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sub plans, substitute binders,
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Your best source for ready to go
sub plans, substitute binders,
holiday activities, and more!


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Why every teacher mom needs emergency sub plans

Why Every Teacher Mom Needs Emergency Sub Plans

Being a teacher mom can be very challenging at times. This is because when you’re a both a mom and a teacher, you wear many hats. Because of this, many teacher moms do not have emergency sub plans in place. There is always so much to do- so sometimes it can be hard to make time for something that isn’t next on your “to do” list. You know having emergency sub plans is ideal- but everything is so overwhelming and it’s hard to make the time for it! However, there will be times that you must get a sub and it’s

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Why Every Teacher Needs Emergency Sub Plans

Why Every Teacher Needs Emergency Sub Plans Why does every teacher need emergency sub plans? Teaching is arguably one of the most difficult jobs out there. You have the all-important task of caring for your students all day. You must teach them curriculum as well as social skills, be a good example, and also keep the day running smoothly (or as smoothly as possible) at all times. There is a dynamic to each teacher’s classroom. Every year a new group of students join this atmosphere and they all form special bonds. For someone else, like a sub, to step right

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Surprisingly Simple Ways To Save Money on School Supplies

Do you need to replenish your stash of school supplies? Are you wanting to do so without straining your already tight budget?  It may seem difficult when you are overwhelmed with needing to buy this and buy that, but no need to stress.  Just relax, get ready to make a plan, and check out all of steps that you can take to learn how to save money on school supplies. (Notice: This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure). Search your Home First First and foremost, you should always do a thorough search of your drawers, closets, storage areas and any

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How to create a brilliant substitute binder. This sub binder is perfect for elementary teachers!

How To Create a Brilliant Substitute Binder

Believe it or not, many teachers do not have a substitute binder put together! (I would know, since I’ve been a sub before!) And honestly, it’s completely understandable. There is so much information to put all together, and a substitute binder can easily become just another cumbersome task that keeps getting put off. However, it doesn’t need to be that way! Coming up with everything to include in your substitute binder is part of the daunting task, and I’ve done that part for you! Simply follow along with these steps, type up your information, and put it together in a

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