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1st Grade January Reading Passages Digital Version


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Introducing our digital January 1st grade reading passages, designed to make reading differentiation effortless for you. With this comprehensive set of reading passages, you can easily meet the diverse needs of your students while exploring engaging January-themed topics.

The digital January 1st grade reading passages include three leveled versions of the following reading passages New Year’s Eve, Martin Luther King Jr., Icy Animals, and Ice Roads.

These digital January 1st grade reading passages are carefully tailored to accommodate different reading abilities, ensuring that every student can access the material at an appropriate level. Whether you have struggling readers, on-level readers, or advanced readers, there is a passage suited for each of them.

The genius of this resource lies in its simplicity. All three passages within a theme share the same answer sheet. This eliminates the need for multiple answer sheets and streamlines the assessment process. It also allows for easy comparison and analysis of student performance across different reading levels.


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Page Count: 26  |   File Type: Google Slides

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What is included in the Digital January 1st Grade Reading Passages?

  • Instructions for you titled, “A Note To Teacher,” so you’ll know just how to get the most out of these passages
  • A reading passage Differentiation Information Guide so you can easily differentiate with this resource
  • Icy Animals Reading Passages & Questions – A nonfiction passage about how a few unique animals embrace the cold. 
  • Martin Reading Passages & Questions – A fictional story with historical roots about a boy named after Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Ice Roads Reading Passages & Questions – Learn about the functions of Canadian ice roads.
  • Robot New Year Reading Passages & Questions – A science fiction story about a robot and her friend. 
  • And to make grading and discussion a breeze, Answer Keys for all passages and questions.


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What makes these Digital January 1st Grade Reading Passages so unique?

By offering a variety of captivating themes and leveled passages, this product empowers you to differentiate instruction effectively. It promotes engagement, supports individualized learning, and enables you to assess student comprehension conveniently. With these digital January 1st grade reading passages, you can foster a love for reading while addressing the diverse needs of your students. 


This product includes four reading passage topics. Each topic in this set includes three leveled passages with free-response and multiple-choice questions for each passage. That’s a total of 12 passage options in this set! 

The passages have been carefully leveled, and the levels are subtly marked with a small icon in the corner (a heart icon labels the easier version, and the star the harder version). 

No child will feel left out since the mark is only a small symbol. Because both of the leveled options have the same questions, you can assign each child the page that is most appropriate for their level while still discussing the same topics and questions with the full class. Differentiation made simple! Alternatively, you can always assign the full class the same passage option.  

Comprehension Questions

The first question on every page will help students activate their background knowledge about the passage topic. This question is followed by comprehension questions from the text (multiple choice and free response). These questions invite students to cite textual evidence for their answers using colored writing utensils (printable version) or movable clipart pieces (digital version), a skill that increases readers’ confidence. Last, there is a deeper thinking question to encourage critical thinking and hit a variety of grade-level language arts standards.

Monthly themes

Relevant content sparks students’ interest and increases engagement. Not only do these passages include colored clipart and a variety of non-fiction and fiction stories, but your students will also be excited to study topics like holidays and seasons that are part of their present environment. Use that to help them develop key reading comprehension skills.

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