Ideas, Tips, and Activities for School Closures

Need school closure activities to send home with your students as a teacher, or to use with your own kids at home? We have freebies, tips, and ideas to help you out during this crazy time. This post is being updated regularly. Please note that some links may be affiliate links, see disclosure.

School closures are happening due to coronavirus. This is history in the making.

States are taking drastic measures for our safety to contain the coronavirus. Social distancing has proven to be the most effective way to slow down the spread of coronavirus worldwide.

Here in Utah, it was just announced that all public schools will be closed for a minimum of two weeks. And other states have already been here for a while now!

While this may come with a few (ahem… many) inconveniences, including work interruptions, figuring out childcare, school lunches, etc., these measures aren’t about widespread panic, but about slowing the rate of infection.

This will help our hospitals keep up with the patients who are in need of care. I’m sure you may have seen one of the many charts floating around on Facebook that shows the two curves when preventative measures are taken vs not (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this article here).

So, let’s not panic about these school closures. But let’s be ready. We can do this, friends!

I am here to share some FREE print-and-go, no prep resources that will help you through these school closures, as well as other tips and resources that may be able to help you during these crazy times.

Here are (#) things that will help you get through this crazy time.

This is a list that is going to be updated regularly, so be sure to check back as we add more that will be helpful to you. We just wanted to get this out there as soon as possible to help as many teachers as we can during this transition. 

1) Free No Prep School Closure Activities

We have put together a FREE at home teaching resource to help as many teachers and parents as possible during this time that will go out to our email list as soon as possible. You can send it home with your students, email the whole freebie itself, AND/OR that you can use with your kids at home! We’re making it as versatile as we can to a variety of ages. It will include color by numbers, color by words, 2 weeks of math reviews, reading strategy pages, a writing activity, brain breaks, and art ideas.

Teachers LOVED these so much we have now added even MORE! You can grab 8 FULL WEEKS worth of these at home learning activities in growing bundles in our shop, and they are coming out each week in our TPT store, too!

2) At home activities that are educational that we LOVE

Some at home activities that we have already used with our kids and LOVE are:

  • We absolutely LOVE the Square Panda. It connects to an iPad or other digital device but then has actual letter pieces to be used with the activities. I love that it combines digital and tactile learning.

  • This geometry set is an amazing way for kids to build shapes- great for hands-on learning!

Keep in mind that I have younger kids, so that’s why many of these links so far are for younger children. But I’m going to be searching a lot since we are currently social-distancing with our family (as of… a few hours ago). I will be searching for items for all ages to add to the list. For the most up to date list, check out our growing list of indoor learning & fun items that we find from Amazon below.

3) Things to keep on hand at home to keep your family healthy (that are still in stock as of the time of writing!) 

More info coming here soon!

4) Freezer Meals = LIFE SAVERS during school closures

I did a freezer meal class with my sister-in-law and friend a few weeks ago. At the time, I had no clue how much that would help me!

I’ve always loved freezer meals, but I am feeling so much comfort now that I have so many ready. However, right now with COVID-19, I wouldn’t want to do a class prepping meals.

The good thing is, Once a Month Meals has opened their doors again. And for FREE, they will give you everything you need for successful freezer meal prep of 20 meals. This includes a complete grocery list, prep list, step-by-step assembly instructions, recipe cards, thaw list, and labels to make your stocking your freezer easy! You can grab that right here!

Once the stores settle down a little bit, use their grocery list to get all the things you need (and even order the groceries online to be delivered, if you can!) Then, you can prep the meals in just a few hours and have tons of dinners ready in your freezer.

I wrote about my experience using their meals in a blog post a while back about my instant Pot, and freezer meals have really saved my bacon so many times as a working mom. I think they can EVEN MORE in a school closing, social distancing situation.

5) Time off school is a good time to get your sub plans ready for when School Closures End

If you’re off from school, this CAN be a good time to take a few hours to get your sub plans prepared. With our FREE Simple Sub Planning Starter Kit, you can get your sub plans AND your sub binder started.

