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Declutter Your Mind & Your Space [episode 94]

Person writing in day planner- Declutter your mind and your space

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Do you want to get your space organized so you can feel better? Guess what- it all starts with our mindset. Even cleaning up our space! On today’s episode, I’m sharing what you can do to declutter your mind and your space.

This episode is a special one! Last month we had a Wife Teacher Mommy Club coaching call all about how to declutter your mind and your space. With the new school year slowly approaching, I figured it would be perfect to air this inspiring coaching call on our podcast today.

Most people think of organization as keeping things together or putting items in a bin, but it’s so much more than that and we dive into it in today’s episode. We talk about why organization has to start in your mind and actionable tips on how to declutter your mind.

We talk all about the importance of figuring out WHY you are decluttering. As humans, we have an attachment to things based on the past, so we hold on to them. It’s important to ask whether they are truly essential. Analyzing our thoughts and identifying the reason we hold on to “unnecessary” items is an important aspect of decluttering our minds.

One of the tips we dive into is why it is important to create habits and mindsets for a more organized space. Try incorporating a 15-minute pickup at the beginning and end of each day to build the habit of tidying up. Another tip is to get your kids involved in the clean-up as well.

Everyone wants to achieve work-life balance, and having the right organizational skills will help you achieve that goal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom, homeschool parent, or veteran teacher, there’s an organization tip that will resonate with you.

Throughout the episode, we go over a variety of easy classroom organization tips, tricks, and hacks that will ultimately make your life AND classroom run smoothly and your life simpler! 

Key points on how to declutter your mind and your space:

  • An easy step you can take if organization doesn’t come easily to you
  • Insight into what the disconnect could be with your organizational system 
  • How taking small, manageable steps towards decluttering can make the process easier and more enjoyable
  • Why understanding the beliefs and attachment to items is important before deciding to declutter
  • How to ask if an item helps create the desired life and space
  • Why setting up effective classroom organization helps provide work-life and home balance

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Read the transcript for episode 94, Declutter Your Mind & Your Space:

Kelsey Sorenson [00:00:00]:


You are listening to episode number 95 of Wife Teacher Mommy. The podcast declutter your mind and your space. Do you want to get your space more organized so that you can feel better? Guess what? It all starts with our mindset even cleaning up our space. So I’m sharing what we can do to get our space and our mind is decluttered today. You the pain of you whether it’s the time or resources you have why Teacher Mommy? They have got your back they’ll bring the galaxy on they’ll bring the galaxy mommy between the gala teacher Mommy in the place to be welcome to Wife’s Teacher Mommy, the podcast. I’m Kelsey Sorensen, a former elementary teacher and current homeschool mom, and even though I’ve been a resource creator since 2014, I’ve realized that printables alone aren’t all you need in order to thrive as a teacher or homeschool parent. That’s why I also created this show and got certified as a life coach to help you finally kick burn out to the curb and feel confident with whatever challenges come your way. With the right mindset, strategies, and new teaching inspiration, you’re going to be well on your way to your best teacher life.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:01:35]:


Now let’s go. Okay. I am really excited for today’s episode because for what I believe is the first time ever, I’m going to be sharing a recording from a Wife Teacher Mommy club workshop with all of you here on the podcast. This is one that I really enjoyed putting together. I feel like it was kind of some new content that I haven’t shared before. And we did this it was at the beginning of June, but it’s still relevant. This is relevant any time of year, anytime you want to kind of get decluttered. And if you’re listening as I’m airing this episode, it’s still summer and you might be working on some projects to kind of get decluttered and also try to start the next school year maybe in your classroom or your home or whatever, try to get more organized.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:02:22]:


So we’re talking all about that today. Really excited to share it with you. But another thing I’m really excited about is today is the first time I’m actually recording something for the podcast since Educate and rejuvenate. And while this is airing on July 11, I recorded a lot of stuff ahead of time. I knew that the event was going to be busy and I wanted to really focus my energy on all of those attending the event and those who were joining us in the club. We’ve had so many amazing teachers and homeschool parents that we’d be connecting with with this event, and it was so much fun. I loved the event. I loved our keynotes.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:02:56]:


