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The Achievement Gaps in Education- Tips From Real Teachers Like You (Part 1) [episode 31]


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The past several years have been difficult and exhausting for teachers, to say the least. There are so many struggles and difficulties teachers face every day, which have been magnified since 2020. Students are entering classrooms with a variety of gaps, but particularly educational and social emotional gaps.

I wanted to bring light to our current situation, so I have reached out to our community at Wife Teacher Mommy for answers, suggestions, and advice for their fellow teachers. In this two part series, I’m going to shed light on the gaps teachers are up against in the classroom. Today’s episode is part 1 on the achievement gap in education, which includes tips from real teachers like you.

Before jumping into words from our community, I provide my own thoughts and a mindset shift on the achievement gap in education. I came up with three tips that I find helpful when it comes to navigating the educational gap. Those tips are accepting the current circumstances as they are, don’t compare students to where the standards say they should be, and find resources to help make differentiation easier for you. During the episode, I go deeper into these ideas that will help you find success.

Our Wife Teacher Mommy community has a lot of great advice on how to navigate the achievement gap in education. Their words provide encouragement, strategies, and a feeling like you’re not in this alone or the only one facing this problem. Not only do they give advice on differentiating and how to meet the educational gaps, but they also give solutions. 

I believe there’s power in coming together and learning from each other, which is exactly what this episode embodies. After hearing from real teachers like you, I hope that you feel heard and learned new strategies that will help close the achievement gap in education. Stay tuned for next week’s episode on the social emotional gaps in education. 


In this episode on the achievement gap in education, I discuss:

  • My thoughts and insight on the academic gaps in education
  • Advice from real teachers like you 
  • How to navigate the educational gap with strategies and tips
  • The power of coming together and learning from other teachers

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