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Ready to stop spending SO much time creating sub plans? 

(or worse… avoiding them altogether and going to school sick? 😬)
Get an EASY jumpstart with the FREE Sub Planning Starter Kit!

Over 100,000 teachers have grabbed our FREE Sub Planning Starter Kit!

Here’s what you’ll get in the FREE Sub Planning Starter Kit:

We’ve pulled this sample pack of materials from our SUPER popular Complete Sub Binder & Ready-to-Go Sub plans that have been downloaded THOUSANDS of times by happy teachers!

Just print, copy, and peace out! ✌️

Ready to Simplify Sub Planning?

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“I will be telling all my teacher friends about this freebie…seriously, such a great product to keep on hand for sub days! Thanks SO much!” 

– Kirsten T.

And I love helping teachers take the stress out of sub planning!

As a mom & teacher myself, I KNOW how important it is to be able to feel confident in leaving your classroom with a sub when you really need to stay home to care for sick kids…or actually take a sick day for yourself when you need it!

But I also know HOW. MUCH. WORK. it is to prep for a sub…

…which is exactly why I’ve created these sub planning materials…to make that process EASIER! My sub prep resources have been used & trusted by thousands of teachers, who I know can finally take a sigh of relief when they need to leave their class with a sub. 

I can’t wait to help you begin to feel that relief, too… with our Free Sub Planning Starter Kit!

Have questions? I've got answers!

Yes, 100%! Everything you see on this page will be sent to you via email as soon as you fill out the form. The starter kit has everything you need to get started with your sub prep.

We think you’ll love what you see, so you’ll also get a completely optional special offer if you want to get our ULTIMATE sub planning solution that includes our full short-term and long term sub binders AND the option for ready to go plans that will last a week or more! The full resources have been loved by over 60,000 teachers. We are so excited about this offer and many teachers are snagging it because this bundle is only available right after signing up for the starter kit. 🎉

However, you can always decline this offer and use. all of the starter kit materials listed on this page absolutely free! We want to help EVERY teacher get started with their sub planning.  💖

The freebie will be sent to you via the email you provide on the form. Check your inbox and if you don’t see it, be sure to check your spam/promotions folders. 

The sub binder materials (editable forms) come in PowerPoint and Google Slides format.

The Ready To Go Lessons come in a print-and-go PDF for use in Adobe Reader. There is also a Google Slides option for those as well!

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves in creating high quality teaching resources that meet the CCSS standards. Our resources have been created by a team of teachers so we know exactly what you need! Over 60,000 customers love our resources and even more have downloaded our freebies we have to offer.

Absolutely not! Our mission is to help teachers with resources, blog posts, freebies, and tips. We will never sell your information. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

Teacher friend, it's time to get off the sub planning struggle bus...

Don’t wait another minute trying to figure out where to even start with your sub prep.

Get your Free Sub Planning Starter Kit and begin today! Let’s go!

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