Joe was funny but also super inspirational. He shared some incredible stories. And Christina was probably the hit of the event. Everybody absolutely loved Christina. She was so good, so real, and really tied into it was honestly the perfect tie into what I was teaching after. So it really just made the whole event flow so well. And the pre recorded sessions from all the presenters were amazing. We had tons of giveaways and what I loved was seeing everybody in the comments connecting with each other.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:03:26]:


And it’s not just all about us talking to you, but it’s this community that we’re building, all the incredible teachers out there. I just love all of you. Now, what I want to share just really quick before we get in, is some of the comments that people shared about the coaching. I really feel like that is one of the things that people loved about the event and it’s one of the things that makes, Educate and Rejuvenate so unique compared to other conferences that don’t have this. Now here is what some people had to say. So Tori, who was one of the homeschool mamas, she said, you don’t have to be coached if that is scary to you at first. You can just listen and it really helps, which is true. So many people were just listening to the coaching and they didn’t realize just how much they would get out of listening to it.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:04:05]:


And that’s what I saw in so many comments. Actually, that’s not one of the ones I pulled, but I saw many comments where people were saying that, like, wow, I didn’t think I would feel this way just from watching someone get coached, or that I would have mindset shifts, or that I would be crying just by listening to someone else getting coached in a good way. Good cry, right? Rose said, I was coached by Kelsey. Her coaching is helping me immensely. I have also been on Chrissy’s calls and Zoom meetings and it is great to know we’re not alone. Cassie said, Your own growth mindset is so important and if you are not feeling supported or that your current environment is not best for your mental health, maybe it’s time for a change. I took the risk after last year’s Wife, Teacher, Mommy, Educate and Rejuvenate and it was the best thing ever for me. I took the risk and now I can’t imagine where I would have been as I was thinking of leaving education altogether and I found my passion for teaching again.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:04:52]:


Cassie, I just love that Marie chris was sharing with somebody who was being coached. She said, It’s your vulnerability and courage going on is a great thing. And then she did like hand clap emojis for you. Charity said, Now I’m now seeing this group as good mental health support. And Christina says, wow. Just wow. And Danielle said, Just think of how many lives you touched during just one session. Not only is all the people joining in, but it trickles down to their students and loved ones.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:05:23]:


In fact, everyone they come in contact with. You are changing the world. Kudos to you, chrissy and Kelsey and I can’t totally share this because it’s her story to share, but one of our members came on and just shared how much she’s been in the club about a year and how much of a game changer it was in her life with some major stuff she had going on. And she was saying that she felt the club helped her so much with that. And honestly, what we have to offer, the tools we have to offer, are so helpful. But what I was so proud of was her, because we have the tools, we can teach them, but it’s up to each individual to apply them and use them in their lives and take that time for self care. So I was just so proud and so happy when I heard her story. But again, that is her story.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:06:05]:


But for those in the club, everybody was cheering her on, and it was incredible. Now I’m really excited because I felt like the coaching really clicked this year. For those who attended, educate and rejuvenate. Now, for those of you here on the podcast, I shared my full session, one of my full sessions with you called Owning Your Teacher Wins on a previous episode. So go back and listen to it if you haven’t yet after this. For me, kind of one of the things I talked about in that episode is looking at the game, looking at how far we’ve come. So if I look at last year’s Educate and Rejuvenate and compare it to this year’s event, we’ve come so far, it was way easier for everyone to navigate. I taught live sessions in the morning about the coaching concepts, and then we had people attend in the afternoon, so I feel like it really clicked more for people.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:06:47]:


I actually even saw a comment where somebody was like, I saw Kirsty coach last year, and I didn’t really get it. But this year I get it, and I feel like it’s because there was the baseline of actually teaching what it was, where last year we just kind of threw people into an open coaching session where it’s just like, hey, want to come get coached? And people are like, I have no clue what you’re talking about. So we’re trying to do a better job at teaching all of you what exactly coaching is and why it’s such a game changer. And now Christy and I want to bring coaching to as many teachers as possible. So one of those ways is happening today in just a minute, when I stop blabbing and share the majority of this coaching workshop with you here on the podcast. And I share the majority of it. The only part I cut off is somebody actually getting coached, because, again, we try to keep that inside the club because we don’t want to share that publicly without their permission. Right? But Chrissy and I will be co teaching for the first time at the end of July july 26, 27th and 28th, 2023 in our three day teacher transformation.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:07:43]:


