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Google Slides Short & Long Term Sub Binder Bundle

$22.00 $18.99

Save 10% when you purchase both binders in the bundle!

We have converted our very best sellers in our Complete Short & Long Term Substitute Binder Bundle into Google Slides versions with this product. If you want a fully-digital option, love Google Slides, OR if you use a Chromebook as your main device, you’ll want to use this edition.

This long term sub binder is perfect for maternity leaves, illnesses, or any extended leave you may need to take, as well as short term absences. All the information for your substitute is laid out- so all you have to do is fill it in.  You’ll love how it makes planning for your sub a breeze AND how many compliments you will get about how useful (and cute!) your sub binder is. This includes calendar pages, scope & sequences, weekly planning and more! All in all, this resource includes over 200 editable pages!

Best of all? You save 10% compared to buying my Editable Sub Binder and the Long Term Sub Binder Add-On separately!

Please note that this is the new Google Slides version of this resource. You will get the link to make a copy of the resource in your own Google Drive upon purchase. You will also need access to the internet to use this version. If you want the original PowerPoint option instead, click here. 

To learn more about this resource, check out the detailed description, product preview, and review tabs below!


What’s new in the Google Slides version of our Complete Substitute Binder Bundle? (And how it makes a GREAT Digital Sub Binder!)

This substitute binder bundle is perfect to have on hand for anytime you need a sub as well as long term absences! All of the information your sub will need about your class will be in one place for your sub to refer to. Ink-friendly editable forms are perfect for last minute sick days to long term substitutes. This packet won’t let you forget anything because everything is accounted for.

I know how stressful it is planning for a sub. The last thing you want to worry about when you are away is that your sub won’t know how to run your class! Rest easy knowing that everything will run smoothly when you have these forms ready to go. And with this bundle, you’ll be ready for short OR long term absences.

The Google Slides versions even include a Quick Navigation page, so your sub can quickly click to find the information they need from a computer or tablet, so it works as a fully digital option. If you prefer to print, binders and spines are also included.

See how the Google Slides Sub Binder Bundle works in this video below:

Full Contents:

Short Term Editable Sub Binder Contents:

  • Editable Binder Cover
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Divider Pages (7 Pre-Made AND Editable!)
  • Editable Binder Tabs
  • Binder Spines for 1″,1.5″, and 2″ binders
  • Editable Seating Chart Instructions
  • Back Cover
  • Editable Table of Contents
  • Note to Substitute
  • EDITABLE Drag and Drop Seating Chart
  • Bell Schedule
  • School Schedule
  • Alternate Schedule
  • Specials Schedule
  • School & Staff Info
  • Classroom Info
  • Class list
  • Individual Student Contract Info & Pull Outs
  • Student Health Info & Other Student Needs
  • Class Rules & Behavior Management
  • Attention Prompts & Transition Procedures
  • Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
  • Attendance and Bathroom Procedures
  • Lunch & Assembly Procedures
  • Lockdown & Fire Procedures
  • Indoor Recess & Natural Disaster Procedures
  • Let the sub know the procedures for either a drill or for if an emergency happens while -Differentiation (Optional)
  • Lesson Adjustments (Optional)
  • Additional Notes
  • How Did Your Day Go? End of Day Form
  • Substitute Punch Cards

Long Term Sub Binder

  • Detailed Instructions
  • Editable Classroom Tour
  • Editable Seating Profiles (Student Information Sheets)
  • Note to the Sub
  • Editable Table of Contents
  • Sub Binder Covers- 2 CHOICES! “Long Term Sub Binder” or “Maternity Sub Binder”
  • Back Cover
  • Editable Binder Spines
  • Editable Binder Tabs
  • Binder Dividers (14 Pre-made AND Editable)
  • My Information (your contact info)
  • Class Overview
  • Class Jobs
  • Subject Specific Cheat Sheets (Includes ALL core subjects, specials and technology. 2 blank cheat sheets that you can use for whatever you’d like are also included! You can change all the headers on the text boxes within these so they are totally customizable. See the preview file!)
  • Guided Reading (groups, teacher time, cheat sheet)
  • Math Centers (groups, teacher time, rotations, cheat sheet)
  • ELA Centers (groups, teacher time, rotations, cheat sheet)
  • How Students Get Home
  • Bus Info
  • Accommodations
  • Student Info (birthdays, passwords, login info, lunch numbers, etc.)
  • Teacher Login Info
  • Parents & Volunteer Info

Long Term Editable Planning Pages 
Including a detailed scope will help your leave go smoothly and ideally make it so you don’t have to plan every detail of your leave (since the sub will know what needs to be covered!) These planning pages are included in separate PDFs so you can be more organized. You can use all of these if you’d like or pick and choose which will work best for your situation.

  • Calendar Pages
  • Year at a Glance (for reference)
  • Month at a Glance (for the months you’ll be gone)
  • Six Week Scope & Sequences by Subject
  • First Week of Sub Plans Planner (Plans not included, just a doc for you to fill in)
  • Weekly Planning pages for you
  • Lined planning pages for the sub (not editable)



There are two previews below, one for each binder. They may take a moment to load.

Google Slides Short Term Sub Binder:

Google Slides Long Term Sub Binder:


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Google Slides Short & Long Term Sub Binder Bundle

$22.00 $18.99

Save 10% when you purchase both binders in the bundle!


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