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Handwriting Practice: Silly Facts Print Sentences


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Handwriting is an important foundational skill that is often overlooked during the school day. How do we find the time to teach it in addition to all the other subjects that we have to squeeze in during the day? Our Handwriting Practice: Silly Print Sentences activities are designed to be quick and SO MUCH FUN. All you need to do is print and go!

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Handwriting helps reinforce language processing skills and reading skills that students need in order to succeed in all school subjects. The Handwriting Practice: Silly Print Sentences worksheets provide time-saving activities to help your students gain these necessary skills!

Included in this Handwriting Practice: Silly Print Sentences are all of the following:

  • Note to Educator: A note from us at Wife Teacher Mommy with suggestions on how to use this resource so that you have options that work best for you
  • Printable Student Pages: Handwriting Practice: Silly Print Sentences worksheets are designed so that you 0nly have to print them and you’re ready to teach!



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