Sub planning can be easy with Ready to Go Sub Plans and editable sub binders!

Sub planning can be easy with Ready To Go Sub Plans and editable sub binders!


sub planning

We know sub planning is a pain. It can be easier to go to work sick than to call in sick. But it shouldn’t be that way. Join over 50,000 teachers just like you and get our FREE print-and-go sub plans and editable sub binder forms sent directly to your inbox.

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What I Have Learned About Teacher Work/Life Balance

Inside: Learn the tips that I have learned over the years about work/life balance that will help you as a teacher! Achieving work/life balance as a teacher can be a challenge. Sometimes it seems as if coming in early, staying late, and bringing work home are mandatory job requirements. However, it is important to achieve a work/life balance that is maintainable if you want to avoid teacher burnout. And believe it or not, it is possible to have teacher work/life balance. Here are some tips that I’ve learned from my experience that will help you maintain the work/life balance that

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How to Make Writing Fun with Secret Student Writing Activities

There are so many different ways to incorporate writing into your curriculum. Writing reports and learning the mechanics of writing are important, but what really helps students get engaged and invested in writing is making it FUN! One way I love to make writing exciting is by using secret student writing.  And as a bonus- these activities also build your classroom community as well!  With different secret student writing options for holidays and seasons, you’ll love learning how to make writing fun with secret student writing. Make writing fun by starting with story time. Each secret student writing resource comes

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