We’ve been planning the content for this. We’re really excited. As of recording, I don’t have a sign up link yet. We’re anticipating having that up on the 12th, but we will link to our events page on the website. You can also just go to and click events like in the top header bar and it’ll show you all the events we have going on. There is a free tier for the three day teacher transformation. You can join absolutely for free. You’ll be able to attend all the days.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:08:08]:


There will be a replay window where you can watch during that time and then club members, if you’re in the club, you’ll get extended access because the replays will live on in the sidewise. Teacher mommy club. We’re really excited about this now. Okay, let’s get into today’s episode though, because I want you to hear some coaching right now. Now, this is kind of one of the styles of coaching I mentioned. So in my last episode where I talked about the different types of calls we do. We have open coaching calls which are just like, anybody can come and be like, hey, I need to get coached on this. And Chrissy or I, we will just, you know, coach you through it.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:08:39]:


Then I do another style of call called model mastery where I kind of teach the model again, teach it in a new way each time, kind of give some new insights about the self coaching model we use. And then together we try to build some models with those who are live on the call. Then the final style call we do, which is one we do the most often. And what I’m sharing today is the workshop style call, which is where we come with a topic prepared to teach you on something kind of like we would for recording a podcast. But it’s much more interactive and because there’s a chat, we get to be face to face, you get to ask your questions. And a lot of times we can get in a little deeper on a call than we can on a podcast, which is a lot of fun. So that is what I’m sharing with you today. Today I’m sharing our call from June 1, which is all about decluttering your mind and your space.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:09:25]:


And I’m excited for you to learn from this coaching. So let’s dive in. We’re going to dive in today about decluttering our mind and our space. And I have lots of content prepared for you today that I’m really excited to share. This was one of our topics that was voted on during when we did a survey about coaching topics. So I’m really excited about this one. And a lot of us are either out for the summer or will be soon, right? Yeah. So a lot of times we’re kind of coming off that end of the year, like crazy time, and we’re going into summer and we’re like, okay, maybe now I have some time to figure out how to maybe declutter a little bit.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:10:12]:


Maybe I want to figure out how to get my life a little more organized. And this is a great time to think of all that. Patricia said four more days. We’ve got a few more wins here, too. Nicole said, started our no summer slide schedule, and it’s working so much better than last summer’s schedule. And I made it to two doctors appointments this week. That’s amazing. And Patricia said, made it through our kinder end of the year program.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:10:33]:


Best program ever. Yes. You’re all doing so many amazing things. And whether you’re here live or on the replay, these are just some examples of things that you could think of that are your wins as well. Okay, so what I want to talk about, though, with decluttering our mind in our space is a lot of times we want to jump right to labels and containers and all those things. That was what we think about when we think of decluttering our space. But as you might guess with the title of this session, it really does start with our mind. That is what comes first.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:11:07]:


And a lot of this comes with self awareness of where we are at right now with our organization and in our mind. First and foremost, self awareness, that is a big thing we talk about in coaching, being aware of our thoughts and our feelings, how they control everything that’s happening in our lives. And the big thing about self awareness that I was listening to a coaching call with the Life Coach School recently, and they were talking about how self awareness is something that a lot of us now in these times, with technology and the fast paced society we live in, we don’t have as much self awareness as back in time. When you think of all these amazing quotes and everything that come from, like, Aristotle and people from way back when, they had a lot more time to think about their thinking than a lot of us do right now. We’re learning how to do this now as adults, and it’s not something that we naturally do because we’re just like, go, go. We’re going from one thing to the next. There’s technology and everything. Welcome, Jenny.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:12:02]:


Welcome, Bernadette and Tiffany. We’ve got a great group today, but in general, we want to try to get more self aware of what is going on. So first we need to organize our mind before we can organize our space. So one tool that I use to do that is called a thought download. Now, tell me in the comments, have you used a thought download before? Me, Christy and I, we’ve taught this. I’m going to kind of dive into this a little bit more in different ways that I do it to get our thoughts down and get them more organized. So Shannon just says, I’ve started using a brain dump. Tiffany said a brain dump.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:12:42]:


