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Our BEST Teacher Quotes & Some Memes, Too!

Inside: Teacher quotes to motivate you and let you know you are not alone!

Teacher mom quotes, teacher memes, funny teacher sayings, and inspirational teaching quotes are all the rage on teaching Facebook pages and Instagram profiles. And for good reason, too. They give us a good laugh when we need it, and inspire us to keep going. They also remind us that we aren’t alone in our #teacherproblems, as well as our missions, hopes, and dreams in our classrooms.

In this post, I’m sharing our TOP “being a teacher” quotes from our social media pages. These are the ones that were the funniest, most inspirational, and most loved. If you love these quotes, please share them (and tag us!) on your own account. 

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Teachers holding quotes bubbles- Our BEST Teacher Quotes

Without further ado… here we go!

Teacher Mom Quotes

The reasons why being a teacher mom is great

Teacher moms are unstoppable.

You deserve a crown!

Teacher Bestie Quotes

A tribute to all the Teacher Besties out there

Surround yourself with the type of teacher you want to be

No judgment, just solidarity.

Teacher Self Care Quotes

What’s your job… and what’s NOT.

An important reminder for self-care

What are your hobbies?

Take the mental health day

Summertime Teacher Quotes

The best thing about summer

Okay, the REAL best thing about summer!

Teacher Holiday Quotes

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There’s no tired like Halloween Party tired!

Giving thanks for our students.

A tribute to Notting Hill and Thanksgiving break.

Also comes in a winter break version!

Literally, if you survive this week, you can do anything.

Aren’t we all in denial over winter break? It’s just so lovely!

Teachers & Students’ Quotes

Your students don’t need a perfect teacher…

Students are more than a test score

What I never knew about teaching..

It’s all about the students!

Funny Teacher Quotes

We have a secret ability to transform into cartoon characters.

Teaching is the reason we breathe. And…

Adulting is HARD!

Motivational Teacher Quotes

There will always be someone…

What you do makes a difference

The roles of parents and teachers

Remember, you are ALWAYS enough!

Our Favorite Teacher Memes

TFW… a student is telling a story with no end in sight…

Do you need your coffee (or Coke Zero) every morning??

Kids are gross…

Do you get time off?! Better question, if you do, do you TAKE time off?

Do you students forget to write their names on their papers?

How is your school year going?

When you finally turn your brain off…

And there you have it! These were the top teacher quotes & teacher memes, but we post a LOT more on our social media! Be sure to follow Wife Teacher Mommy on Instagram, follow Wife Teacher Mommy on Pinterest, and “like” Wife Teacher Mommy on Facebook so you can catch them all!

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