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Pam’s Ready To Go Sub Plans Story

Pam is a 4th-grade teacher and one of our Wife Teacher Mommy customers. She has purchased and used our Ready to Go Sub Plans in her classroom. Check out her Ready To Go Sub Plan testimonial to hear what she has to say about them:

Hi, my name is Pam and I am a 4th-grade teacher. I have this awesome sub tub that I have put together using resources from Wife Teacher Mommy.

I have been teaching for 11 years and before I had this I was so stressed if I ever woke up feeling sick in the night. After I had my first baby I had to have my gallbladder out shortly after that. I was trying to write sub plans in a notebook in the hospital waiting for surgery and it was just unnecessary stress that I didn’t need.

I was so on board when I saw this resource and I absolutely love it!!

This year I had to quarantine twice so it’s been so nice to have my sub tub all set up.

My favorite part of it is that I’ve made copies and I can just know that if the copies are gone, that’s what they’ve taught. This tub could probably could last a sub two full weeks. I didn’t copy everything that I purchased, The benefit of it is that it’s all fourth-grade material and the lesson plans that go with it are very specific so I would feel comfortable leaving it even with a brand new sub in my classroom because the lesson plans are basically scripted and it could take them right through the day.

I absolutely love it, it’s a great resource!

When you have an emergency situation come up, you don’t need to deal with the unnecessary stress of writing sub plans. Take the planning stress out of it by having your sub tub and sub plans ready to go ahead of time.

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Pam's testimonial about using Ready To Go Sub Plans

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