Yes. So brain dump, thought download, that’s kind of different words for the same thing. You’re kind of getting all your thoughts down on paper. You’re doing it, and then you analyze it after the fact. So a lot of it is you get it on paper, then it’s on this paper. You can look at it. You can visualize it, see what is going on in your mind rather than just having it all stuck up here. Because it’s really hard to get organized if everything is stuck up in our mind and not on paper, where we can actually make a plan and figure out what direction we want to send ourselves, send our brain, so we can get our thoughts organized.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:13:15]:


So right now, we’re talking about the mindset part. I promise we’re getting to organizing your space. This is part of it. But it’s hard to get organized when we fall into this trap if everything’s just stuck in our heads. So what I do is we write it all down, and then you’re able to analyze it, look at a thought. What I do is I then put it into the model, which we talk about a lot in this coaching. But what I’ve noticed is now that when I figure out I’m overwhelmed or I’m looking around, I’m like, oh, my goodness, my space is driving me crazy or whatever, I can kind of write down what is going on. I notice that it’s time to do that quicker.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:13:51]:


So I’m like, okay, I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m going to do a thought download, and I’m going to get it all down. So that is what happened this week after our team retreat. So we need to know what’s going on in our mind. But the one way to get these thought downloads a little more organized is not to just do it like, I’m going to just do a thought download of whatever comes into my head. Now, this can be a really good thing to do. That like a thought download of anything. But what I want to talk about today is getting even your thought downloads a little bit more organized so you can get your brain organized in this way.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:14:22]:


So for me, what I tend to do is for you, it might be like a teaching download. Each day in the morning, you kind of set aside a practice where you’re like, okay, I’m going to get all my thoughts about my work today, and I’m going to write it down. And you have your work thought download. Then you might have another one for your health and fitness thought download. If that’s something you’re working on, I would pick like, maybe two or three things that you can get organized. Another could be like, okay, I want to work on getting my space organized. First, I need to figure out what are all my thoughts about this right now, my thoughts about what my classroom looks like or what my home looks like or whatever. Get all of that down because we need to understand our why.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:14:57]:


We need to understand where we’re starting from before we can really get into the space where we’re getting it all organized. So another thing with thought downloads that I found helpful when I was listening to a self coaching Scholars coaching call recently is they mentioned if you want some more guidance with your thought download that you can go to Pinterest. It’s a great source and a lot of times you can just type in journal prompts for whatever it is you’re wanting to do a thought download about. So if it’s about getting organized, although I have some questions for you that I’m going to share here, or if it’s about your classroom or whatever, you can just put that into Pinterest and you’ll be able to find different journal prompts that you can use in your thought downloads. And that’s something I actually want to add more into the club soon too, is add some different thought download guidance for all of you. We have a lot coming here in wife, teacher, mommy club, so that will be something that comes at some point. But Pinterest is an amazing source for that. Now, what I find most helpful once we get everything down in that thought download is I ask myself, what about these thoughts is causing me the biggest problem? So it’s not just like writing it down, like walking away from it, it’s actually taking the time to look at and observe it and figure out what part of it is the problem for me at that time.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:16:16]:


And then I’m able to figure out, okay, how am I feeling about this? And then question if that’s the thought I need to think or believe and then move on from that. Okay, do we have any questions on this so far? No questions I can see yet. If you have any questions at any time, pop them in the chat. I am watching the chat. So we’ve got that here. Like I said, take about five minutes a day. It can be in the morning on these different categories that you want to do your thought downloads with. That’s how we get our brain organized.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:16:43]:


Figure out the categories that you are focusing on right now and getting those down. Okay, now let’s kind of talk about oh, wait, before we do that, actually the one thing I want to mention is once you get it down and you kind of see those thoughts and everything, then that’s when you can make a plan of action that I kind of mentioned in our May 11 coaching call. So I would really recommend listening to that call as well. That really helps you to create that intentional schedule and stick to it, which helps you get organized with your schedule, which is its whole topic. So I would definitely recommend checking out that replay from May 11. That was called how to create an intentional schedule and actually stick to it. Okay, so now let’s talk about getting in. We talked about the mind part, how that part is really important.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:17:28]:


