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You’re a teacher… but you’re also a mom, wife, friend, teacher, neighbor etc. Wearing all of these hats can be a lot sometimes! Looking for a community of teachers who just get it? Look no further, because it is right here. And we can’t wait to have you join us!

Looking for a community of teacher moms who just get it? This Facebook group is a wonderful teacher community where we share tips for work/life balance, teaching ideas, teaching resources, free printables for teachers, and more. You can get your teaching questions answered and find out how to avoid teacher burnout. We share teacher truths, teacher quotes, and more. If you are a teacher mom, be sure to join this group! #teachermom #teachermommy #teachersfollowteachers #teaching

Enter Wife Teacher Mommies Unite!

I created the Wife Teacher Mommies Unite Facebook Group to be a place for my readers to connect with each other. I’ve had the opportunity over the years to connect with many of you via social media and my email list. However, this helps me to connect with my readers on more of a personal level… AND gives you the opportunity to not only connect with me, but many other educators!

It is a great place to post your questions related to teaching, balancing being a teacher and a mom, productivity tips, etc. You can even post for advice on whatever you may need at the moment. While this group is only a few weeks old (at the time of writing this post), we have already helped at least one of our members through a teaching interview… and she got the job! That was a fun celebration in our group already.

teacher facebook group how to get a teaching job question

The ladies in this group are from a variety of grade levels and years of experience so it’s a great way to get advice from many different viewpoints.  Be sure to join right now, and post any questions that you have. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Wife Teacher Mommies Unite members also get perks!

This group is also a place where I will share special deals, news, and fun surprises related to the Wife Teacher Mommy brand. We already did our first official “Wife” “Teacher” “Mommy” giveaway at the beginning of this month. For two days, we gave away one “wife” item, several “teacher” items, and a “mommy” item to members of our group. To enter, each item had a fun get-to-know you question that helped us get to know each other. Here’s a few of the posts we had last time:

A “wife” item we gave away: A Year of Dates from The Dating Divas! It can be really hard to get out of the house with your significant other when you have young kids and such a busy job! This year of dates takes care of the planning and some of the dates can even be done at home, after the kids go to bed!

We gave away a year of dates from the Dating Divas to one of our lucky teachers

Some “Teacher” items we gave away: my Ready To Go Sub plans and editable sub binders! These make sub planning so much easier for teachers, and it was one of the most popular giveaways in the group. It was fun to hear how EXCITED teachers were to never have to do sub plans! (I also did a special secret sale on these items, just for the group! Many members took advantage of the offer.)

how would you feel if you never had to write sub plans? teacher facebook group

A “Mommy” item: Amazon Gift Card. Amazon makes life so much easier as a mom and a teacher! And this giveaway was so much fun. The responses were hilarious! We will definitely do a caption giveaway again next time.

teacher facebook group caption this photo of an amazon delivery

I have to say that it was the most enjoyable giveaway I have done to date. One of the members said that even though she didn’t win, it was so much fun just participating in the giveaway. And I agree! It was so much fun to connect with each other. We will be hosting more of these giveaways soon, so be sure to check out the group to join us for our next one!

How to join Wife Teacher Mommies Unite? It’s super simple!


I hope to see YOU over at Wife Teacher Mommies Unite! 🙂

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