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I Love Sub Plans

I’ve told teachers this before and I’ll say it again… I LOVE SUB PLANS AND SUB BINDERS.

This statement is obviously contrary to what most teachers say. Teachers always talk about how much they hate sub plans… how hard they are, etc…

It’s no secret that nearly every teacher HATES writing sub plans. So why did I start creating TONS of them?

Look, I know that elementary sub plans have a bad reputation. But I love them.

Because here’s a little truth bomb for you…. emergency sub plans are what give teachers FREEDOM.

I love sub-plans & sub binders sub binder, sub tub

Let me start with the story behind why I started creating Ready To Go Sub Plans and Sub Binders:

In 2014, I had my first son, Parker. I decided to stay home with him while substitute teaching instead of teaching full-time. As a teacher, I knew sub-planning was a challenge. But when I saw the other side as a sub, I saw the critical need for sub plans that involved real learning and student engagement. Many times as a sub, there will be little to no plans. I realized that this was because often teachers were calling in sick and didn’t have the time to prepare good, quality sub plans.

Because the fact is… what other job do you have to spend more time calling in sick than going to work? There HAD to be a solution to this problem.

So I created Ready To Go Sub Plans and Sub Binders to provide something that was also EASY for teachers and provide real, engaging learning for students… and posted them online, hoping to just make a little bit of extra money since I was only working part-time after becoming a mom.

How do elementary sub-plans and sub binders give teachers freedom?

Freedom to take a sick day off work…

…at a moment’s notice if you or your child are sick… If you have kids, you know, kids get sick all the time! On those days, you need to focus on your kids, and not be worried about your classroom. 

No need to wrestle with yourself about whether you feel good enough to “tough it out. 

Or weigh the question “How sick do I feel?” vs. “Do I want to write sub plans?” 

When your sub plans are all prepared beforehand, it makes this decision easier for you and makes your day less stressful.

There should l be no excuse for “toughing it out” on a sick day. You have earned your sick days, you should use them. 

Our sub-planning resources will definitely be useful for those unexpected sub-days. No one wants to write last-minute sub plans, especially when you or a child is sick, you’ve got enough on your plate at that time. By getting any of our sub-planning resources any or all of the planning can be done for you, so you will be ready whenever the unexpected happens.

Freedom to take a mental health day…

…when everything is “too much” without having to even think about planning a thing.

Teaching is a tough job. From time to time, we all need a break. Without sub-plans prepared, taking a day off can seem like adding to your plate, rather than taking away from it. 

In case no one else has told you, YOU CAN TAKE A MENTAL HEALTH DAY to relax and recharge when you need it.

Freedom to take a day off for a vacation or special event

Sure, you’ll still worry about finding a rental car to travel … but you WON’T have to worry about planning for your class.

In one of my first years of teaching, I was stressing about taking a couple of days off for a cousin’s wedding. Would it be worth it? What plans would I leave? Will my kids get behind? All the typical worries, I think every teacher has had at one time or another. 

My teacher friend, in the classroom next door, told me how she had similar worries her first couple of years and didn’t take any time off. Then she got married and took over a week off for her wedding and honeymoon. One big stress was leaving her students for so long. 

Freedom from stress because you’ll be more prepared for a sub day OR a last-minute transition to distance learning. 

​In March of 2020, I had several teachers who reached out to me saying they were SO GLAD they had these sub-planning resources- because they already had the sub-plan activities printed out and ready for their students to send home as printed packets. You can have these prepared as sub plans, but if needed, they can also be sent home for distance learning.

Distance learning does not have to be synonymous with digital. ​​In fact, think about how many siblings and parents are all trying to connect to the same internet on shared devices. Sometimes pen and paper are still a great solution. You can give parents the options between picking up the packets, downloading and printing them at home, or even using Kami to complete any PDF assignments digitally (see our blog post here for a tutorial)

With prepared, quality sub plans, your classroom can run smoothly without you there. You can have the freedom to go on a vacation or attend special events. 

Little did I know when I started making sub plans and sub binders, that years later, over 50,000 teachers would have purchased them and said things like:

“This was a lifesaver last week when my daughter was sick and I had to be out. My sub LOVED the plans and even told my principal how great and easy to follow. It is a must for the classroom” -Mandy T.

“This entire bundle will be a valuable resource to educators! Each set of sub plans features thoughtfully crafted and creative materials that students will enjoy (and substitute teachers will be able to manage easily). I especially appreciate the clear directions and guidance for teachers/substitutes in preparing the materials and using them throughout the day. I definitely recommend this product!” -jlbushong48

“Absolutely the best! It had everything I was looking for and such a timesaver!” -Glenda E.

“I was nervous about the possibility of taking extended time off this year due to Covid, such as a week or 2 due to quarantine or illness. I knew I needed to have extended emergency sub plans put together just in case… but then I came across this! It saved me a lot of time because I didn’t need to find or put together activities. The lessons and worksheets are all copied and ready to go so I am ready for the craziness of the 20-21 school year.  Now I will always have sub plans ready for unexpected time off.” -Tracy T.

It brings so much joy to me to see how something I’ve worked so hard on for the past 7 years has made such an impact on the work/life balance for teachers everywhere! Teachers who never took a day off, or who spent HOURS preparing sub plans no longer need to because of our Ready To Go Sub Plans and Sub Binders.

I love hearing the stories from teachers who have used our Ready To Go Sub Plans and Sub Binders! I have a couple of vlog posts from Pam and Sarah who share their experience using these sub-plans:

Want to try Wife Teacher Mommy sub-plans before you buy them? Sign up for our re-designed, free sub-planning starter kit

Prepare your elementary sub plans now, and then you can love sub plans and sub binders, too! Grab your own Ready to Go Sub Plans now, or shop my sub plans and sub binders on TPT.

Bonus: If things change, and you find our sub-planning resources don’t fit your needs, your purchase is backed by our Happiness Guarantee.

We have a happiness guarantee, so if you find these are not useful for you once the school year begins, just email us and we’ll be happy to offer you store credit instead so you can choose a more suitable resource (these credits don’t expire- and we have lots of great new resources coming including resources with both digital and print options!) 

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