We want to come in with our mindset to organizing our space. And like I mentioned, a lot of us, we’ve had some of you join since I started. We think about organization, and we think we need to jump right into, okay, I need to get containers, and you get labels. That’s what organizing and making my space feel inviting is all about. And I’m not saying labels or containers are a bad thing. That definitely comes in as part of it, but we want to figure out one because a lot of times, has anybody here ever gotten labels and containers and used them? But then you get it all organized, like your pantry or your classroom, whatever, it’s like, all beautiful, and then a few months later, you look at it and you’re like, what happened to that? Has anybody had that? I see nodding of heads. So labels and containers, they don’t necessarily completely fix the problem. We need to figure out what is going on in the first place.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:18:19]:


A lot of times what we need to do is not just find more containers for our stuff, but it’s actually getting rid of quite a bit of stuff. And that’s something I’ve been working on right now in my own home at this time. I’ve been doing lots of trips to well, here, it’s called the Di, but it might be goodwill or, like, whatever you have around you to donate tons of stuff, because I’m finally letting go of things that in my mind, I was telling myself, I need to keep this. What if I need this someday? Or, oh, I should give this to this person, but then I never actually get around to giving it to that person, right? Or, I shouldn’t get rid of this. I already spent all this money on it, so I shouldn’t get rid of it. Are you ready to have the most successful and stress free back to School season ever? We’re Heidi and Emily from the teacher approved podcast. And we are here to help with our free back to school mini audio course. In this three day private podcast, we will help you master your classroom procedures and routines, plan the perfect morning routine to start every day on the right foot, and learn how to use guided discovery to introduce your classroom material.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:19:37]:


To sign up, head to secondstorywindow. Net. Btsmini, we can’t wait to help you find Back to School success with our free Mini audio course. And don’t forget to come check us out on the Teacherapproved podcast. So what thoughts are you telling yourself about keeping all of this stuff that you’re trying to organize in all these containers that really it’s just like, oh, maybe I can declutter all of this a little bit more. So first, I have some questions for all of you to kind of think about. I’ve got pretty good list of questions here. I will paste these into the chat as well.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:20:23]:


So you have them? Yeah. Shannon says, Letting go is so hard. Tiffany says, then if I have more things that need to go in a container that is no longer big enough. Yes. So the containers and labels aren’t always the problem. Right. I need more containers. I need more labels.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:20:37]:


Then that’s even just more stuff, right? Okay. So first we want to kind of think of what do we want to create more of in our life? Because our space is kind of a reflection. This is where we are. Whether it’s our home right now, it might be your home because it’s summer break. You can use the same thing for your classroom or for those of you who may be home school for that space. But what do you want to create more of in your life? And some of these questions actually came from this book that is called Minimalista. I love this book. It is all about decluttering your step by step guide to a better home, wardrobe, and life.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:21:10]:


It was also created by a life coach certified by the Life Coach School. So she also believes about mindset comes first in this. Some of these questions came from her. Then I added my own as well. So what do you want to create less of in your life? So what are some things that are in your life that you want to create less of and making sure your space reflects that? What new results do you want to create in your life? What new results do you want to create in your home? What do you want to make a change? Why do you want to make a change right now? That’s an important thing. What’s your reason behind it? Because there’s actually nothing wrong with your space as it is right now. Technically, Linda’s shaking her head at me, but really, there’s nothing wrong with it. Somebody might walk into your house and be like, wow, Linda, your house looks amazing, and your stuff is so organized.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:22:01]:


How do you do that? Somebody really might think that, honestly. So it’s all perspective. But really ask yourself, why do you want to make a change? And think of that in a positive way. What is it you want to do now? What benefits are you most excited about as a result of organizing your home classroom? Whatever space it is you’re looking at right now, I would recommend not trying to look at it all at once, or you might end up feeling overwhelmed. Right. So maybe you’re focusing on your home right now. And even from there, I would focus kind of dive in deeper and be like, okay, I’m going to focus on my pantry, or I’m going to focus on my bedroom. For me, my bedroom is what I’m focusing on right now because I feel like that is my space that my children don’t mess up.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:22:44]:


