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Your best source for ready to go
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holiday activities, and more!


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How To Differentiate Your Reading Passages

Inside: How to differentiate your reading comprehension passages- while still teaching the same skills! These ideas for differentiated reading lesson plans are sure to help you differentiate your reading activities and passages. How to Differentiate Your Reading Passages (while still teaching the same skills) No matter what grade level you are teaching, you’re bound to have varied levels of readers in your class. A 3rd grade class, for example, may have students reading at a 2nd grade level (or below), and at a 4th grade level (or above!) With such a variety of students, it’s difficult to figure out how

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Why Activating Background Knowledge is the Most Underrated Reading Comprehension Skill Ever

Inside: Why activating background knowledge (also known as schema) is an important reading comprehension skill. This post will give you insight on how to help your students activate background knowledge by using essential questions before reading.  Before your students dive into a text, it’s important for them to show what they know about a topic. Making connections before reading a text help students get engaged and retain what they’re reading. This is why activating background knowledge (also known as schema) is such an important reading comprehension skill. Knowing why activating background knowledge is the most underrated reading comprehension skill ever

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Avoid getting sick as a teacher

8 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick as a Teacher

Inside: Check out these tips on how to prevent getting sick as a teacher! By following the advice in this post, you can avoid getting sick as a teacher When I decided to go into teaching, I had no clue how often I was going to be sick. However, when you are around kids all day every day, that means GERMS. While I was student teaching, I found myself catching nearly EVERY bug that came into my classroom. Needless to say, I was sick quite often, and came to expect that it was just part of the job. JOIN NEARLY

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How to announce your pregnancy to the class on Pinterest

How To Announce Your Pregnancy to the Class

Pregnancy announcements are all over social media. Cute memes, photos, and videos cover our timelines. You may already have a plan on how to tell your family about your new arrival (or arrivals for you moms of multiples), but how do you tell your students that you are having a baby? Here are some ways to let your kids know that you’ll be adding a new member to your family. Try a baby-themed lesson. Bring out the baby-related story problems in Math (you can find tons of these to use in my Maternity Leave Sub Plans). Read a short story

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