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Tired of spending so much time planning and finding resources for teaching reading comprehension and fluency skills? Look no further! This comprehensive set of differentiated reading passages includes EVERYTHING you need for reading comprehension and fluency. There are 32 passages included (perfect for every week of the school year!)

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What makes these 2nd Grade Reading Passages so unique?

Differentiated Google Slides Made Easy

The passages and questions are on the same page… no scrolling back and forth to answer questions. Movable clip art pieces for marking the answers and highlighting text is included on the same page as well. We also include a link to each leveled passages separately, so you can assign the correct version to each student without any confusion.

There are  3 differentiated versions of each passage for a total of 96 passage options! These passages have been carefully leveled and the levels are subtly marked with a small icon in the corner. All 3 levels of passages will use the same reading comprehension question page, making differentiation simple! No child will feel left out since the mark is only a small symbol.

Comprehension Questions

Every passage includes comprehension questions. The first question on every page will help students activate their background knowledge about the passage topic. This question is followed by comprehension questions from the text (multiple choice and free response). Last, there is a deeper thinking question to encourage critical thinking and hit a variety of grade level language arts standards.

Reading Fluency for Second Grade

This resource makes recording data simple for you. There are several options included for tracking reading fluency! Up to 3 reads of each passage can be recorded directly on the passage page. A teacher recording sheet and a student graph are also included. Directions are included, so you will know exactly what to do!

A wide variety of passage topics included

This comprehensive set of reading passages includes a variety of fiction and non-fiction passages. From stories to how-to lists, rest assured that your students will be reading a wide variety of texts with these passages! You can see the list of passages included in the full contents below.

Full Contents of the 2nd Grade Reading Passages for Comprehension and Fluency:

  • Note to Teacher
  • Passage Differentiation Information
  • Reading Comprehension Information
  • Reading Fluency Information
  • Binder Cover, Back Cover, & Spines
  • Reading Fluency Teacher Graph Pages
  • Reading Fluency Student Graph Pages
  • Volleyball Club Passages & Questions
  • The Balloon Animal  Passages & Questions
  • How To Put On a School Play Passages & Questions
  • Carter’s Fear Passages & Questions
  • The Scientific Method  Passages & Questions
  • Tommy the Custodian Passages & Questions
  • New Puppy Passages & Questions
  • Miguel and the Plant Passages & Questions
  • Bring Sports Back Passages & Questions
  • Typing Passages & Questions
  • Who’s On Our Money? Passages & Questions
  • Change Your Thoughts Passages & Questions
  • The Missing Shoes Passages & Questions
  • Homes Passages & Questions
  • Police Pals Passages & Questions
  • Job Shadow Passages & Questions
  • Grasslands Passages & Questions
  • Government Passages & Question
  • Famous Sisters Passages & Questions
  • The Ball Game Passages & Questions
  • Going Green Passages & Questions
  • Family Trip Passages & Questions
  • My Painting Passages & Questions
  • The Cookie Passages & Questions
  • New School Passages & Questions
  • The Fort Passages & Questions
  • Bullies Passages & Questions
  • Track Injury Passages & Questions
  • Camp Story Passages & Questions
  • The Bake Sale Passages & Questions
  • Rock Collection Passages & Questions
  • Fairy Party Passages & Questions
  • Answer Keys

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2nd Grade Google Slides Preview:

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Dana B.

I can't wait to use these with my 2nd grade class this year. I'm teaching students remotely and face to face this year. This resource is so beneficial because it not only caters to differentiated learning, it is great for the students to use on their Google Chrome books as well! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful resource!

Amy S.

These differentiated passages are excellent to use across multiple grade levels. Thank you for creating these resources that will save me countless hours finding ways to meet all the needs of my students.

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