1st Grade Ready To Go Sub Plans The Full Bundle

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Need 1st grade emergency sub plans?

This 1st grade sub plans mega-bundle includes all five sets of sub plans for 1st grade, making it a full week (or more!) of ready to go sub plans. They are perfect for emergency sub plans to fill your sub tub. Your students will be actively engaged in learning activities aligned to 1st grade standards while you are away.
No need to worry about making plans to call in sick or take a much needed day off.Not only do these work for unexpected absences, but you can use them for planned absences to save lots of time and stress.  Your time is worth saving! 
When you purchase this bundle, you’ll not only save 20%, but you will also get the Sub Tub Organization Bonus with a sub tub label, hanging file folder tabs, binder tabs, organization tips, and more! This bundle bonus is ONLY available with the full bundle, and is not included in single sets or smaller bundles. It is not even for sale on its own!



Get your sub tub ready with the 1st Grade Emergency Sub Plans Bundle!

Fill up your sub now so you are prepared when you need it! The truth of the matter is, you work so hard to serve everyone else every single day! But you need to take care of yourself, too. Whether that means you need to take a stress free sick day, a mental health day, or a vacation, having Ready To Go Sub Plans on hand can help you achieve the work/life balance you strive for.

Detailed lesson plans for the following core subjects and topics are included in the 1st grade emergency sub plans:

  • Language Arts (Topics include: fixing sentences, nouns, adjectives, past/present/future tenses, and prepositions)
  • Silent Reading Comprehension Strategy Lesson (Topic: text questioning, making connections, visualizing, summarizing, and main idea)
  • Reading Passages Lesson (Two differentiated reading passages are included for a beginning and end of the year leve for EVERY set. Choose the best one or use both and differentiate. The topic of the reading passages include a sick teacher, soccer, movie popcorn, reading, and middle ages).
  • Writing (Topics include: opinion writing, narrative writing, informative writing, acrostic poetry, and friendly letter writing)
  • Math (A quick math review sheet is included for EVERY set. Then, the lesson topics include addition and subtraction, greater than/less than/equal to, the equal sign, more addition and subtraction, and shapes)
  • Science (Topics include: weather, water, plants, the 5 senses, and the sun)
  • Social Studies (Topics include: community helpers, respecting differences, people at school, fire safety, and working together)
Each lesson in the 1st grade sub plans is simple enough for the sub to follow, but the students will be engaged in real learning …and not just busy work. Each lesson plan has a section for notes at the bottom for any notes you’d like to leave for the sub (or for the sub to leave you notes!) Each lesson plan also includes all the graphic organizers, activities, or worksheets needed to complete the lesson.

In addition to the core lessons, the following activities also included in EVERY set of these 1st grade emergency sub plans. See the detailed preview files by clicking the “preview” button for more information about each one:

  • Brain Breaks
  • Art Activity
  • Interactive Notebook
  • Educational Game
  • Just Add a Task Board Game (These board games are nearly ready to go! All that’s left to do is add a task- such as a spelling or vocab list or math flash cards. It can also be played just for fun without a task. Color and B&W versions included.)

You will also receive the following pages to assist you and your substitute teacher:

  • Copies for Students Page for EVERY set (this page lists what pages need to be copied for you or your sub’s convenience)
  • Organization Tips
  • Print-and-go Thank You Cards
  • How Did Your Day Go? Substitute Notes Form (leave this form and you’ll more than likely get detailed notes from your substitute!)
  • Substitute Punch Cards (these make a great behvior management tool that is special for substitutes!)
  • Binder Cover and Spines for EACH set!
  • Answer Keys & Worksheet Guides for ALL worksheets & graphic organizers

And last, but certainly not least, you will receive a bonus editable PowerPoint in every set of 1st grade emergency sub plans

While most of the document is print-and-go for your convenience, this bonus editable document allows you to customize your outline and information to your own class.

The Sub Plan PowerPoints include:

  • Substitute Plan Outline (a complete editable outline for your entire day! It has been filled out but you may customize it to suit your needs)
  • Additional Notes for the Substitute (Any other notes you’d like to make to the substitute here in the PowerPoint, since everything else is in PDF format)
  • School Schedule
  • Classroom Info
  • Class List

You will not regret your purchase of these sub plans! Thousands of teachers have already used and loved the time saved by using Ready To Go Sub Plans. Check out what one of them had to say:

“These sub plans have been the BEST discovery that I have made! Thank you for making these wonderful all inclusive plans that are so easy to use, especially when you are sick and the last thing you want to worry about is writing sub plans!”

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View the previews for EACH included product below. There are 5 products included in this resource, so there are 5 preview files. They may take a moment to load.

1st Grade Emergency Sub Plans Set #1 Preview:

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1st Grade Emergency Sub Plans Set #4 Preview:

1st Grade Emergency Sub Plans Set #5 Preview:

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3 reviews for 1st Grade Ready To Go Sub Plans The Full Bundle

  1. allisontollman

    I recently purchased the 1st grade ready to go plans and they are amazing! They are well written and I literally just need to print and go! As part of my back to school checklist, I have to have a sub binder. This year will be the first year I don’t have to find things from all over the place! The plans are engaging and the extras and directions for the sub are fantastic! Thank you for such an awesome resource!

  2. Toccara Williams

    This looks like an awesome and handy resource!!!

    • Kelsey (verified owner)

      Thank you, Toccara! Enjoy! 🙂

  3. kim tague

    This would be a great resource.

    • Kelsey (verified owner)

      Thanks, Kim!

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1st Grade Ready To Go Sub Plans The Full Bundle

$52.50 $42.00