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4 Reasons 36 Weeks of Skills Practice is Perfect for Homeschool

Inside: Introducing our 36 Weeks of Skills Practice for Parents, the perfect math & ELA skills practice for homeschool.

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced the expansion of our Wife Teacher Mommy 36 Weeks of Skills Practice library with our 36 Weeks of Skills Bundle for Parents! This bundle of weekly math and ELA skills will help keep kids’ skills SHARP! Each activity should take no longer than a few minutes so they are easy to fit into your busy schedule while packing a powerful punch. Skills are covered for basic math, language arts, reading, writing, and MORE!

Our 36 Weeks of Skills will include ALL of the following: 

  • 36 Weeks of Math Fluency
  • 36 Weeks of Backwards Story Problems (Preschool/Pre-K and Kinder: Counting)
  • 36 Weeks of Writing Prompts ( Preschool/Pre-K and Kinder: Nursery Rhyme Sequencing)
  • 36 Weeks of Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • 36 Weeks of Quick Math Reviews
  • 36 Weeks of Fixing Sentences (Preschool/Pre-K: Beginning, Middle and End Sounds)
  • 36 Weeks of Math Riddles
  • 36 Weeks of Fill-In-The-Blanks (Parts of Speech Practice, similar to Mad Libs. Alternate version for Preschool/Pre-K/Kinder)
  • 36 Weeks of Social-Emotional Learning

These resources include one simple activity for each week of the school year to help students build their skills in various areas. This consistency will help them build those skills and get back up to speed, and all of these resources have printable AND digital options to meet your needs.

Our 36 Weeks of Skills Bundle is the PERFECT math & ELA skills practice for homeschool! Let me share my 4 reasons why.

Mother & son homeschool- math & ELA skills practice for homeschool

Why should you use the 36 Weeks of Skills Practice? Read my 4 reasons why it is perfect for math & ELA skills practice for homeschool!

Reason #1- Perfect for Self Starters

Do you have multiple kids that you are trying to do school with at the same time? That can get crazy! Our 36 Weeks of Skills Practice is great for self starters for your older kids! Give yourself some time to work with the younger kids by having your older kids work on a skill. Make it part of your daily routine! Speaking of routine…

Reason #2- Help With Daily Routine

Having a solid routine is important, it allows you to have a more productive homeschool day. These would work great to put in a binder to get out every day at the beginning of your homeschool as part of a routine!. 

Help your kids get into the habit of opening up their 36 Weeks of Skills Practice binder and working on something, whether that is a skill of your choice or their own. The daily routine will help them to improve their skills and knowledge! 

Reason #3- It’s An Easy, Flexible Resource

As important as routine is, one of the great things about homeschooling is flexibility. You get to set your schedule, or throw out your schedule. My favorite is that you have the ability to travel whenever you want. 

These resources are perfect for this! I’ve brought our resources when traveling so I didn’t have to bring our full curriculum and worry about getting it ruined. Plus, they are easy to print out again if something does happen. 

Reason #4- You Can Target Specific Math and ELA Skills 

36 Weeks of Skills Practice is great for supplementing skills since every curriculum has gaps and these can help fill those gaps in their curriculum. You can target skills in two ways: 

If your kids are falling behind…

There is no way that a curriculum can cover everything and often, when a kid is falling behind, a curriculum won’t have enough to help them catch up. You can use the 36 Weeks of Skills Practice to hone in on skills your kids need to work on more.

If your kids have a favorite skill…

A benefit to homeschooling is that kids can focus even more on the subjects they love. Give your kids more practice on those subjects. Maybe your kid LOVES writing stories, you’ll have 36 weeks of writing prompts AND backwards story problems for them to practice their writing skills and sneak in some math! 

Organize It All With A Bonus

Homeschooling and keeping track of everything can get hectic. Keep yourself organized with the 36 Weeks of Skills Organizing Bonus. It comes with everything you need to put together a binder or a tub to keep everything organized. Plus, it includes tracking sheets for you and your kids, that way you both can track improvement and set goals throughout the school year!

Get your 36 Weeks of Skills Practice Growing Bundle: Parent Edition today,  or shop our 36 Weeks of Skills on TPT, and enhance your math & ELA skills practice for homeschool!

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