So for me, the bedroom is where I’m focusing first, and then I’m getting my closet organized and my nightstand. That was full of stuff, and I’m like, why do I still have all this? So kind of finding one place you want to start at. Anyways, the other thing you can ask yourself is, what if this could be easy, fun, or simple? So I feel like a lot of times we’re asking ourselves, oh, this is such a big project. So what if it could be easy, fun, and simple? You just focus on your nightstand. So for me, what I do is I turn on some music that I love to listen to while I do it, and I make sure my kids are otherwise occupied, and it’s an enjoyable thing for me to do during that time. And then what do you need to believe about yourself to make the changes you want to make? And then the last one I added is, what is a baby step you can take in getting closer towards your goal in organizing your home? Or, again, whatever space it is right now. I’m saying home because I’m assuming for most of you, it is that for right now. Linda said, Is it hard for me to let go 30 plus years of school supplies? Yeah.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:23:48]:


And we have Tiffany Singh. Yes. The minimally stipulate. Yes. Carol linked that here if you’re interested. We’re going over the basics of it here, but definitely there’s a lot more that you can go over in half hour in this book. So if it’s a topic you really want to dive into, love that book. But we’re talking about a lot of it today.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:24:05]:


You can always bring whatever to our coaching as well. So Tiffany said less clutter. I need to get items where they belong. Yes. Okay, so my suggestion for you is to pick that one project, which we mentioned. So if any of you want to put in the chat, what is that one project you’re going to start with? The first part is deciding on that. Not just being, like, being here and listening, but oh, yeah, that’s a good idea. I should pick one, but what is one you want to start with? Okay.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:24:34]:


Tiffany says the kitchen counter. That is great. Shannon says my closet. Yes. These are all so good, and there’s no right or wrong. Like, for me, it was first my nightstand, which I got, and now it’s my bedroom closet. Linda says her bedroom closet as well. Patricia says closet.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:24:50]:


Yeah, that’s a good one. Okay, then the next thing you want to do and Jennifer says, the area around my chair. Yeah, right. That’s a big. One. Tanya says the family room. Look at all of you making that decision. So proud of you.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:25:08]:


Okay, so the next thing that we want to do once you’ve decided is first think of the obstacles that might get in your way. So whether for me, the first obstacle I think of, which is part of why I mentioned I chose my bedroom first, is my kids. And some of you might think that about your home or your classroom, like, oh, my kids, they’re just going to mess it up again. So then what you want to do is think about each obstacle. What is a strategy that I can use that kind of overcomes that obstacle? So for me, with my kids, I mean, obviously, first I’m like, well, I’m going to focus on the space that I can control a little bit more, and that was a choice for me that time. But when I get to the other areas, we’re also working on, okay, getting our kids more involved in picking things up than they have been. So that is a strategy that we are working on. Another one might be time.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:25:57]:


I don’t have time to do this. What you want to do with that is then come with a strategy of, okay, this is when I’m going to do it. I’m either going to do it 15 minutes a day from this time to this time or on Fridays for a few hours from this time to this time. I am going to work on this project. It’s really being intentional and setting aside that time and then using again what I talked about in May 11 coaching call which you have the access to the replay to, of scheduling it in, treating it like it’s an appointment to yourself and following through on that commitment of what you said you’re going to do on that project. And then as you’re doing this, thinking about the different things. And I kind of got ahead of myself and talked about these before I got here. But things to keep in mind as you are decluttering and getting rid of stuff.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:26:42]:


So the first is called the sunken cost. And that is when you think of, I spent maybe for Linda, it’s like, I spent 30 years collecting all this stuff. It’s really hard for me to give it all up or something. Or I spent this much money on this thing, and that’s just a waste of money if I get rid of it. We’ve all thought that, right? Or, yeah, just the sunken cost of like, well, I already put so much into this. Or maybe it’s something you spent a lot of time on at a certain time in your life, and you’re like, maybe I will come back to this at some point, or whatever. So another thing to think about is, like, future focus. So if you’re like, I’ve been holding on to this because 20 years ago, I was really into this, and one day I really might want to do it again.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:27:27]:


