Introducing Ready To Go Sub Plans Updates: Digital + More!

Did you hear? The long-awaited Ready To Go Sub Plans updates are LIVE and ready for you!

This has been a huge project for our entire team. We have been working on these for months and are so excited to finally have the updates ready to share with you!

Our sub plans have always been perfect for emergency sub plans to fill your sub tub. Now whether you teach in person, online, or in a 1:1 classroom, with our updated plans, your students will be actively engaged in learning activities aligned to grade-level standards while you are away. 

Now our sub-plans will offer more activities and digital versions of everything! Read on to find out all about our new updates.

Our Ready to Go Sub Plans are now updates with more activities and digital everything!

What’s NEW in the Ready To Go Sub Plans Updates?

Google Slides versions of the Ready To Go Sub Plans:

These Google Slides versions are perfect for teaching virtually or in a 1:1 classroom! They are ready to go in Google Slides (and can be easily exported to PowerPoint for Microsoft schools) Text boxes are already added so it’s good to go! There are even some NEW activities with movable pieces (Bingo, word tiles, tic tac toe, and more!)

One of my favorite things about the Google Slides version is that they are in full color. They look amazing!

Here’s a video sample of the 1st grade digital. We’ll switch this to the video that showcases all the grades once that video is ready!

Math Fluency:

Our math fluency pages have been very popular in our At Home Learning Packets and monthly sub plans, so we’ve added them to our Ready To Go Sub Plans, too! These can be a great and simple addition to your math block for your sub. Each practice page contains 15 or 20 problems (depending on the grade level). They can be used as no-prep warm-ups, quick reviews, fast finisher practice, and more!

Our Ready to Go  Sub Plan updates include math fluency practice.

Backwards Story Problems:

How do Backwards Story Problems work? The children are given an answer and need to come up with a problem that has their answer. Then, they will brainstorm who and what the problem is about, write the problem, and draw a picture. These backwards story problems can be used as morning work, exit tickets, no-prep warm-ups, enrichment, and more!

These fun and engaging math activities involve deep thinking, they are engaging, minimal prep for the sub… and best of all for sub planning, they can take quite a bit of time! No need to worry that you won’t have enough materials to last the whole math block!

Our Ready to Go Sub Plans updates now come with backwards story problems.

Differentiated Reading Passages:

The reading passages in the sub plans now have 3 differentiated versions that were carefully leveled using a professional tool. We added more detailed, grade-level-specific comprehension questions as well!

The first question on every page will help students activate their background knowledge about the passage topic. This question is followed by comprehension questions from the text (multiple choice and free response). Last, there is a deeper thinking question to encourage critical thinking and hit a variety of grade-level language arts standards. Learn more about the 3 Types of Comprehension Questions You Should Always Ask.

Science aligned to NGSS:

When I first created the sub plans, I was using the Utah core curriculum (which is where I’m from)… and while that’s what came naturally to me, it didn’t match with the standards in other states. Plus, even in Utah, the standards I used back then were now out of date. While with sub-plans this hadn’t been too much of an issue, I wanted to make them align more closely with as many classrooms as possible!

The science sections are now aligned to NGSS. The lessons are also grade-level appropriate, so even if your state doesn’t use NGSS they could still work for a sub. We just wanted to make it aligned to as many states as possible!

Cleaned up design:

The design world changes, so we spruced up our sub plans to match a more minimalistic style! They still have cute clip art but in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Our Ready to Go Sub Plans have been updates with a more minimalistic style.

These are just the updates… but this is in addition to all the amazing resources that were already part of the bundle, including:

  • Lessons for 1 day or more of each of the core subjects
  • Brain Breaks
  • Art Activity
  • Interactive Notebook
  • Educational Game
  • Just Add a Task Board Game (This board game is nearly ready to go! All that’s left to do is add a task- such as a spelling or vocab list or math flash cards. It can also be played just for fun without a task. Color and B&W versions included.)
  • Copies for Students Page (this page lists what pages need to be copied for you or your sub’s convenience)
  • Organization Tips
  • Print-and-go Thank You Cards
  • How Did Your Day Go? Substitute Notes Form (leave this form and you’ll more than likely get detailed notes from your substitute!)
  • Substitute Punch Cards (these make a great behavior management tool that is special for substitutes!)
  • Binder Cover and Spines
  • Answer Keys & Worksheet Guides for ALL worksheets & graphic organizers
  • Substitute Plan Outline (a complete editable outline for your entire day! It has been filled out but you may customize it to suit your needs)
  • Additional Notes for the Substitute
  • School Schedule
  • Classroom Info
  • Class List

Are you as excited about the updates as I am? Grab yours here, now!

Otherwise, stay tuned and be sure you’re on our email list because we’ll be sending EVEN MORE info about these sub plans when the sale officially begins on Monday. We are so excited for you to see the Ready to Go Sub Plans updates on Monday! Be sure to get yours!

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