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**NEW** Secret Student Writing Activities Growing Bundle

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These secret student writing activities are a fun and engaging way to help your students build their writing skills. The secret student writing prompts also promote kindness and build classroom community while celebrating the holidays and seasons all year round. Each month introduces a new activity with a new holiday or seasonal theme.


I plan on trying to complete this one as quickly as possible, with at least two activities added within the week. The price will increase EVERY time a new set is added. Once you have purchased, you will have access to all new sets under “My Purchases” once they have been added at no extra charge. Every set will be added with plenty of time to prepare the activity. Act fast to grab the lowest price!



For each activity, the students will be a “Secret Student” to an assigned classmate. They will be given a variety of included writing prompts to write kind letters to their secret classmate throughout the activity. They should not tell them who they are! During this time, they should also try to do as many kind things for this person as possible, and they will report their progress to you for a few of the writing prompts.
See more about these in my recent video. This snippet was taken from my recent Facebook Live about the new growing bundle! 



This resource will work for a wide variety of elementary classrooms. The activities are naturally differentiated, because the students will write at their own levels. Three differentiated writing pages are included as well, so you can choose which is best for your class or use a mix as you see fit. For this reason, this resource is applicable for a variety of grade levels! You will look forward to using these activities in your elementary classroom year after year- even if you change grade levels. It is great for inclusive classrooms as well.



  • Bonus #1 Currently includes: Binder cover, back cover, spine, tabs, and dividers for each included and yet-to-be included activity
  • Bonus #2 will be added ONCE COMPLETED: I will also add a BONUS document with all of the pages that need to have the students names typed onto them for ALL of the completed units. You will only need to type the students’ names one time, and they will auto-populate into ALL of the activities for the whole year! (Each set currently auto-populates students’ names throughout the unit which is still a huge time saver, but this will make it so you only have to do it once all year). 
You can click on the completed activities above to see an even more detailed preview of the layout of these activities!


  • Lesson Plans
  • Intro Activity
  • Original Story
  • Editable parent letter
  • Student Name Cards (Once you type their names into these cards, they will auto-populate onto the recording sheet AND reveal activity, which is a huge time saver!)
  • Recording Sheet (to keep track of who has who)
  • Secret Student Writing Prompts (10 pre-written and 4-6 editable templates)
  • Report to teacher writing prompts (4 pre-written and 2 editable)
  • DIFFERENTIATED student letter writing pages (one with a half writing half picture, one with double space, and one with single space)
  • Reveal cards & activity
  • “Thank You” writing pages


Check out what teachers have said about some of the already completed Secret Student Activities!

“This activity is perfect to sneak in a little more writing, AND community building right before the break! Thank you for the update! The autofill feature was great. I can type my students’ names as many times as I need to…but to do it once and be done was handy!” -Colleen

“OMG! This is an amazing resource. My kids are loving this activity. Thank you!” -Danielle

“This is so fun!! My students are loving this activity! We are planning a big reveal party at the end of the month and they are being so nice to each other!” -Lara

“The staff at my school do this same activity but with small gifts and my class had asked me what it meant by the sign on the door that said, “you’ve been boo’d”. I explained to them about the exchange and showing that you care for someone else and so many of them wished they could do that too so when I saw this pop up in my email I knew I had to get it. It has every component you could think of and I LOVE the auto fill when you type your names in once, it fills it in all the other items you need. GREAT PRODUCT!!!” -Lacy

“I bought the Thankful Turkeys along with the Halloween Boo. I knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them! I’m so excited to use them in our classroom!” -Morgan

“This activity was awesome! I used this all of December along with my letter writing unit. This was also a good activity to do during the season of giving by allowing my students to “give” each other some uplifting words. LOVED IT!” -Lea


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**NEW** Secret Student Writing Activities Growing Bundle

$54.00 $28.00

Purchase this product now and earn 28 Points!