The thing to ask yourself is, are you thinking about this from a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset with this thing? Like, if say, for example, you’re like, I’m keeping all this skiing stuff. This is one I actually heard in another coaching call one time. Somebody was like, I’m holding on to this skiing stuff because I think I might do it again someday. But I’m also like, I kind of want to sell it because then I could use that money to do this other thing. She’s like, but then what if I regret it because then later I might want the skiing stuff again. And she kind of got coached on this, and it was like, well, kind of thinking about this from an Abundance Mindset. If I want to start skiing again, could I find receive stuff again? And she was like, well, yeah, I could. I could figure out a way to make that happen again.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:28:08]:


And it’s not saying it would have been wrong to keep it, like, totally fine either way, but it’s just kind of thinking about it. Are you just keeping it in a scarcity mindset? Like, I’m afraid I’m never going to be able to find this item again? Or is it like, you know what? I don’t need this right now. This is not part of my life right now or even my future focus. If I change my mind later, I’ll figure it out. But as of right now, this is not something I need that can just be a thing to keep in mind. Shannon says my husband gets ill if I throw anything out, even if it is decades old. Yeah, so he’s probably and nothing wrong with this. It’s a natural human thing.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:28:42]:


That’s why it’s in this book and everything. He’s probably in that scarcity mindset of, like, or the sunk cost, like, we spent money on this or the scarcity, like, oh, well, if I give it up, what if I need it again later and then I’m going to have to pay for it again or whatever? A lot of us get into that. Linna said I get sidetracked and start other projects in other rooms at times. Yeah. So sometimes it’s just like, bouncing around from thing to thing, and that makes it harder to actually finish one project before moving on to the next. And we all do this. Right now, a lot of the things I’m working on, not in the cleaning, I’m actually doing pretty good on that. But sometimes we realize it, and then when we notice it, we can be, okay, this is interesting.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:29:22]:


And you ask yourself, why am I doing this? Do that thought download, and that will help you kind of figure out why. Linda says, I have started giving some of my things to the school where I teach. Yeah, so that’s a great way to declutter some of that stuff. Okay. And then another thing can be attachment to things based on your past. And again, there’s nothing wrong with that. There might be things that, yeah, you do want to keep it as a memento and that’s great, but it’s just kind of being like, is this one of those things I want to keep as that? Does everything need to be that just kind of opening up your mind to questioning it and then you get to decide and then love that decision that you made the next thing, let’s see, did I get through all those? But what if I need it one day? That question and then basically what you want to do is when you’re looking at an item, decide if it’s an item that is helping you create that life and space you want right now. That’s why before we start those questions that I put in the chat, we really want to ask ourselves that.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:30:27]:


So we’re clear on that. Because if we’re not clear on if it’s helping us create the life and the space that we want right now, then we can’t answer that question as we look at each item and decide what we want to do with it or not. Okay. Any questions about that so far? No. I see some no’s, but then there are a lot of you who don’t have cameras on. So if you do and I move on, just put it in the chat and I will happily come back. I never come off until I make sure everybody’s questions are answered. Okay.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:30:58]:


The last thing is just creating habits and mindsets to create a more organized space in general. So one that can be really helpful is incorporating a 15 minutes pickup at the beginning and the end of each day. Something simple enough like that and sticking to doing that. Because if you do that and if you in your classroom or in your home, get the kids involved in it. It helps everybody to build this habit of getting things picked up. And then the other habit that I again want to remind you, we talked about this at the beginning of the call, but it’s so important is those thought downloads. So if you’re getting into a new project such as organizing, again, do a thought download specifically about that. What are all of my thoughts? Everything that’s coming up about organizing my kitchen counter or about organizing my closet or the space around my chair, literally, what are all my thoughts about it? Because you definitely have some thoughts about it.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:31:48]:


Get them all down and that will help you see what is going on for you. And then last but not least is kind of revisit your goals on a regular basis. So that can either be each day, it depends on what the goals are and how often you’re working on this project. So if it’s like you’re doing it each day for a little bit, you might want to kind of think about each day. If you’re picking a time each week, you might once a week, I would say at least weekly, pick a time where you kind of evaluate and see where you’re at with your goal and remind yourself, this is my goal. This is the progress I’ve made on it and go from there. Okay. So that is what I have today on decluttering your mind and your space.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:32:27]:


