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2nd Grade Differentiated Reading Comprehension and Fluency Passages PRINTABLE


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This complete set of  2nd Grade Reading Fluency Passages with Comprehension Questions includes EVERYTHING you need for reading comprehension and fluency practice. 

Are you tired of spending so much time planning and finding resources for teaching reading comprehension and fluency skills? Look no further! There are 32 passages included, which is perfect for every week of the school year!

There are three leveled versions of each passage to make it easy for you to differentiate and meet the needs of your students. You can use these reading passages to practice reading fluency with your 2nd grade students. 

Plus, there are reading comprehension questions that activate background knowledge, teach students to find answers in the text, and ask them to think deeper about what they read. 

This resource includes the PRINTABLE PDF version of these passages. If you’d like to use them digitally, consider purchasing the bundle which includes the print + Google Slides versions of these resources! Click here to check out the print + digital bundle!

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Page Count: 188 | File Type: PDF

One Time Purchase:
One Time Purchase:
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Peek inside the 2nd Grade Reading Fluency Passages with Comprehension Questions in the video below!

What makes these 2nd Grade Reading Fluency Passages with Comprehension Questions Worksheets so unique?


There are three differentiated versions of each passage, for a total of 96 passage options! These passages have been carefully leveled, and the levels are subtly marked with a small icon in the corner. All three levels of passages will use the same reading comprehension question page, making differentiation simple! No child will feel left out since the mark is only a small symbol.

Comprehension Questions

Every passage includes a full page of comprehension questions. The first question on every page will help students activate their background knowledge about the passage’s topic. This question is followed by comprehension questions from the text (multiple choice and free response). Last, there is a deeper thinking question to encourage critical thinking and hit a variety of grade-level language arts standards.

BONUS! A half-page option is also included for the reading comprehension questions (not pictured). This is a GREAT option if you want to save on paper while printing!


2nd Grade Reading Fluency

This resource makes recording reading fluency data simple for you. There are several options included for tracking reading fluency! Up to three reads of each passage can be recorded directly on the passage page. 

A teacher recording sheet and a student graph, as well as directions, are included, so you will know exactly what to do!

A wide variety of 2nd grade reading passage topics included

This comprehensive set of 2nd grade reading passages includes a variety of fiction and non-fiction passages. From stories to how-to lists, rest assured that your students will be reading a wide variety of texts with these passages! You can see the list of passages included in the full contents below.


The 2nd Grade Reading Fluency Passages with Comprehension Questions include all of the following :

  • Information & instructions for passage differentiation
  • Reading comprehension questions information
  • Instructions & tips for tracking reading fluency with these passages
  • Binder cover & spines to keep it all organized
  • Reading fluency teacher tracking pages
  • Reading fluency student graph pages
  • Reading passages & comprehension questions with the following titles: 
    • Volleyball Club
    • The Balloon Animal  
    • How To Put On a School Play 
    • Carter’s Fear 
    • The Scientific Method 
    • Tommy the Custodian 
    • New Puppy 
    • Miguel and the Plant 
    • Bring Sports Back 
    • Typing 
    • Who’s On Our Money? 
    • Change Your Thoughts 
    • The Missing Shoes 
    • Homes
    • Police Pals 
    • Job Shadow 
    • Grasslands 
    • Government 
    • Famous Sisters 
    • The Ball Game
    • Going Green 
    • Family Trip 
    • My Painting 
    • The Cookie 
    • New School
    • The Fort 
    • Bullies 
    • Track Injury 
    • Camp Story 
    • The Bake Sale 
    • Rock Collection 
    • Fairy Party 
  • Ready-to-go answer keys to make grading easy for you!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lisa Decker
Differentiated Reading

These passages are perfect for my summer school students. I am working with 10 struggling second graders who will be in my third grade class next year. These work very well for the differentiation needs I have!

Lisa, Yay! We love to hear when our resources fit a need in the classroom/for the teacher. Love that these cute 2nd graders are getting a good start to succeeding in 3rd grade with their reading!

Dana Boyle

Can't wait to use these with my 2nd grade class! Love that the passages cater to differentiated learning so all of my kiddos can benefit from this wonderful resource!

Amy Smart

These differentiated passages are excellent to use across multiple grade levels. Thank you for creating these resources that will save me countless hours finding ways to meet all the needs of my students.

Anne Lien

I really like the tracking sheet for the students and passages. Also, the differentiation makes it better for me when I work with students 1 on 1. They can all still read the same passage, but in different levels to stay consistent with the whole class. Thank you for this!!

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