Maternity Leave Sub Plans 2nd Grade


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Planning for maternity leave is no simple task! That is where these 2nd grade maternity leave sub plans come into play! These maternity plans are chock-full of activities that are PRINT-AND-GO for your maternity leave. Activities are included for all core subjects: English, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In addition, art activities, brain breaks, “just for fun” activities, and educational games are included as well. EVERYTHING in this packet includes a baby theme, which will keep your students excited about the baby!


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The activities can be used anytime throughout your maternity leave. They can also be used during your pregnancy and after the baby has arrived.

The included lesson plans are simple for any sub to follow, yet deep enough that your students will be learning. They follow the same format as my popular Ready To Go Sub Plans and Month to Month Sub Plans. Every lesson plan includes a “notes” section for you to jot down any notes you’d like to add to the lessons, as well. Several planning pages are included to help you map out when your lessons should be used during the leave.

Check out this video below that shows the layout of the Maternity Leave Sub Plans for K-5! This listing is for 2nd grade.

Looking for another grade level? Scroll to the bottom of this listing and you’ll find the other grade levels that are currently available!


Note to Teacher
A Few Organization Tips
This page gives you some tips to get your plans organized along with links to my recommendations.
Binder Spines
Binder spines are included for the following sizes: 1”, 1.5” and 2”. You can use these for your binder(s) as you please.
Binder Covers
The front cover for your “Maternity Leave Sub Plans” as well as a matching blank back cover are included. The back cover can also be used as an additional divider.
Binder Divider Pages
Divider pages are included for each section of your maternity leave sub plans binder. These can be used for your master copy within a binder. If you’d like to add additional sections, print off more copies of the back cover to make additional divider pages.
Binder Tabs
The tabs can be used for your binder as well as your sub tub. A blank page is included for if you would like to add your own tabs. Please note that they cannot be typed onto.
Maternity Leave Sub Plans Sub Tub Label
A sub tub label is included for your copies of the materials needed for your sub plans. You can use this label for your sub tub, a cabinet, or whatever works for you.
Calendar & Planning Pages
A printable calendar and printable planning pages are included. You can use these for planning your leave. Print them out and write on them! Your long-term sub can use them as well for their planning during your leave.
Maternity Substitute Thank You Cards
Two versions are included. One is for a long term sub. The other is for a short term sub (for during pregnancy or last minute absences if the baby comes early or complications arise).
How Did The Day Go? Substitute Notes Form
This form is very handy for shorter absences (such as during pregnancy) or for the long term sub to take their notes during their leave.
Substitute Punch Cards
Substitute punch cards are a great behavior incentive! One version of regular sub day punch cards are included. Four versions of maternity leave ones are included so students can get a new card each time they finish during your leave!
ELA Lessons and Materials
Two main ELA lessons are included for parts of speech and spelling/grammar. Each lesson includes a variety of worksheets that can be spread out over the course of the leave or used for the first couple of weeks.
Writing Lessons and Materials
5 writing lesson plans are included, and a graphic organizer and writing page is included for each lesson. You may want to divide the lessons into multiple days so they last longer and so that students can use their best writing.
Reading Comprehension Lessons & Passages
5 reading comprehension lessons are included. There are 2 differentiated versions of each passage. One is multiple choice and the other is free response with coloring and underlining. A coloring & activity page is also included to go along with each passage.
Silent Reading Comprehension Lessons & Graphic Organizers
5 silent reading lessons are included. Each lesson includes a graphic organizer for a different comprehension strategy. (Text Questioning, Making Connections, Visualizing, Summarizing, and Author’s Purpose). These can be re-used over and over with new books.
Quick Math Review Slips
There are 8 weeks of Quick Math Review slips. Each page is for one week and there is a section for each day. These review grade level math concepts.
Math Lessons & Materials
4 baby-themed math lessons are included with a wide variety of worksheets to be spread throughout your leave or used for the first few weeks. Topics include basic bar graphing, (baby) weight, comparing three digit numbers, story problems with addition and subtraction 0-50+, and time in 5 minute intervals.
Science Lessons & Materials
Two main science lessons are included for human stages og growth and mom and baby animals. Each lesson includes several worksheets. A game is also included for each topic later on in the packet.
Social Studies Lessons & Flip Books
Two social studies lessons are included for how to help new moms and how to take care of a baby. Flip books are included for each, as well as picture directions for how to put them together.
Group Art Project & Art Activities
A group art project for designing a nursery is included. This can be as simple or as extensive as you’d like the sub to do. Two additional baby-themed art activities are included, as well.
Brain Break Activities
Three baby-themed brain breaks are included. These can be used at any time!
Baby Puzzles
5 baby themed puzzles are included. These can be used however you’d like. (Fast finishers, centers, etc.) Some fun ideas are included in the directions as well.
Baby Memory Game
This memory game includes baby supplies!
Science Games
Two science games are included: Animal Moms and Babies and Stages of Growth game. Directions are included as well as color and black and white versions. The Stages of Growth game includes diversity so you can choose the ones that best represent your students.
Baby Wants Binky Board Game
The Baby Wants Binky board game is perfect for math and ELA! Use them during centers or for lessons. Cards are included for both math and ELA concepts. You can mix and match card selections. It can be used over and over! Black and white and color versions are included.
Answer Keys & Worksheet Guides
Answer keys and worksheet guides are included for all of the worksheets in the packet. This will help your sub to assist the students with their work and also assist with grading.


