An Entire Year of MATH Sub Plans for 3rd-4th Grades GROWING Bundle

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This BIG bundle of math sub plans for 3rd grade and 4th grade will last you the entire year! Your students will LOVE these activities, and you will rest easy knowing that your students are completing meaningful math activities with the substitute while you are away. They are perfect for emergency sub plans!
The sets include seasonal and holiday themes for each month- which makes them both educational AND fun for your students. Each set of sub plans will last at least 3 days of your math block.
Wherever needed, differentiated content is included in the plans for 3rd and 4th grades. These are subtly marked with icons so you can easily tell which is which. You can utilize the grade level version or use both for differentiation.
Best of all? Since this is a GROWING bundle, you will save BIG! When you purchase now, you will get INSTANT access to the currently finished sub plans as well as the sub tub organization bundle-only bonus (which includes a sub tub label, tabs and more to get your sub plans organized). A new set will be added each month during the year, and the price will increase as each set is added!
The bundle will be worth $66 when it is done, but until the next set is posted you can grab it for only $20! The sets will be posted according to the schedule below.


The following sets below are included in the bundle. We will post them by the dates listed below, but will try to be ahead of schedule. The prices will increase as the new additions are added to each bundle, so you save BIG when you grab the bundle while it is growing! Please note that these are the latest dates they should be posted, but I aim to get them posted BEFORE these listed dates so you have more time to prep… but that also means the price may increase even sooner!

  • NOVEMBER MATH SUB PLANS- JUST POSTED! Will be posted individually soon. Price will increase in 48 hours.
  • DECEMBER MATH SUB PLANS- Will be posted by December 2, 2019. Price will increase to $33 when this set is added.
  • JANUARY MATH SUB PLANS- Will be posted by January 6, 2020. Price will increase to $36 when this set is added.
  • FEBRUARY MATH SUB PLANS- Will be posted by February 3, 2020. Price will increase to $39 when this set is added.
  • MARCH MATH SUB PLANS- Will be posted by March 2, 2020. Price will increase to $42 when this set is added.
  • APRIL MATH SUB PLANS- Will be posted by April 1, 2020. Price will increase to $45 when this set is added.
  • MAY MATH SUB PLANS- Will be posted by May 1, 2020. Price will increase to $48 when this set is added.
  • SUMMER (JUNE/JULY) MATH SUB PLANS- Will be posted by June 1, 2020. Price will increase to final bundle price of $52 (with the FULL VALUE of the bundle being $66- each set sells for $6 individually, and we may increase the prices again once the bundle is complete!)


My Month-To-Month sub plans also integrate perfectly with my original Ready To Go Sub Plans Bundles for 3rd Grade and 4th grade which are not seasonal and can be used at any time during the year! The Ready To Go Sub Plans also include all subject areas.

Please note that these sub plans are NOT editable. They are print and go!

Binder or Folder Cover
  • This adorable cover can be at the front of your folder or binder! Back cover also included.
Binder Spines
  • These spines will work if you put your plans in a 1″, 1.5″ or 2″ binder!
Table of Contents
  • A list of everything that is included!
Note to Teacher
  • This note to YOU explains what you need to do to get the sub plans ready. Basically, you just need to print, copy, etc!
Monthly Themed Thank You Notes to your Substitute(s),”How Did Your Day Go?” Substitute Notes Forms, and Substitute Punch Cards
  • These forms will help the day run much more smoothly while you are away!
Copies for Students
  • Clear layout of what you, a staff member, or the sub will need to copy for the students for the entire day
Math Lesson Checklist
  • This is where you let the sub know which lessons to use for the day. There is also room on the page to write any notes to the sub about how to best utilize the activities.
THREE Math Lessons that each include all of these components. A lesson plan for the sub is also included to go with each of the following lessons:
  • Quick Math Review: These quick reviews will go over grade- appropriate math content. 2 versions are included, one for each grade level, per lesson. A total of 6 quick math reviews are included.
  • Fluency Practice: These include quick problems that the students should be able to solve quickly. 2 versions are included, one for each grade level, per lesson. A total of 6 fluency practice pages are included.
  • Riddle: Students will need to solve the math problems to find the answer to the August themed riddle. 2 versions are included, one for each grade level, per lesson. A total of 6 fluency practice pages are included.
  • Word Problems: Each lesson includes two pages of word problems. Use the one that is most appropriate or use both and differentiate. A total of 6 word problem pages are included.
  • What’s The Question? Each lesson ends with a “What’s the Question?” Backwards story problem. The students are given an answer and need to come up with a problem that has their answer. Then, they will brainstorm who and what the problem is about, write the problem, and draw a picture. Three of these activities are included.
  • Game: See more about the games listed below.
  • Color by Number/Math Problem: 3 total color by math problem pages are included.
Card Game Math Lesson
  • A set of cards are included, as well as instructions to play Go Fish and war with the same set of cards. Cards included in color and black and white!
Monthly Themed Math Board Game
  • Students will practice fact fluency and story problems with a FUN and engaging math game! A game board, dice (to fold and glue), game pieces, and game cards are all included. Color and black and white versions will be included with each monthly themed board game.
Answer Keys & Worksheet Guides
  • Answer keys are included for ALL student worksheets

Don’t stress about writing sub plans for an unexpected absence ever again!

Thousands of teachers have trusted my Ready To Go Sub Plans in the past. Check out what just a few teachers have had to say about my previous sets:

  • “These sub plans have been the BEST discovery I have made on TPT! Thank you for making these wonderful and all inclusive plans that are so easy to use, especially when you are sick and the last thing you want to do is write sub plans!”
  • “I have purchased several sets of emergency sub plans, and they just never fit my needs. These, however, are just what I’ve been looking for! Easy prep, easy for the sub to follow! I recommend this to anyone needing emergency plans.”
  • “These are fantastic! I purchased, copied, and stored in a sub tub. I told a neighbor where the tub was and all she did was put my tub on my desk and the day ran SO SMOOTHLY!”

Buy these sub plans NOW and be prepared ahead of time!


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An Entire Year of MATH Sub Plans for 3rd-4th Grades GROWING Bundle

$66.00 $24.00