And it is 524. This call is scheduled to go until 530. I am open to go a little bit longer if anybody wants to be coached, that is the content that I have for today. But if anybody wants coaching on this, like, you want to come on and you’re like, I have some thoughts. Kelsey, now that we’ve dove into this, you can raise your hand, let me know. I’m happy to do that. Okay. So I hope you enjoyed that recording of this coaching workshop.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:32:57]:


I had to cut it off there because we don’t share the coaching here on the podcast. Because, again, that is just for club members. It keeps it semi private, just for those who are in there. But I hope that you learned a lot about how you can use your mindset to help you get your space cleaned up, too. But understand that we need to do it in our minds first. Otherwise we’re going to have this running to do list in our heads. We’re going to feel really overwhelmed, most likely when we do that. So all these tips, I hope you got something out of this that’ll help you to be able to do that, accomplish that.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:33:30]:


And that’s my goal with these calls. Now, one of the things that I actually remembered I forgot to mention in this call is the guilt about gifts. I feel like sometimes as teachers, you get given things a lot. We do, right? We get all the mugs and everything and we’re like, I feel bad giving this away because somebody gave it to me. But that is something, again, a mindset thing. It’s like they gave it to us for a reason and it wasn’t for us to feel guilty. Right? So just something to consider that I forgot to mention when I recorded when I did this call live with everybody, I think there was like a question or something. But that is the coaching for today, and I hope you enjoyed it.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:34:08]:


Be sure if you missed the previous episodes. Own. Your teacher wins. And what is group coaching? Share a lot more about coaching there. But also, I would love for you to join us at the three day teacher transformation happening at the end of July. Christie and I will be co teaching for the first time. We’re going to be teaching you. We’re going to be diving into the model how our thoughts create our feelings, which drive our actions and create our results.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:34:30]:


We’re going to do some live coaching so you will be able to see that rather than having it cut off here on the podcast because those who are on the call will be allowing everybody who’s there to be part of it and it’s incredible to see the vulnerability when people come on and get coached. I really want you to have that experience and it’s completely free. So mark those dates on your calendar. They’re happening at 01:00 P.m. Mountain Time on July 26, 27th and 28th. If you’re on our email list, be sure to follow along. We’ll also be sharing here on the podcast in future episodes as soon as we have the link, but if you go to the events page on the Wife, Teacher, Mommy website, you will be able to find it. Now we’ll talk again really soon.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:35:07]:


I’m continuing the two episodes a week, Tuesday and Friday, all the way through July and into the very beginning of August. In August, I’ll be going back to one episode for a couple of reasons. One, because you’re going back to school and you’re probably going to have a little bit less time to listen to podcasts. So we’re just going back down to one. And also I’m going to be writing my book. So some of the time that was spent planning episodes will be spent writing that book, which I’m really excited about. And I will be sharing updates here on the podcast and little tidbits about what I’m writing. You get to hear the behind the scenes of that, but still double episodes this month so you will hear from me again on Friday.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:35:44]:


Really excited for that talk then. If you enjoyed this podcast, be sure to hit subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. And if you’re ready to take the next step and work with me and take everything you learn on this podcast to the ten X level, I’d love for you to join me inside Wife’s Future Mommy Club. You’ll get access to a library of 1000 plus resources that will help you take back your time. The resources alone easily pay off your club membership. Plus, if you join us on the quarterly plan or above, you’ll get our luxury leatherbound Teacher Planner, a $50 value shipped to your door for free. But in my humble opinion, the most important part of the club is the opportunity to get coached on whatever comes your way that you can thrive in teaching and life. You’ll get to join weekly coaching calls with me and fellow club coaches to not only listen and consume this content, but really apply it to your life.


Kelsey Sorenson [00:36:42]:


This is where the magic happens. The doors are closed the majority of the year, but you can request a personalized invitation. As a podcast listener, simply go to podcastinvite to learn more. You can also find the link in the show notes. I hope to see you face to face on Zoom soon inside White Teacher mommy club will break the gap for me. Together you will break the gap for me.

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