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Inside: Check out my newest product line, Maternity Leave Sub Plans!

After a long labor of love, I’m excited to announce my newest product line- Maternity Leave Sub Plans! I started these shortly after I created my Long Term Sub Binder, and after hearing feedback from teachers that it immensely prepared them for maternity leave. After all, teachers who are preparing for maternity leave are knee deep in planning and preparing- both with teaching AND for their baby! I thought that if I could make some some sub plans go go along with the binder, it could help make things easier for teachers who are preparing for their new bundle of joy.

Since I started some growing bundles for this last school year, it took me a while until I could truly focus on these. But the past several months, I’ve been working on them non-stop. You know that feeling when you’ve been working on something FOREVER, and it’s FINALLY done? That’s how I’m feeling right about now! I’m so excited to share these with all of you. They have surely been a labor of love, and I hope that they can help many teachers during the most exciting time of their lives.

So, what’s in them?

These maternity leave sub plans are chock-full of activities that are PRINT-AND-GO for your maternity leave. Activities are included for all core subjects: English, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In addition, art activities, brain breaks, “just for fun” activities, and educational games are included as well. EVERYTHING in this packet includes a baby theme, which will keep your students excited about the baby!

The activities can be used anytime throughout your maternity leave. They can also be used during your pregnancy and after the baby has arrived.

The included lesson plans are simple for any sub to follow, yet deep enough that your students will be learning. They follow the same format as my popular Ready To Go Sub Plans and Month to Month Sub Plans. Every lesson plan includes a “notes” section for you to jot down any notes you’d like to add to the lessons, as well. Several planning pages are included to help you map out when your lessons should be used during the leave.

So, let’s take a peek inside, shall we?

Everything you need to put your binder & Sub Tub Together

With your purchase, you’ll get a binder cover, binder spines, a sub tub label, divider pages, and tabs that can be used both in the binder and the sub tub.

Maternity leave sub tub and maternity leave sub plans binder

Calendar, Planning Pages, & Other Handy Tools

A printable calendar and planning pages are included with your purchase. These will help you map out your leave as well as help your sub stay organized and incentivize good behavior.

Maternity leave planning materials

Lesson Plans & Materials for All Core Subjects

Lesson plans and all needed materials are included for language arts, reading, writing, math, quick math reviews, science, and social studies. These lessons are easy for a sub to follow but get the kids very engaged as well. (They follow the same format as my other popular sub plans). Each topic includes more than enough materials that can be used at once, so once the intro lesson has been taught, the sub can continue to assign the other materials and worksheets on the topic. (For an even more detailed look at the lessons for your grade level, you’ll want to check out the preview files in the listings at the bottom of the post!)

Games & Hands On Activities

Educational games are included for every grade level! The games have a lot of replay value because many cards and variations of the games are included. The students will love playing them over and over!

Art Activities & Brain Breaks

Sometimes, students need a break! These art activities and brain breaks will get the students having some fun (and bringing out their creative side, too!)

Grab the Maternity Leave Sub Plans today!

My Maternity Leave Sub Plans are available for 1st-5th grades, and I plan on getting Kindergarten finished very soon! To find out when Kindergarten is posted, sign up for my email list here! For all other grade levels, click on your grade level below to purchase directly in my shop! Alternatively, they are also available in my Teachers pay Teachers store. (If you are from the EU, you will need to purchase there due to GDPR and VAT tax). If you are planning a maternity leave in the near future, I promise that they will be worth every penny!  Not only will they help you save a lot of time, but your students and the substitute will LOVE them.

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You may also want to check out my popular Complete Short & Long Term Sub Binder Bundle. It is my #2 selling resource ever (at the time of writing!) The sub binder bundle has helped countless teachers preparing for their maternity leaves. In fact, these maternity leave sub plans were designed with the long term sub binder bundle in mind (even though still are each their own product that can be used separately). Using them together will help you not only have materials ready, but get all of the info together that a long term sub will need. This is also available in the Wife Teacher Mommy Shop and in my Teachers pay Teachers store.

I have also posted many other blog posts to assist you in planing for your maternity leave! Check out my other maternity related blog posts below.

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