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A Special Bundle for Elementary Substitute Teachers

When I became a substitute, I realized that many teachers don’t leave adequate sub plans. There may even be times where you are left without any plans at all! It’s important to be prepared for anything as a substitute teacher.

This Sub Plans Bundle for the Substitute Teacher includes a FULL day of sub plans for grades Kindergarten- 6th! The students will be actively engaged in learning activities aligned to the core. This also includes forms for you to fill out with your sub information, both for your reference and to give to teachers you would like to sub for. It also includes a reusable calendar for you to keep track of all of your sub days.

For less than a half day of subbing, you can have everything you need to be a prepared substitute teacher! Never be left without enough plans again! 

Substitute Teacher Planner, Information Pages & more!

Keep track of all your substitute information in style! You can keep track of all your sub dates in the calendar. Type out your information on “My Information” page and keep copies handy to give to teachers you sub for- helping you get repeat jobs!

Lesson Plans & Engaging Activities for K-6!

An entire day of sub plans is included for Kindergarten through 6th grade. Lesson plans are included for each activity as well. You’ll be prepared for if no plans are left at all!

End of day form

Behavior Management Forms

An end of the day note form is included so you can write down what went well, what didn’t, and any other notes from the day. You can incentivize good behavior with substitute punch cards. When teachers see how prepared you are, you’ll be called back again and again!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What are teachers saying about The Substitute Teacher Resource Binder?

This resource is perfect for me! As a Substitute, I have been in classrooms where the teacher did not leave any plans. This is perfect with lots of resources so I don’t have to think of ways to keep the kids busy.

Melissa G. 

Substitute Teacher

Excellent resource! Just started casual teaching and the range of resources and activities will be extremely useful for me!

Danielle W.

Substitute Teacher

How is the Substitute Teacher Resource Binder Laid Out?

This is a very large and extensive resource. Because of this, I created a separate PDF file for each section and zipped them together. This makes it super easy to find exactly what you need. Each is numbered and follows the “start here” contents file so you know exactly where to find everything!

Editable Binder Cover 

This cover is editable to FILL IN WITH YOUR OWN NAME!

Note to Substitute 

Everything you need to know to get your packet organized (plus my email if you have any additional questions). 

Editable My Sub Info Form

Keep track of your info in one place! Give it to teachers to get more jobs! Type right into the form and use as you’d like!

Monthly Calendars

Keep track of all your jobs in one place. These are blank for each month so you can reuse each year!

Answer Keys and Worksheet Guides

Answer keys are included for ALL 1st-6th grade worksheets! Additional coloring pages are included for Kindergarten in place of keys.

How Did The Day Go? Notes form

Let the teacher know how your day went and students who did well and students who struggled. 

Additional Reading Lessons

4 additional supplemental reading lessons are included with graphic organizers

-Making Connections Mini Lesson and Graphic Organizer

-Visualizing Mini Lesson and Graphic Organizer

-Summarizing Mini Lesson and Graphic Organizer

-Determining Importance Mini Lesson and Graphic Organizer

-Keys Included

Additional Writing Lessons

4 additional supplemental writing lessons are included with graphic organizers:

-Narrative Writing Mini Lesson and Graphic Organizer

-Informative How To Writing Mini Lesson and Graphic Organizer

-Acrostic Poetry Writing Mini Lesson and Graphic Organizer

-Friendly Letter Writing Mini Lesson and Graphic Organizer

-Keys Included

Additional Brain Break Activity Instructions 

-4 more pages of brain break activities. Each page includes one indoor activity and one outdoor activity.

Additional Art Activity Instructions

-4 more art activities that can be done with only a paper, pencil and/or markers/crayons/colored pencils.

Substitute Behavior Punch Cards 

-These make a great management tool! Give students punches on their cards when they are doing well and give incentives for filling up their card.

Be prepared for substitute teaching with the Substitute Teacher Resource Binder! This bundle has absolutely everything you'll need for substitute teaching in Kindergarten through 6th grades!

  • By purchasing this resource, you will have access to it on your account forever! We do not limit how many times you can download and access your resource. Computer crashed? Not a problem! Just log into your account and download it again.
  • You will also have access to ALL future updates and additions to this resource! Whenever the resource is updated, you will be able to download it again in your account. You will also receive updates via email. 


The truth of the matter is, you never know what’s going to happen when you walk into a new classroom each day. You can be assured that you’ll always have something and fun and engaging to use with the students in any classroom you enter!

These subsitute teachers would agree! Check out what they had to say.

This is a great help. I work in a K-12 alternative school, and these lessons and resources were great for creating my substitute binder to grab and go where ever they send me.


Substitute Teacher

As a busy mom of 5, I am excited to have this for the 3 am, “I don’t feel good wake up calls!”Thanks!

Emily M.

Substitute Teacher

GRAB YOUR SUBstitute resource binder now! 


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