Sub planning can be easy with Ready to Go Sub Plans and editable sub binders!

Sub planning can be easy with Ready To Go Sub Plans and editable sub binders!


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The ultimate guide to emergency sub plans for elementary teachers. Learn how to prepare substitute plans in a sub tub and sub binder. Sub plan organization for math, science, writing, social studies, and language arts sub plans. Many substitute teacher ideas that you can use for your Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade classroom. Also for special education. Includes free sub plans, sub plan freebie. Common core aligned sub plan template for your substitute binder.

Emergency Sub Plans: A Comprehensive Guide for Elementary Teachers

Emergency Sub Plans: A Comprehensive Guide for Elementary Teachers Not every absence is planned. Whether you wake up ill, you have a sick child, or you have an emergency, sometimes subs need to be called at the last minute. Even if your day-to-day lesson plans are explicitly laid out, there is no substitute for you as a classroom teacher. Sometimes guilt can keep you from taking a sick day or much needed break. When you are prepared before an absence occurs, it can make all the difference. It is OK to take a break from your original plans and have

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Planning a teacher maternity leave? Here are the things you must do to be prepared for your leave. Tips for your maternity binder, maternity leave sub plans, maternity leave letter to parents, transitioning your students to a long term sub, your return & more. These tips will help you rest easy during your maternity leave and enjoy your new baby. Great for all teacher mom-to-bes to read during pregnancy! Also includes a maternity leave freebie for teachers & maternity leave printable products.

7 Must-Dos for a Successful Teacher Maternity Leave

Inside: Everything you need to know about teacher maternity leave! The last thing you want to worry about when you’re on maternity leave is if your classroom is being run well and if you’re students are safe and meeting their learning goals. You need to focus on being a mom to a newborn! Here are 7 must dos for a successful teacher maternity leave. 1. Announce in a fun way to the class! Try these quick, enjoyable ways to tell your class you’re having a baby! Try a baby-themed lesson with a read aloud or discussion of names for different

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