Please note that, while this packet is extensive, it is not designed to be your only source for maternity leave plans. You, and ONLY you, know exactly where your class is at and what concepts must be reviewed while you are gone to stay on track. However, this packet includes activities that align with the core that will last for at least two weeks exclusively (likely longer- since most teachers have said my sub plans have lasted longer than I’ve suggested), so you could use it for your first two weeks of leave or have it spread throughout your leave to make planning easier! You could also use them for unexpected sick days during your pregnancy as well- because when you’re pregnant, you’re even more susceptible to illness. However you use it, know for sure that it will make things much easier for you during this exciting phase of life.

Please also note that these maternity leave plans are print and go, NOT editable. With the wide variety of graphics were used in the packet, they needed to be in a secured PDF. However, there is a section on EVERY lesson plan for you to write your own notes on the page if you’d like your sub to make any changes to the written plans.

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WHAT HAVE PEOPLE SAID ABOUT MY OTHER SUB PLANS PREVIOUSLY? You can find these reviews on my “Ready To Go Sub Plans”, which follow the same formatting as these brand new ones.

“These sub plans have been the BEST discovery I have made on TPT! Thank you for making these wonderful and all inclusive plans that are so easy to use, especially when you are sick and the last thing you want to do is write sub plans!”

“I have purchased several sets of emergency sub plans, and they just never fit my needs. These, however, are just what I’ve been looking for! Easy prep, easy for the sub to follow! I recommend this to anyone needing emergency plans.”

“These are fantastic! I purchased, copied, and stored in a sub tub. I told a neighbor where the tub was and all she did was put my tub on my desk and the day ran SO SMOOTHLY!”


Want even more help planning your maternity leave? Use these sub plans in conjunction with the Editable Maternity Leave Sub Binder and Planner. The sub binder is an editable PowerPoint with editable forms for your substitute. They include ALL of the information you sub will need to know, so all that’s left to do is fill it out! It also includes planning pages that are editable. It is the #2 seller in my TpT store and has been trusted by many teachers for maternity leave. CLICK HERE FOR THE MATERNITY LEAVE SUB BINDER & PLANNER!



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Renee N.

I just had a baby this year and purchasing this item made me feel less stressed and also helped my sub feel better for being a long term. thank you for making this transition so easy and smooth for the time that I was off enjoying my new bundle of joy!

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