How would it feel to have everything you need to help your students or your children complete self-guided research units on a variety of science and social studies topics? 

Limited Time Offer: Science and Social Studies Research Units Mega Bundle


Learning research skills can be overwhelming experience for kids AND their teachers.

I remember staring at a blank page as a child, not even knowing where to start with my research. It can be a daunting task to know what to do for anyone, but especially kids who are still developing their research skills. 

And as a teacher or homeschool parent, it can be challenging to get kids focused and motivated to work on their research when they are struggling with their research skills.


That's why I'm here for you!

Hi, I’m Kelsey! I’m the owner of Wife Teacher Mommy. But before I ever started creating resources for this website, I experienced this myself as a student teacher in a 3rd grade classroom. 

So in an effort to get the kids engaged, I created my very first research unit about animals and habitats in a format that was EASY for kids to understand and get started with their research.

 I had never seen the whole class so engaged and excited about a project. It was the first time I reached every single student in the class. 

Yes, every single student was excited about RESEARCH!

One particular student who was near and dear to my heart, but had many issues at home that kept him from being able to focus at school, suddenly lit up, excited to learn for the first time. 

He would ask each day “When do I get to work on my animal journal?” 

That is the time that I learned for myself that self-guided learning is one of the most engaging ways to teach kids.

When kids are able to research and guide their own learning, and stay focused using only one question each day so they don't get overwhelmed, they thrive.

Over the years since then, I have created many more research units for a variety of science and social studies topics. Elementary teachers and homeschool parents everywhere have LOVED to use to teach kids research skills AND about science and social studies topics at the same time. 

And I want to give YOU the one-time opportunity to try ALL 15 of my research units, in both printable AND Google Slides digital format

PLUS access to ALL future unit topics in both formats during this limited time offer!

Teach your kids to love research

with these research units!


Scroll through what just a few of the thousands of happy educators who have used these binders had to say in their product reviews of these research units!


This bundle covers a variety of science and social studies topics. There are currently 15 units included in the bundle. Each unit will take the student step by step from picking a sub-topic within each unit topic, researching a new question about it day in their included research journal, and completing a hands-on final project and report. All the planning is done for you!

Because differentiated journals are included, this bundle will work for a wide variety of ages and grade levels. All future units that follow the same formatting will be added to the bundle as well. Previous buyers will get all new units for free (that includes YOU if you take advantage of this special offer!

Each unit includes: 

  • Teacher Info Pages: This includes a sample unit outline, grading rubric, and lesson plans for internet research, intro lesson, research journals, and final projects.
  • Research lesson plans: All the planning is DONE for you! No need to write your own lesson plans, because we already did it for you.
  • Student worksheets: Student worksheets are included for students to practice research skills, both in books and on the internet. Print them out, or have students complete the Google Slides versions online!
  • Assignment Cards to assign kids to a subtopic within each topic
Solar system research unit. This is a great unit to integrate your curriculum and make time for science instruction in your classroom.
  • Research Journals in two different sizes for differentiation! The research journals will guide the students throughout their research. There is one question on each page for the students to find the answer to. Use the printable versions for students to fill out OR the Google Slides versions for your students to fill them out digitally!
  • Final Report and Project Info: Student report pages are included for them to put all the info from their research journal together into one report. Then, students will do a hands-on project to go in with the unit (salt dough fossils for dinosaurs, paper mache planets for the solar system, a model of an invention for the inventors unit, a poster of a person they were studying, etc!)
  • EDITABLE Parent Letter & End of Unit Fair Invitations: Keep the parents in the loop! Let them know what is going on with the holiday unit, and invite them to the end of unit fair, if you decide to do one.
  • All pages included in both color and black and white for your convenience! PLUS NEW Google Slides versions!

Want all 15 units in PDF and Google Slides?

The topics of the current science and social studies units included are: 

  •  Animals and Habitats

  •  The Solar System

  • Dinosaurs

  •  Penguins

  •  Landforms

  • Extreme Weather & Natural Disasters

  •  Volcanoes

  • The United States

  • United States Presidents

  •  Holidays Around the World

  • Black History

  • Women in History

  •  Inventors and Inventions

  •  Author Study

  • Ancient Civilizations

You’ll also get access to all future topics by purchasing this bundle!

Some future topics on our list include but are not limited to: life cycles, states of matter, rocks, body systems, mythology, “my state”, countries, and more! These do not have promised completion dates, but you will get access any new units that are created that follow this research unit format. 


We want to make it super easy for you to get your resources once you have purchased, so there are three places you will gain access to your downloads upon purchase. The first is on the thank you page after you have completed your purchase.

 The second download option is the email that is sent immediately after your purchase. This is sent to the email that you used during checkout. The email will come from hello@wifeteachermommy.com.

In addition, you can also always download your purchases in your account using your email and the password you created at checkout (you can reset your password there as well if you have forgotten it). The link to that is here:  https://www.wifeteachermommy.com/my-account/

You will have access to this resource for the lifetime of the WifeTeacherMommy.com shop! (And we don’t plan on it going anywhere anytime soon, so you should be good for a LONG time!) 

PDF versions are included to be used with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Google Slides versions are included to be used with a Google Drive account online.

We sure do, friend! We love rewarding our customers. For every dollar you spend in our shop (including this purchase), you will earn one point. Every 20 points equals a dollar you can spend in the shop. You will also earn 10 points for your first purchase and another 10 points for leaving a review on your purchased resources. 

We are very confident that you will LOVE your purchase, just like the thousands of teachers who have used these binders have. But these binders are backed by our Happiness Guarantee. If there is a reason that these binders did not work for you, you may contact us at hello@wifeteachermommy.com and we will be happy to offer you a store credit to choose a more suitable resource to suit your needs instead. Due to the digital nature of this resource, we do not offer full refunds, but we stand by the quality of our resources. We have a large library of resources so we know that we have something that will make you happy! 😀

I truly want this to be an engaging and fun experience for you and your students.

Research is not usually thought of as “fun”.

And science & social studies are subjects that are often pushed aside for “more important” topics.

But with these units, you can easily fit in science and social studies while also teaching research skills…

and create a fun and unforgettable experience for you and your students, over and over again!


We are very confident that you will LOVE your purchase, just like the thousands of teachers who have used our resources. But these units are backed by our Happiness Guarantee. If there is a reason that these units did not work for you, you may contact us at hello@wifeteachermommy.com and we will be happy to offer you a store credit to choose a more suitable resource to suit your needs instead. We have a large library of resources so we know that we have something that will make you happy! 😀


but this deal is almost over!


Get instant and lifetime access to all 15 research units in both PDF and Google Slides units (regularly $180 purchased separately)- PLUS access to ALL future research units, too!
Hurry, because the timer runs out soon!

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