Be ready at a moment's notice with emergency sub plans! Get started for FREE with these easy prep resources, including editable binder cover and forms, sub punch cards for student behavior, thank you cards to leave for the sub, and lesson plans. There are lesson plans included for pre-k, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade. Each grade level includes language arts, math, art, and a brain break! For guest & relief teachers #subplans #substitute

Love what you see in the free sub planning resources? We have a LOT more where that came from. We have worked hard to create sub plans for over 5 years to help teachers. We currently have a wide variety of sub plans for pre-k through 6th grades. We have all subjects together and departmentalized, monthly themed and not. You can see all of our sub planning resources below.

6) Indoor Activities Bundle for School Closures- More Info Coming Soon!

7) Carve out some “you time” and participate in online events.

Let’s stay SANE during social distancing and school closures! Here are a few online events you can participate in with our teacher community that will help us “come together” in a safe way, and bring a bit of normalcy back into this crazy time.

I highly recommend signing up for these FREE events so you can have some things on your calendar to look forward to.

1) Classroom Management Solutions Webinar- TONIGHT! Linda has decided to keep holding her classroom management webinars because of the reasons I stated above. Plus, I have heard of some districts wanting teachers to do professional development during the break. The webinar is tonight at 8:30 EST/5:30 PST. Sign up here: 

2) Respectful, Responsible & Engaged- 3/19: This training is designed for those of you who already have a basic level of control & want to take things to the next level. This webinar is Thursday at 8:30 EST/ 5:30 PST. Sign up here:

3) FREEZER MEAL Prep Class- 3/26:  You guys, I am SO happy to have a freezer full of freezer meals right now. I already believed in freezer cooking, but now I do even more. I surveyed my FB group and almost everyone who answered was super interested in learning more from a freezer meal expert that I follow. This will happen right here inside the Wife Teacher Mommies Unite Facebook Group on 3/26 at 7:00 EST/4:00 PST. No need to sign up, just mark your calendar and be sure you’re in the group. 

To learn more about freezer meals RIGHT NOW, get their FREE menu, to-do list, labels, and everything to make 20 meals in 1 hour here: Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our blog post to help you with school closures:

8) Teach upper elementary? More freebies!

My friend Jacqueline from The Little Ladybug Shop compiled a HUGE file of freebies for upper elementary! You can check it out by clicking the image below.

9) Educational websites offering free access during school closures:

Here is a list we found on Facebook. We also saw that Fluency and Fitness is offering her amazing resources for free as well! will be adding even more to our own list on this post very soon!

10) Use the time while schools are canceled to be creative and make fun memories with your kids.

Many of us are being thrust into the world of short-term homeschooling- aka lots of time at home with the kids- all day, every day! This can be a great time to be creative with your kids and make fun memories.

For example, my son was begging for corn dogs. We didn’t have any, and you can bet I was NOT about to run to the crazy stores to get a box. So, we looked up a recipe and made homemade corn dogs, since we did have hot dogs on hand. My son was so excited because this is not something we would normally do on a whim! I would have just told him to pick something else. But we are trying to make these few weeks of being home a fun experience for us as a family.

We are also finding all the arts and crafts supplies we have on hand and being creative with those as well. My husband is also going to teach our almost 6 year old how to

Be sure to follow on Instagram because I will share some of our fun “quarantine” activities on my Instagram stories. I’d love to hear what you’re doing with your own family as well!

11) Help those around you as you can while social distancing, especially those most in danger from the virus

We’re all in this together. (And yes, now I’m singing High School Musical, but it’s true).

Let’s help each other out however we can. Have a neighbor who is elderly or a friend who has an autoimmune disease? Ask if you can grab anything for them while you’re at the store and drop it off at their doorstep.

Remember that we want to be sure we have the supplies for our families, but everyone else needs them as well. So grab what you need, but don’t singlehandedly clear the shelves.

12) Keep a healthy mindset and don’t panic about school closures

Remember, these school closures are not because the virus is widespread in the US. These are measures that have been taken so we can stay as healthy as possible as a country, and so the hospitals will have the capacity to help those who need them.

That’s it for now, but be sure to check back because we will be updating this post often (including filling in some of the sections I haven’t had a chance to do yet. Thanks for your patience- just wanted to get this out there!)

Sign up here to be notified when our BRAND NEW school closure freebie will be posted, and get our free sub plans in the meantime.

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Check out all of our teaching resources for Google Slides and the digital classroom. Great for Google Classroom research units!

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