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Before you close this page… The first step to being fully prepared for a sub is to have your sub binder with all the information your substitute needs at their fingertips. With this special offer, you can put together your stylish and functional sub binder in a jiffy! But hurry, because this offer ends when the timer runs out!


Having a sub binder prepared ahead of time will make life much less stressful when you need to be away. You can put your binders together in a breeze with my editable sub binders! 

Buying both binders normally costs $22.00. But you can save 10% when you purchase both binder together in the Complete Short & Long Term Sub Binder Bundle!

Having a sub binder is an important step in your emergency sub plans. Include a school schedule, classroom management info, and more in your binder. Free sub binder sample included in this post!



As a teacher, I’m sure you have been there. You’re feeling sick, but the thought of making sub plans isn’t worth actually using your sick days. Maybe you’re like so many other teachers, where the idea of getting a sub stresses you out. A sub day can mean a day full of prep work before hand and catch up once you get back… not to mention dealing with all of the behavior issues that happened while you were away!

editable sub binder


Let me introduce myself. I’m Kelsey, the owner of Wife Teacher Mommy, and I understand this issue first hand- as both a teacher AND as a sub. (Yes, I’ve been on BOTH sides!)

I have felt that feeling as a teacher of getting sick at two in the morning and debating whether to call in sick. The anxious feeling this causes is unlike anything else!

 I also know the feeling of being a sub and being left with no information about the class and inadequate plans. (and let me tell ya, it’s pretty dang stressful, too!) 

At that time, I knew this was a problem that needed to be solved. So I created it. And teachers and subs LOVED the end result.

Over the last five years, I’ve created the best sub planning resources to help taking days off easier as a teacher. These resources have been loved by thousands of teachers and substitute teachers everywhere. 

And I want to give YOU the opportunity to try the best selling sub binders (which are also my #1 and #2 sellers EVER) during this limited time offer!


Having a sub binder put together ahead of time can put your mind at ease whenever you need to call a sub. With the complete editable sub binder bundle, there is NO guesswork. Templates for everything you or your sub will want included are already there, so you won’t forget a thing. 


Whether you are sick, your child gets sick, or another emergency happens, you can rest easy knowing that a binder full of class info, procedures, and more is already there waiting for your sub in a stylish and functional sub binder.

You’ll be ready… whether it’s an unexpected sick day, injury, illness, or even planned short and long term absences (such as vacation, a much needed mental health day, or maternity leave).


These editable forms for your substitute binder or substitute folder are perfect to have on hand for anytime you need a sub! All of the information your sub will need about your class will be in one place for your sub to refer to. 

Teachers love how this helps them put their sub binder together quickly and easily, and your subs will love having all of the information that they need about your class.

 These ink-friendly editable forms are perfect for last minute sick days to long term substitutes. 

What’s included?

  • 281 editable pages to customize your perfect sub binders so you won’t forget a thing! 
  • Some examples of the forms included are: school schedules, procedures, seating chart, classroom tour, cheat sheets by subject, and much more!
  • Binder covers, spines, divider pages, and tabs. Pre-made ones and editable ones are included, so you can customize the binders to suit your needs. 
  • To see all the included pages, watch the videos at the top of the page!
  • Bonus templates to create your own additional pages as needed to further customize your binders

Scroll through what just a few of the thousands of happy teachers who have used these binders had to say in their product reviews of these  editable sub binders!


We want to make it super easy for you to get your resources once you have purchased, so there are three places you will gain access to your downloads upon purchase. The first is on the thank you page after you have completed your purchase.

 The second download option is the email that is sent immediately after your purchase. This is sent to the email that you used during checkout. The email will come from hello@wifeteachermommy.com.

In addition, you can also always download your purchases in your account using your email and the password you created at checkout (you can reset your password there as well if you have forgotten it). The link to that is here:  https://www.wifeteachermommy.com/my-account/

You will have access to this resource for the lifetime of the WifeTeacherMommy.com shop! (And we don’t plan on it going anywhere anytime soon, so you should be good for a LONG time!) 

Editable PowerPoints and Editable Adobe PDF versions are both included with these resources. Please ensure you have one of these programs installed before purchasing.

These two products work hand in hand, but they often get mixed up!

This special offer is for the EDITABLE SUB BINDERS. These are editable templates that you will fill out with your information for your substitute teacher. These include class info, schedules, classroom management procedures, and MUCH more (as you can see in the flip-through videos and description above!)

The READY TO GO SUB PLANS are the teaching content that your sub will use. These are grade specific because they are the actual lesson plans and activities. They are also PDFs, so they are print and go instead of editable. These are NOT included in this special offer, but are available in our shop. And there may or may not be a special coupon available just for those who purchase the binders with this special offer… just saying 😉 

Yes! We love rewarding our customers. For every dollar you spend in our shop (including this purchase), you will earn one point. Every 20 points equals a dollar you can spend in the shop. You will also earn 10 points for your first purchase and another 10 points for leaving a review on purchased resources. 

Due to the digital nature of these resources, there are no full refunds offered. 

We are, however, very confident that you will LOVE your purchase, just like the thousands of teachers who have used these binders have. If there is a reason that these binders did not work for you, you may contact us and at our discretion, we may offer a store credit for you to choose a more suitable resource.

Simply go to your inbox and reply to the email I just sent you with your freebies and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have!


I know how stressful it is planning for a sub. The last thing you want to worry about when you are away is that your sub won’t know how to run your class! 

But with these editable sub binders…. you won’t have to worry. Everything you and your sub needs is right there. 

You won’t forget a thing! All that is left to do is fill out the forms with your own information and customize the binder to suit YOUR needs. 


Don’t let another sick day come and go where you are stressed about what sub will be called in at the last minute. 

But by grabbing this money saving bundle, you can rest easy knowing that everything will run smoothly when you have these forms ready to go!


Get instant and lifetime access to both sub binders now! (Regularly $22.00)

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