Think you may need to go,

We understand the club might not be a great fit for everyone! HOWEVER, we want to make sure you know all the club benefits and options before cancelling. 

If you remain an active member through June 2023, you will get to attend THREE full days of our Educate & Rejuvenate event with platinum pass perks ($97 value) for FREE. The event is June 27-28, and club members get an exclusive BONUS day on June 29th! You don’t want to miss it!

The top three reasons members typically cancel: 

– need to save money 

– don’t have time to utilize the Club perks 

– have trouble finding resources they need

Have you joined one of our coaching OR member success calls? During these Zoom calls, we show you where to access things in your member account, discuss Club updates/upcoming events, and answer ANY questions you have, so you can get the best bang for your buck while in the WTM Club!

Click here to watch the replay of our most recent call. Click here to view the calendar in your dashboard to join our next call!

GOOD NEWS: We have some options to help!

Update Your Billing Cycle

Did you know you can switch your membershipWe have annual, quarterly, and monthly membership plans and options to help you save money over time.  

See details about the membership options below.

 Membership Options:

You can change your billing period to save money over the course of the year.


  • Annual (BEST DEAL) – $299.99/year (save $59.89 – basically 2 months free) access to unlimited downloads.
  • Quarterly $79.99/quarter ($319.96/year – saves $39.92/year, over 1 month free) CURRENT MEMBERS: Unlimited downloads, NEW MEMBERS: 100 downloads
  • Monthly  $29.99/month ($359.88 per year) CURRENT MEMBERS: Unlimited downloads, NEW MEMBERS: 50 downloads

If you choose to go, you'll LOSE:

  • your current membership plan and will be subject to any new pricing or download limits, and you will need to wait until the doors are open again if you were to rejoin at a later date. 

  • access to the amazing resources our 2 full-time curriculum designers are creating EACH month

  • life coaching with our coaches, Chrissy and Kelsey. The coaching alone is worth well more than the cost of the Club

  • all past coaching calls, the private podcast, and bonus podcast episodes

  • Club Member ONLY VIP experience at events, like Educate & Rejuvenate

  • weekly giveaways and occasional Starbucks gift cards in our Facebook group.

  • progress towards earning your adorable teacher bag that every club member gets on their club anniversary and future anniversary gifts

Anniversary SWAG:


After 12 monthly payments or 2 annual payments, members will receive their adorable anniversary swag!


If you pause your membership, your progress towards swag will continue once reactivated. If you cancel your membership and rejoin, your progress toward monthly swag will start over




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