things you would already buy? And $10 FREE cash for signing up for Ibotta? No brainer!

Shop year round

Shop year round for your school supplies. Back to school sales are not the only time that you will find deals, so be sure to keep a look out throughout the year. Follow your favorite teacher pages (such as my Facebook page!) because many of us will post deals when we see them!

Don’t forget Amazon!

Keep track of Amazon prices. Amazon will often have rock-bottom, stock up prices on all kinds of school supplies.  From pens and pencils to art supplies and electronics.  The thing about Amazon though is that prices change often so you do have to keep an eye out and pay attention, but you won’t regret stocking up when you can.

Shop thrift stores

Don’t be afraid to shop at thrift stores. I have discovered a secret weapon when it comes to saving money.  The Goodwill stores in my area sell Target overstock items for sometimes pennies on the dollar.  I have seen brand new backpacks, crayons, pens, binders and more for hugely discounted prices. Whenever I am headed out for a shopping trip, I try to stop by Deseret Industries (our local thrift store) just in case I can find what I am looking for there first because I know I will save big. Check out this Melissa and Doug Easel I got during one of my trips. It normally sells for $62 on Amazon and I got it for $5! Sure it has some wear, but it was worth the savings. Huge win!

Melissa and Doug Easel

Hit Up the Yard Sales

This one is obviously seasonal, but oftentimes when people overbuy they will get rid of their extras at their yard sales.  Last year I bought a 12 count box of Dixon Ticonderoga pencils for just $0.10, yes just $0.10!  I also bought 5 brand new 3 packs of glue sticks for $0.25 total. In my local area, there are also “Yard Sale” groups on Facebook. If you have any of these in your area, they are great for browsing online all year.

Whenever you purchase school supplies- it is ALWAYS a good idea to try to get the most bang for your buck! Shopping sales, comparing prices, using rebate apps such as Checkout 51, shopping thrift stores, and using Amazon are great ways to save some money.

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