Our BEST Teacher Quotes of 2017

Teacher memes, funny teacher sayings, and inspirational teaching quotes are all the rage on teaching Facebook pages and Instagram profiles. And for good reason, too. They give us a good laugh when we need it, and inspire us to keep going. They also remind us that we aren’t alone in our #teacherproblems, as well as our missions, hopes, and dreams in our classrooms.

We posted a lot of teacher quotes in 2017. (Way more than in previous years, thanks to our lovely and talented image designer!) In this post, I’ll share our TOP teacher quotes of 2017. These are the ones that were the funniest, most inspirational, and most loved. Without further ado… here we go!

Teacher quotes and teacher memes are all the rage on teaching Facebook pages and Instagram profiles! Here are our top teacher quotes of 2017.

1. A tribute to all the Teacher Besties out there

Teacher Bestie (noun) A fellow teacher who always has your back. You can always count on her, and she can always count on you too. Not to mention, she will always bring you chocolate on a bad day.

2. The reasons why being a teacher mom is great

Being a teacher is great. Being a mom is, too. But to be both? Let's just say I'm getting good at winging it.

3. The best thing about summer

The best thing about being a teacher during the summer is being able to go to the bathroom whenever you want

4. Okay, the REAL best thing about summer!

The best part about being a teacher mom is enjoying the summer with your kids!

5. What’s your job… and what’s NOT.

It's your job to TEACH. It is NOT your job to make every single student, every single parent, or everyone at your school happy all the time.

6. An important reminder for self care

Put down your teacher bag. Leave it there. Go for a walk. Take a bath. Play with your kids. Go out for a night on the town. And enjoy your life outside of teaching.

7. We have a secret ability to transform into cartoon characters.

Sometimes as a teacher, I turn into Dora the Explorer. I ask a question and stare in silence until I am forced to answer my own question.

8. Teaching is the reason we breathe. And…

Teaching is the reason I breathe. And the reason why I hold my pee all day, forget to turn in attendance, and why I'm crazy.

9. The roles of parents and teachers

Parents and teachers need to work together in harmony. We all have the same goal: to help make our kids' lives better!

10. No judgement, just solidarity.

If you're having a bad teaching day and I'm looking your way, I'm not judging. I'm just thinking, "Man, I'm glad I'm not the only one who sucks at this!"

11. It’s all about the students!

Why is being a teacher worth it? It's definitely not the pay. It's not the long hours. It's not the lack of respect. It's the students who keep us going each and every day.

12. Our favorite show this year! (And probably the next few years…)

What are my hobbies, you ask? I just like being able to sit back and watch This is Us without any papers to grade!

13. There’s no tired like Halloween Party tired!

Teacher Tired (adjective): The exhausted feeling a teacher feels after a class Halloween party.

14. Giving thanks for our students.

Teachers are thankful for students who light up their lives, and give them a reason to keep going

15. A tribute to Notting Hill and Thanksgiving break.

I'm just a teacher standing in front of a calendar asking it to be Thanksgiving Break

15.5 Also comes in a winter break version!

I'm just a teacher standing in front of a calendar asking it to be winter break!

16. How to be a happy teacher

They say that you are a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with other positive, happy teachers and you'll be a happier teacher, too.

17. Literally, if you survive this week, you can do anything.

Once you survive teaching the week before Christmas, you can do anything!

18. Aren’t we all in denial over winter break? It’s just so lovely!

I am in denial that week go back to school next week. #IgnoranceIsBliss

19. Adulting is HARD!

I don't want to teach today. Or parent today. Or adult at all today. I want to stay in bed. ALL DAY.

20. Remember, you are ALWAYS enough!

Just in case you needed to hear this today: You're a great teacher. Your students love you. Your family loves you. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

And there you have it! These were the top 20 memes this year, but we posted a LOT more on our social media and we will be sharing EVEN MORE original quotes in 2018 and beyond! Be sure to follow Wife Teacher Mommy on Instagram and “like” Wife Teacher Mommy on Facebook so you can catch them all!





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