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Ultimate Editable Reading Challenge

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The Ultimate Reading Challenge will challenge students to read a variety of texts over the school year. Since it is editable, it is adaptable to a wide variety of age levels! You can also adapt it to fit the needs of your students or your own children.

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There are two versions: Level 1 and Level 2. The differences are the number of books and categories suggested. Level 1 suggests 25 books and 5 categories (plus your choice). Level 2 suggests 42 books and 9 categories (plus your choice). Each category is EDITABLE, so YOU get to choose the suggested categories or genres! Suggestions are typed in, but you can delete and edit as you please! You can even get creative with it- instead of genres, type in ANY type of category you would like! Fun Category Ideas: A book from an award winning author, books your parents read as a child, a book published the year you were born, etc! If you’d like, you can have a class discussion at the beginning of the year so your students can decide what they would like the categories to be. We all know students love choice!

Check out the Ultimate Reading Challenge in action in the video below:

This Zipped Folder Includes:

Teacher Info and Parent Letter

This includes all the information you will need to get started with your ultimate genre reading challenge! It also includes a parent letter that is ready to go, just type in your name at the end!

Reading Challenge Book & Genre Tracker

The Ultimate Genre Challenge tracker is almost ready to go. Simply type in names for up to 35 students at a time and print! You may also choose to edit the categories if you would like.(If you have more than 35 students, simply type and print 35 at a time). Students will mark off each book read with a sticker, check mark, etc. Great for self assessment! Two versions are included: Level 1 and Level 2.

Reading Logs

The reading log keeps track of 8 full weeks at a time. Students can mark minutes read or days read. Type in the names of up to 35 students at a time!

Ultimate Genre Reading Tracker Bookmarks

Students can use these bookmarks as they read to remind them of the challenge! They can cross out an apple for every book read. Type in up to 35 student names at a time and print! Level 1 and Level 2 bookmarks included.

Ultimate Genre Challenge Reading Awards

These awards are editable, so you can use them for whatever you would like! Type in the child’s name and the reason for each award. 35 awards can be typed and printed at once.

Motivational Posters

2 motivational posters are included:

“Reading is a Grand Adventure” AND

“The More You Read, The Better You’ll Read”

***FOR EDITABLE PORTIONS: PLEASE NOTE*** When you edit, make sure you are opening the file off of your computer using Adobe itself and not your browser straight from the download. Your browser may not have the capability to save. Detailed instructions included.

8 reviews for Ultimate Editable Reading Challenge

  1. mbowen (verified owner)

    Love this resource! I have been looking for reading challenges for my students, but I have students at multiple levels. This allows me to give different readers different challenges, so it can be challenging but not unattainable for all my readers!

    • Kelsey

      Thanks so much! I’m so glad it has helped you differentiate for your varying student needs!

  2. tpb755 (verified owner)

    This resource is so thorough and includes everything you can imagine for a good reading challenge! I can’t wait to try this with my kiddos and get them excited about trying new genres!

    • Kelsey

      Thank you so much! I hope your students love it!

  3. k.baldowski (verified owner)

    I am beyond excited to use this in my future classes! It’ll be amazing to have something the students have to work towards throughout the year. I am especially excited since it allows all the students to work at their own pace. It also looks so easy to use!!

    • Kelsey

      Yay! This reading challenge is so fun. I hope your future students love it. We have loved using it!

  4. Chelsea Rieselman

    I have been searching for a resource that isnt for predetermined text, is easily differeintiated and makes it possible for my students to have a wide range of choice! Thank you for this!! ????????

    • Kelsey

      You’re welcome! I hope your kids love the challenge!

  5. Sandra

    I bought this for my class this year in hopes it would encourage my students to read more. It has done that and more! My students are so excited to try reading different types of books and l don’t even have to push them to do it! Thank you so much for this product.

    • Kelsey

      I am so glad to hear that it has been successful for your class, Sandra! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  6. Sandra

    I absolutely love this product. It has encouraged my students to read books they wouldn’t have thought about reading before.

    • Kelsey

      Thanks so much, Sandra!

  7. Roshonda Jones (verified owner)

    This resource is so thorough. It provides everything you need and allows for differentiation so everyone can participate.

  8. Anne Lien (verified owner)

    I’m very excited to use this with my class. I really like the layout and design of these challenges. Thank you!

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