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Valentine's Day Number Worksheets Practice 0-20 (Write, Circle, Draw)

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These Valentine’s Day themed 0-20 numbers worksheets are perfect for students who are practicing their numbers, counting, and handwriting! The Write, Circle, Draw format is a lot of fun for kids. The students will trace and write each number, circle the Valentine picture that has the correct number, and add to a Valentine picture with the correct number of items. Perfect for Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers and homeschoolers!

An optional numbers lesson plan is also included to use with the  worksheets. You may follow this if you’d like, or leave it for an easy sub plan lesson. You can also just use the worksheets any way you’d like!

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The students have plenty of room to practice tracing and writing their numbers. They will also show they can identify the number by circling the correct picture. And lastly, they get to draw the correct number of items in a picture. The drawing part makes the worksheet even more fun and engaging for kids! The Valentine theme makes the worksheets even more fun! Check out the preview to see what a full page worksheet looks like!
These are great for independent work, homework, centers, extra practice, and more!

Valentine’s Day Numbers 0-20 Write, Circle, Draw Contents:

  • Note to Teacher
  • Optional journal cover in both color and black & white
  • Number (Counting) Review Lesson Plan
  • 21 Valentine’s Day Number worksheets in BLACK AND WHITE (0-20)
  • 21 Valentine’s Day Number worksheets in COLOR (0-20)
  • 21 answer keys for each worksheet

This pairs perfectly with my Alphabet Valentine’s Day Write, Circle, Draw worksheets!

Scroll down for even more Write, Circle, Draw worksheets!


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