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Hispanic Heritage and Latino History Research Unit PRINTABLE


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This Hispanic Heritage and Latino History research unit is perfect for students who are learning how to use informational text and studying Hispanic and Latino history. It is great for Hispanic Heritage Month in September or anytime of year. Great for Hispanic and Latino history biographies, reports, and projects!


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Students will first learn how to use the text features in an informational text including the table of contents and index. Then, students will be assigned a Hispanic or Latino leader and, optionally, a partner or group to work with. Students will have a Hispanic Heritage and Latino History Research Journal that they will use as a guide as they research Hispanic heritage and Latino history, civil rights, and their assigned person. Editable sections have been added to the research journals so you may add your own questions!

Once students have completed their research, they will use it to complete two culminating activities: a report/presentation and a poster with a hand drawing of their assigned person along with their personality traits. Finally, other classes and parents will be invited to see the posters and what they’ve learned about Hispanic & Latino history (optional).


  • Teacher Info Pages: This includes a sample unit outline, grading rubric, lesson plans for internet research, intro lesson, research journals, and final projects.
  • Book research/ text features worksheets: Students will review other text features including a glossary, titles, headings, photos, captions, graphs/charts, and special print. They will also compare and contrast the table of contents and index.
  • Internet research worksheets: These worksheets will familiarize your students with how to find credible sources on the internet for research.
  • Hispanic and Latino History Leader Cards Cards with the name and clip art of many noteworthy Hispanic and Latino historical figures. You can use these to assign students a person to research.
  • Research Journals: The research journals will guide the students throughout their research. There is one question on each page for the students to find the answer to. 19 pre-written pages are included, plus 2 blank ones to add your own questions. Full-page and half-page versions, along with primary lined pages are ALL included in this resource. Choose which version is best for your students.
  • Hispanic and Latino History Leader Poster Lesson plan for the student’s final project
  • Poster Example A photo example of the final project
  • Parent Letter & Invitation: Keep the parents in the loop! Let them know what is going on with the unit, and invite them to see the student’s hard work. Both of these are editable.
  • Final Report Pages and info: A final report page is included as well as examples and instructions for the final project.
  • BONUS! ALL PAGES in the document are included in both vivid color AND Ink Friendly Black & White for your convenience**


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