Google Sheets Data Tracking – Reading Fluency and Accuracy



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Taking Reading Fluency data is easy and turning it into a visual format for students, parents, and administrators to see progress is simple with Google Sheets. At Wife Teacher Mommy, we’ve created a powerful tool to make data tracking easier for you!

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Know and love Google Sheets for data, but don’t have the time to set up all the formulas for every single one of your students? We’ve done all that for you with this resource – everything is set up and pre-filled. All you have to do is add your student information and then you can start entering student data!

This product features:

  • Class List Page, which auto-fills each individual student page, saving you time – no need to enter names multiple times!
  • Pre-filled formulas so that you only have to enter data and you can relax as the Sheet does its calculations for you
  • Class Data Page so that you can see progress for your entire class to make goal setting simple
  • Student Data Pages that automatically calculate scores for individual students, making data-based-decisions a breeze!
  • Printable Reports that are always ready to print so that you can quickly show parents or administration how your students are progressing
  • Automatic Graphing that automatically inputs data as you enter it so that your data is visual and easy to present
  • Goal Setting and Comment Section so that you can easily teach your students how to set their own goals and see their progress throughout the year



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