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Maternity or Long Term Sub Binder ADD-ON


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This long term sub binder add-on is perfect for maternity leaves, illnesses, or any extended leave you may need to take. All the information for your substitute is laid out- so all you have to do is fill it in. It is a great for maternity leave planning as well as any long term leave. It compliments perfectly with my original Editable Sub Binder (which is for short term absences). You’ll love how it makes planning for your long term sub a breeze AND how many compliments you will get about how useful (and cute!) your long term sub binder is.

Extensive editable planning pages are also included to help you map out your sub plans for a long term absense. This includes calendar pages, scope & sequences, weekly planning and more! All in all, this resource includes over 180 editable pages!

THIS RESOURCE IS AN ADD-ON TO MY ORIGINAL EDITABLE SUB BINDER! This resource includes pages to add to your existing sub binder for a longer term absence or if you just want an extra detailed sub binder for short term absences! If you already own my original sub binder, you will LOVE this add on!

However, this does NOT include the schedule pages, editable seating chart, punch cards, end of the day form, and the many short term info pages included in the original sub binder. If you need to purchase both, CLICK HERE TO SAVE AND PURCHASE BOTH IN THE BUNDLE!


Two Cover Options to Choose From!

Going on a Maternity Leave? You can use the adorable Maternity Leave cover! Otherwise, you can opt for the “Long Term Sub Binder” cover.

Classroom Tour

Give the sub a tour of your classroom! This is totally customizable. Add your own pictures and text!

Give your maternity sub a classroom tour! This will help them learn their way around from the classroom, and in this format they will be able to refer back to it as well.

Student Profiles

Let your sub know each student’s name, academic info, behavior info, and tips for success! Include a picture as well and your sub will be able to meet your student’s needs in no time at all.

Leave information about each of your students with the sub. This will not only help your sub know what they need, but help them to connect with your class.

Editable Info Pages

The document includes editable pages for everything you will need! If there’s a section you need that is not included, don’t worry! Blank ones are included as well so you can add as many pages as you need.

Leave transportation information so the sub knows who goes where after school.

Subject Specific “Cheat Sheets”

Leave cheat sheets for each subject for your sub to refer to. You can let them know your routines for the block, important dates, assessment info, and more.

Planning Pages

This document will also help you plan for your absence. Year at a Glance, Month at a Glance pages are included. Weekly planning pages for ALL core subjects, specials, guided reading, centers, and technology are included. Blank planning pages are included, too!

Leave detailed planning for the first week or so of your leave (or whatever is required).


If you have not yet purchased our original editable substitute binder, you’ll want both to get the full package. But you’re in luck, because you can save 10% when you buy BOTH binders together in the bundle! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE BUNDLE.


Full Contents:

Long Term Sub Binder 
-Detailed Instructions
-Editable Classroom Tour

-Editable Seating Profiles (Student Information Sheets)

-Note to the Sub
-Editable Table of Contents
-Sub Binder Covers- 2 CHOICES! “Long Term Sub Binder” or “Maternity Sub Binder”
-Back Cover
-Editable Binder Spines
-Editable Binder Tabs
-Binder Dividers (14 Pre-made AND Editable)
-My Information (your contact info)
-Class Overview
-Class Jobs
-Subject Specific Cheat Sheets (Includes ALL core subjects, specials and technology. 2 blank cheat sheets that you can use for whatever you’d like are also included! You can change all the headers on the text boxes within these so they are totally customizeable. See the preview file!)
-Guided Reading (groups, teacher time, cheat sheet)
-Math Centers (groups, teacher time, rotations, cheat sheet)
-ELA Centers (groups, teacher time, rotations, cheat sheet)
-How Students Get Home
-Bus Info
-Student Info (birthdays, passwords, login info, lunch numbers, etc.)
-Teacher Login Info
-Parents & Volunteer Info

Long Term Editable Planning Pages 
Including a detailed scope will help your leave go smoothly and ideally make it so you don’t have to plan every detail of your leave (since the sub will know what needs to be covered!) These planning pages are included in separate PDFs so you can be more organized. You can use all of these if you’d like or pick and choose which will work best for your situation.
-Calendar Pages
-Year at a Glance (for reference)
-Month at a Glance (for the months you’ll be gone)
-Six Week Scope & Sequences by Subject
-First Week of Sub Plans Planner (Plans not included, just a doc for you to fill in)
-Weekly Planning pages for you
-Lined planning pages for the sub (not editable)

Please email me before leaving feedback and I’ll try my best to help you out! You can email me at kelsey@wifeteachermommy.com.

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Maternity or Long Term Sub Binder ADD-ON